30 Sponsorship Plans for your Virtual Trade Shows

30 Sponsorship Plans for your Virtual Trade Shows

The shift is real. Virtual trade shows  have become a new trend lately. It all happened in a swish. Enterprises had no other choice rather than to incorporate virtual reality into their business models. The new system is helping businesses in numerous ways and has paved a completely new pathway to success. But, like physical events, there are some real challenges in the virtual realm too.

Transforming real data to virtuality has become a real big challenge for both exhibitors & sponsors. Further, to attract new sponsors, exhibiting the benefits is also important. Sponsors might be new to virtual events. In such a case, you must be their expert & drive them through the virtual event journey. Giving high priority to virtual trade show sponsorships & virtual trade show sponsorship ideas is important now.

As the best virtual trade shows platform, we bring to our clients, an exclusive opportunity to explore, learn & execute virtual trade show sponsorships & virtual trade show sponsorship ideas.

We are equipped with all the advanced tools & features to make your every virtual trade shows experience, most personalized and exemplary.

Here is a byte of what we do?

  1. Create personalized virtual tradeshows.
  2. Share event and product information.
  3. Upload videos, docs, images and slides.
  4. Manage attendees, gather new leads, organize live chats and Q&A sessions, set group meetings & online webinars.
  5. Share niche insights of virtual trade show sponsorships& virtual trade show sponsorship ideas

In our experience, we have observed that attendees do visit the virtual trade shows. But the real problem is creating engagement & fostering interaction between attendees and exhibitors. In this realm, exhibitors & sponsors are expected to become more creative & impart good value to their audiences.


Virtual Trade Show Sponsorship Ideas:

To make your virtual tradeshow sponsorships journey easy, HexaFair brings to you the most unique 30 Sponsorship Plans, Read On!

The following virtual trade show sponsorship ideas are designed to go beyond the normal for enhanced sponsor benefactions. Take a dive to have a look into the seamless possibilities and create your own customized value-added package for a greater sponsorship level.

For Branding:

  • Branded sessions and breakout rooms
  • Unique break spaces
  • Customized entryways or waiting chambers
  • Welcome and thank you messages for virtual attendees
  • Live-streams
  • Email sponsorships
  • Branded enrolment pages
  • Social media promotions & press releases
  • Keynotes
  • Introductions/pre-recorded videos
  • Sponsored Q&A sessions
  • Promoting sponsor voice
  • Creating an enticing teaser

Collaborative Sponsorships

  • Organize a book club
  • Host a coffee meet
  • Pre- or post-event gatherings
  • Break spaces
  • Icebreaker leisure activities
  • Speaker sessions
  • Organize live case studies
  • Q&A sessions
  • Special meeting rooms for privileged customers
  • Career centre sponsorships
  • Participating in government initiatives.


  • Virtual stakes
  • Virtual treasure hunt
  • Sponsored entertainments
  • Virtual swag bags


  • Food & drink coupons
  • Printed lists
  • Sponsored swag bags
  • Sponsored editorials and feature articles
  • Press releases
  • Value-added packages

For the more latest information on virtual trade shows, virtual trade show sponsorships & virtual trade show sponsorship ideas reach out to us anytime. Our experts are always there to help you.

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