HexaFair Vs HyperFairs Features: Top 8 Reasons to Consider

1. Breakout Rooms

Authentic & modern virtual breakout rooms for enhanced networking & engagement.

2. Parallel-tracking conferences

3D interactive virtual auditorium to conduct multiple or parallel live conferences, restream across channels- simulcasting, breakout sessions, Q&As, polls etc.Restream across channels simulcasting

3. GDPR Compliance

The Customer shall have the sole responsibility for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability, appropriateness, & intellectual property ownership or right to use any and all customer data

4. Social Media Walls

Social media wall enriches the outreach of your event and all hashtags in one place that supports Facebook, Linkedln, Youtube and Instagram.

5. 24*7 Live Support

We offer 24*7 live support through chat & email while the event is live. And also provide post-event support for measuring the success of your event.

6. Integrations

Connect seamlessly to the software you need. Our highly extensible, flexible platform will offer integrations with industry-leading software, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SalesForce CRM, Hubspot CRM, Marketo & Drift.

7. Scalable & Cloud Hosting

Invite just a few of thousands to attend any individuals or a crowd program. Hosted in the cloud for virtually unlimited scale. Live events with thousands of concurrent attendees; unlimited on-demand attendees.


Develop and scale faster with APIs. Run your business the way you need to. Quickly develop elegant solutions to complex problems using our APIs. Our Restful architecture allows you to code in the language of your choice.

HexaFair Vs HyperFairs Advantages

The World’s Leading Virtual Fairs & Exhibitions Platform for Industry Events.

Feature HexaFair HyperFairs
Event Promotional Website yes yes
Registration Yes Yes
Sponsors Zone Yes No
Virtual Booths in 360 Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Audio/Video calls with exhibitors Yes Yes
Breakout rooms Yes No
Jobs/course/product/property Board Yes Yes
Gamification Yes No
Single conference auditorium Yes Yes
Feedback/ survey forms Yes No
Different reports available Yes No
Integrations Yes No
Virtual certifications No Yes
virtual networking auto match Yes No
Virtual photo booths Upcoming No
Webinars on demand Yes No
conference agenda feature Yes No
Restream across channels- simulcasting Yes No
Polls & Q&As Yes No
Multiple exhibition halls Yes Yes
Ticketing Yes Yes
3D objects/products previews in booths Yes Yes
Mobile Responsive Yes No
Multi language support platform Upcoming No
White labelling Yes Yes
Interactive engagement lobby Yes No


With virtual fairs & exhibitions software, you can quickly recreate an atmosphere that perfectly matches the real environments. However, the experience differs quite a bit from physical exhibitions. But the scope to engage and interact is far better on the virtual platform.

Comparing HexaFair Vs HyperFairs virtual fairs, There is an immense scope to connect, interact and participate now more than ever on our HexaFair platform. Meet people around the globe, scale up your events & business exponentially, host exclusive events at affordable pricing, measure analytics for engagement tracking, build sponsor lists, etc.

Experts at HexaFair know what elements can make your exhibition stand out. We can create and manage all kinds of virtual exhibitions from scratch. We also offer extended support to your teams in managing, customizing, and delivering the virtual exhibitions for your needs.

Yes. Considering HexaFair Vs HyperFairs pricing, for multiple booth/exhibition bookings; we offer good discounts based on the services offered. Throughout the exhibition, the working team remains the same & that helps you build a great rapport with our internal experts.

Yes! At HexaFair, we have experts that are passionate researchers of trends and brand designs. Our content and designs are unique, personalized and match the brand we are presenting. Visually stimulating graphics are sure to capture your audience attention throughout the fair.

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