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12 Amazing Ideas to Gain Greater ROI through Virtual Events



The most crucial element for any conference or expo is funding. Exhibitors are key role-players here as they are the supporters & planners of their exhibitions. Physical events can bring massive audiences to one place for business launch or promotions. But, with virtual events, the situation is not the same. Many underlying concerns come to the fore like if the exhibitors would show interest in the concept, the booth designs, customer engagement features, content, enhancements and many more. Apart from these, will customers show interest in attending a virtual event is the real question? Today, as people are massively adopting online platforms for education, seminars, fests and events, the demand for virtual events has risen. The leaders of the virtual events industry are building virtual reality events softwareto offer enhanced, real-time experiences to their audiences. Online event platforms that can engage all kinds of audiences and help exhibitors get good virtual events ROI are the prime focus now.

So, today we bring to you the, 12 Amazing Ideas to Gain Greater ROI through Virtual Events.

Enticing Virtual Booth Designs:

Virtual trade show companies must plan their virtual events centrally, allowing audiences to browse diverse exhibits. Featuring organizer profiles, pictures, logos, and posters to make your brand stand out through website or app enables attendees to request more information and later converts them into leads. Adding highly recommended booth staff feature makes it easier for attendees to get in touch, learn more about your product and further make them as potential leads for your business.

 Focus Videos and Live Streams:

The best way, virtual trade show companies can promote their businesses online is through focus videos and live streams. There are innumerous creative ways where exhibitors can plan to engage their audiences. Conducting online exhibitions through live streams or incorporating a pre-recorded video into your profile can boost audience engagement and gives them a better picture of what you are selling which, in turn, helps you to generate healthy leads.

Social Media Promotions:

Social media is the most in-demand online tool for creative ideas, promotions & branding. Using social media to promote virtual events, feature exhibitors, notify audiences about promotional offers or upcoming online sessions to keep them engaged is another best practice for exhibitors to adopt.


Gamification can go far in encouraging attendee participation and interest. Introducing prize-winning contests and earning tips can be fun, and attendees will feel happy to attend diverse booth exhibits. You can also ask exhibitors to host challenging activities on their profiles. It will encourage attendees to explore most of the spaces and earn big scores.

Organizing Surveys:

Attendees can be new and also unsure about which exhibitor is most useful for them. Organize a survey to make it easy for them. Send out a survey form enquiring about their product & service interests. As they reply, you can pair them with suitable exhibitors.

Virtual Workshops:

Organizing virtual workshops will help exhibitors to get in touch & interact with their audience in real-time. Exhibitors answer their questions & gain leads while attendees will get to know about the product.

Brochure with Event Information:

Exhibitors can compile a PDF brochure containing company description & product information with contact details and stunning visuals. Emailing or personally sending it to attendees will allow them to reach out to exhibitors with any questions before the event happens. This method can bring in leads even before the event begins.

Great Deals:

Framing virtual event concepts that are money-saving for the audience can strike great deals for exhibitors. Advertising special promotional offers & coupons on virtual booths will encourage attendees to explore and learn more about the events and,if they are interested, you can get long-lasting leads.

Special Segments:

Keep your audience tuned to your virtual events by scheduling specific segments. It will enable them to take time to visit & explore all available virtual booths.

Comparative Reports:

Most exhibitors organize events to engage their attendees holistically. It’s essential to know how online exhibitions work when compared to physical events. Compiling a report with data on profile engagement, interactions, leads generated can help exhibitors to note what works well with virtual events.

Active Pages Give Good Returns:

Leaving exhibitor profiles open even after the event is over, helps them to achieve good ROI. Attendees get the option to revisit the event and reach out to booths they missed during the event run.

Unlimited Capacity:

Physical events are planned events and are restricted when it comes to numbers. Unlike these, virtual spaces are unlimited and can engage numerous audiences for more information & new lead generation.

The Bottom Line:

To make your virtual event experience spectacular and holistic in every aspect, HexaFair brings to you – the best virtual trade show software for all your virtual business trade fairs, exhibitions, fests, expos and more. A unique fusion of innovation, best-in-class technology, stunning designs, top-notch content combined with a feature-rich source altogether brings a never before experience to maximizevirtual events ROI beyond measure.


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