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Virtual Job Fairs: An Innovative Medium to Connect & Hire the Best Talents

With experiences becoming more immersive, the demand for virtual reality is gaining ground in every sphere. Virtual events are helping businesses expand their horizons and gain new clientele. Not just for online events & expos, virtual meeting spaces have also become the best medium for hosting online webinars & live sessions. Companies are also adopting virtual platforms extensively for their recruitment processes. Virtual hiring events are considered as the next big trend in recruitments. With growing pandemic situations, enterprises are saying that virtual career fairs are offering great help & are making the online recruitment process easy & hassle-free.

In this article today – Virtual Job Fairs: An Innovative Medium to Connect & Hire the Best Talents, let’s learn about,

    1. How important are virtual career fairs for businesses today?
    2. How to plan & market your events?
    3. How videos are helping businesses to expand globally? and
    4. The cost of virtual career fairs.

If you have any questions regarding hosting your virtual events or virtual career fairs, reach us on hello@hexafair.com, we are here to help you out.

Unlike traditional events, virtual job fairs are hosted exclusively online. A unique link is assigned to the job seekers that helps them to take part in the online fairs. Attendees can view videos posted by recruiters and hiring managers, participate in live chats with recruiters & discuss current openings, submit their CV’s & portfolios virtually, and give interviews through these virtual fairs. Online career fairs are helping employers, universities and member organizations to collaborate, connect & hire industry best talents irrespective of their locations.

With virtual events technology, you can save big on travel & venue costs. The time required for setting up a virtual booth with customized features is also very less, and for an online job fair, the booth can be set up in about just an hour. By adopting virtual job fairs for your hiring, businesses can discover new hiring strategies, and save your hiring managers from long-standing, organizational and management hassles.

Benefits of Virtual Hiring Events:

They are a myriad of benefits organizers can achieve by hosting their events or career fairs virtually. Here are some of them.

  • Unique Hiring: Make a difference by hiring experts from a unique candidate pool.
  • Low Costs: Host your next career fair virtually at a minimal cost. With virtual career fairs, there will be no infrastructure, organization & cancellation pressures. No travel and lodging expenses, transportation charges and even dropped work.
  • Efficiency: As you can have numerous conversations simultaneously, virtual career fairs will help you in finding the best talents quickly than real job fairs.
  • Control: You are the owner of your fair. With complete setup control in your hands, you decide who attends the event, and who you will be talking to? This makes the virtual job fairs unique, best and ensures the most effective recruitment process.
  • Broader Reach: Get a unique opportunity to connect to applicants globally. Hire anywhere anytime with HexaFair.
  • Communicate Virtually: Virtual communication has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Online job fairs extend a similar communication model.
  • Choose your Time: You can choose the times best fit for you and your attendees. Host your virtual event anytime with HexaFair. Connect, Ideate and Hire the best talent pool for your organization.

The Use-Cases:

If you are planning to hire, then HexaFair virtual job fair platform is the best way to measure your hiring efforts. Our platform gives you a great scope & ability to connect, pre-screen, evaluate, interview, and establish connections virtually. Further, the designs and features amplify your business presence and act as a great tool for your branding. You can perform your interviews just like on-campus hiring, reach vast audience while providing a real-time immersive experience to applicants. Roles that seem difficult to fulfil can be easily achieved with HexaFair virtual job fair platform – Book your Demo Today!

Here are some of the use-cases, organizations can achieve by hiring through virtual job fair platforms.

  1. Qualified hiring
  2. Campus hiring
  3. Veteran/military employments
  4. Interoperability
  5. Diversity and inclusion
  6. Hard-to-fill roles like technical roles, nurses, etc.

How to Host a Virtual Job Fair?

If you are new to virtual events hosting or want to host a virtual job fair, then the first step, to begin with, is partnering with the right vendor. Vendors are plenty & so, are their services. Asking for a demo before finalizing the right vendor is the best suggestion.

Once you have finalized the virtual job fair platform, the next step is planning the perfect time frame to host your event & also get an idea on how frequently you would like to host your online hiring events. This gives the candidate the right space & openness to connect & speak with the hiring manager. Virtual job fairs are the best means to create an amazing experience.

The platform or booth design is a key element in every job fair. So, exhibitors must invest good time in picking the best pattern for their virtual hiring events. Markets globally are embracing platforms that offer immersive brand experiences through engaging videos, intended brand messaging, and friendly communications to connect with candidates. So, designing your fairs by keeping your applicant’s persona in mind is a must.Beyond logo promotion, exhibitors need to add rich content to events like employee testimonial videos, reviews, social media links etc. for enhanced branding.

Always stick to the broader perspective. As you plan your virtual hiring event, simultaneously plan effective strategies for continued relationships with candidates even after the event ends. Stick to the below-given best practices to gain maximum ROI all through the virtual career fairs.

  1. Plan & prepare well.
  2. Give your event a personal touch
  3. Script your plan & questions to ask
  4. Add your brand content like videos, reviews and articles
  5. Add your social media links
  6. Give priority to mobile users
  7. Explain about the next steps


How to Draw More Candidates to your Virtual Hiring Event?

After planning your virtual job fair, the next step is to promote it. Make people know & learn about your event through social media channels and ensure that you are targeting the right audience for your business. You can also leverage your current database and emails for event promotions. Sending emails to applicants looking for jobs & rejected past applicants will make you stand out from the crowd & helps you to manage a good rapport with your audience.

Using social media, text recruiting, and programmatic advertising to promote your events will also help you to draw more candidates to your virtual hiring event. Make sure your upcoming online career fair is presented live on your website. Facilitating a chatbot will allow candidates to chat &ask queries related to the event. Concise messaging – keeping your send-out messages brief and to the point is very necessary. Avoid extra content. Add the event date & time details along with sign up information.

Once your attendees have registered, make sure to send reminder emails with proper details to increase the chances of candidate’s attendance on the day of the virtual job fair.

Steps to Execute in a Virtual Job Fair:

Once you have built an amazing platform & invited job seekers to attend, the next step is to go live and connect with your audience. So, here is a list of best practices to execute once you have everything planned & aligned for your online career fair.

  • Staffing:

Staff your booth adequately. You will need one recruiter on boarded for every 10 candidates that show up on your booth.

  • Be Professional:

Most virtual career fair platforms today offer videos. Switch on your camera before the event begins to see beyond what the candidate will see.

  • Perfect your Script:

Have your list of questions ready so that you can readily paste them in the chat window when your conversation begins. Simultaneously framing a list of responses will help you respond quickly as well as accurately.

  • Candidate Evaluation:

Note down to perform a perfect screening on your candidate’s profile. Like resume review, responses to registration & pre-screening questions, conversations etc. Having a 360 view of the candidate will help you make better informed decisions.

  • Ratings:

Rating a candidate will help you to decide on what to do next with them. Whether to schedule them for a next round or pipeline them for another position or put them on hold or reject them. Ratings will help you to have a quick outlook on the candidate’s profile.

  • Follow up:

After giving proper rating to your candidate, you can leverage the follow-up features that are common in online job fair platforms like sending emails, resume forwarding to hiring manager, or scheduling an interview with a candidate.

Measuring the Success of your Virtual Hiring Events:

Virtual hiring events help employers to enhance their brand value, attract new candidates, converse more and improve conversion rates. By comparing your conversion rates on job portal or career site, you can easily track, strategize & plan ahead for your next virtual job fair. Giving the needed space to your candidate’s to virtually connect with your team showcases your responsibility towards your employees & leads to a higher conversion rate. Furthermore, tracking the percent of candidates that are ahead in the process after chatting with your online team also helps you to improve your hiring process.

Track your micro-conversions to ensure your events are getting better. The open & click rates for email invitations in comparison with the real participation will help you evaluate the outcome of the event. Measuring the Success of your Virtual Hiring Events ensures the greatest return on your investment & offers a fantastic candidate experience.

How Much Does a Virtual Career Fair Cost?

One of the most crucial questions exhibitors will have while hosting a virtual job fair is its cost. Be it hosting a private event or becoming a part of a multi-company career fair the pricing typically depends on a few conditions.

  1. How many events are you planning to host?
  2. How many employers are you expecting for every event?
  3. How many registrations or sign-ups are you expecting for every event?

All the above information will lead you to a good estimate from a virtual job fair platform.

The price structure varies from hosting a private virtual event & as a group. Getting a yearly subscription will give you UNLIMITED access to hosting your virtual career events. And the price structure is proportional to the number of recruiters that will be using the platform. Further, the pricing also depends on the demand for videos and add on features. Virtual event promotions & a concierge to answer applicant queries will take additional costs. One of the best ways to overcome the pricing turmoil is choosing the best virtual events platforms that help you to plan effectively & share a price that works for you.

Taking your Virtual Job Fairs to the Next Level:

Exhibitors need to note down the event details ahead of time, along with candidate personas to interview scripts and follow-up strategies. All these help employers get the best out of online job fairs.

Today, the majority of the audiences are using mobiles for job searching, so employers must ensure that their fairs are mobile-friendly. Recruiters must also keep their chat messages brief for better readability on mobile devices.

And lastly, make sure you treat all candidates with equal respect, those who are selected & those who are not. Sharing feedback on candidate performance helps them to improve the skills they are lacking and it will also enhance your brand value.


So that’s all about online job fairs in a nutshell. While they may seem complicated at the beginning, disintegrating your events into manageable bits will go a long way & ensure you achieve the best in recruiting worthy candidates. And if you face any hurdles along the way, HexaFair is here to help & guide you through the virtual fair journey & make your event a grand success.

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