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Use Cases

Virtual Education Fairs

Encourage students to explore global universities and term courses.

Virtual Career Fairs

Call for applications from suitable prospects and hire instantly via a virtual career fair.

Virtual Job Fairs

Showcase current job openings. Receive applications and hire faster with virtual job fairs.

Summary of the Plan Features

Plan and Pricing

Virtual Lite

$999 - ($5976)

Unlimited Number of Events

1000 Attendee Registrations per month

20 Exhibitors (Booths) per event

1 Staff account per booth

1 Organiser admin seat

Event Length 1-3 days

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Top reasons why you should consider HexaFair over competitors

Features Included in the Plan

FAQs: Deal clarifications

Let’s make the deal transparent here for your queries

What’s special about HexaFair than others?

Though the conference (sessions) offered by everyone is the same, the venue (environment) offered by HexaFair is in 3D and Virtual Booths are special with more features that are value added to your event sponsors.

What is the difference between HexaFair and other competitors?

The virtual environment is in complete 3D whereas the competitors like Hopin, Airmeet & others offer 2D experiences.

What are the virtual booth features included in the packages?

Exhibitor virtual booths include the features of exhibiting documents, videos, business card information, chat with booth visitors, posters & logos.

Will you offer on-boarding training?

Live dedicated team support during the live event cost additionally. This can be availed upon discussion with our sales team as our sales team will take through the procedures; and prior booking in the calendar for support team, say 7 working days before the live event day.

Can we get pre-event and post-event support from HexaFair team?

Support from the HexaFair team can be sought by sending a mail to support at [email protected] on your queries.

Could we get training videos for uploading content into the platform?

It is available in our website at, or you will get a mail carrying details upon subscription.

Can I do multiple events at the same time?


Do you provide a version for mobiles as more and more people use their phones to connect?

It is Mobile responsive. No separate mobile app required

Do you offer Refunds?

We don’t offer refunds. We request you to go through the free trial (no obligations) and complete your purchase later then.

Is there a public roadmap?

Can be seen here,

Regarding the registrations if 2,000 attendees register over 3 different months 500, 500 & 1000 would there be a charge or would they be classed as included in the allocation?

Per month allocation is mentioned in the plan available. Organisers of the event, have to select their plans according to the expected number of attendee registrations.

Do you also have API or webhooks integration?

Available only in Enterprise plans

Can we bulk register and just send the attendees, the event URL to join direct?

The organiser can bulk register, upload those registration details to the platform using ‘user data import feature’ and send the attendees, the event URL to join direct.

Is customised Event registration page possible?

We offer WordPress Plugins which is free. You can have these registrations forms plugin installed at your WordPress event website. We also offer embeddable code for registration. The code can be embedded in any website for registrations.

What are the integrations for live-streaming (for conference facility) available? is the live-streaming service providers that can be integrated.

Does HexaFair has RTMP OUT in order to send my stream for multi-stream to different platforms?

We don’t offer custom RTMP out since we are not livestreaming providers. It is possible through

Will it be possible to stream to Facebook, Youtube pages directly from HexaFair

Yes. All the livestreaming providers we support offer streaming into social profile pages.

Does this software include the ability to record or livestream? I'd like to Livestream my business networking events

It is offered by the livestreaming providers

Custom domain supported?

No. We don’t offer custom domain support as part of 999 promotion deal. However, we offer FREE WordPress plugin for event promotional websites and attendee registration form (WordPress Plugin and Embeddable code) .

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