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We're on a mission to deliver the best technology that creates immersive experience for everyone connecting businesses, prospects & professionals without country borders, in real-time.

At HexaFair, we aren’t just building products. We’re rethinking the way Events, Expos & Conferences are being managed - shifting traditional, tactical management towards more smarter, better experience. By empowering people and tools to achieve their highest level of efficiency at their limited time socially, we help the virtual environment thrive towards providing the best immersive experience connecting people effortlessly & efficiently.


While Every Industry Evolved with Tech, Traditional Fairs & Conferences Remained Conservative.
The last biggest disruption in Expos & Conferences took place 15 years ago. Events Automation was first introduced; while software progressed, not much was seen on the physical environment side limiting to reach international audiances.
Today, facilities have a diverse set of solutions for diverse functions - apps for networking, traditional booths/stalls designs, Registration & Tagging, Marketing tools for promotions and a lot more.
But, typically, these tools were designed to operate independently - which made Events, Expos & Conferences professionals & Organisers stretch too thin to get real work done like tracking down information, exchanging redundant paper notes, and digging down booking & appointment charts and spreadsheets. There had to be a smarter way to make work simpler and in real-time for them.

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Meet HexaFair: Virtual Reality Communications Stack.

HexaFair Virtual Event Cloud, the most comprehensive hyper communication software platform Offers Virtual TradeFair, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Summit, Virtual Expo, Virtual Conference & Virtual Meet solutions. With integrations with CRMs & Analytics systems, it helps the expos & Conferences professionals to get insights & answers faster and act on insights in real-time. A highly-extensible platform that takes the onus of security and scalability to fast-track your growth.

Virtual Reality Immersive Enviornment

Bringing the world together through live experiences
HexaFair is a global platform for immersive experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend virtual conferences & events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From Virtual Job Fairs, Career Fairs, Education Fairs, Virtual Tradeshows & Conferences, Virtual Summits, Virtual Corporate events & Contests. Our mission is to bring the world together through immersive experiences.


HexaFair is backed by a team of world-class professionals and the best technology talent.
The HexaFair leadership team brings together decades of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experience. Through the years, they’ve built, shipped, and scaled world-class software together. We’ve assembled a great team -- of fun, talented and motivated people -- committed towards bringing great technology to the events industry.



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