Drive attendance to your Virtual Industry exhibition with professional-looking event websites and emails designed to match your corporate branding, while promoting your virtual trade fair via social media and word of mouth.


Impress your audience with sleek, professional-looking websites.With HexaFair virtual trade show platform, your virtual industry exhibition website set-up is quick & easy.


Drive registrations to your virtual industry trade show by sending targeted, professional-looking emails to your database using any Email Marketing software.


Streamline even the most complex event registration processes. Enables faster &easy virtual trade show registrations & virtual booth bookings online.


Offer an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE of Virtual Industry Trade Show to your attendees from the moment they arrive at our virtual Expo platform until their final session.


Directory of all trade show exhibitors & Booth no. Using Teleport Navigation, the attendee is taken to the booth directly.

3D Virtual Exhibition Hall

An immersive virtual 3D Exhibition hall, floored with 3D Virtual booths allow the exhibitors to exhibit services or products.

On-demand Videos Virtual Stage

Recorded videos and audios for the participants to watch on demand at their convenience during pre-event & post event.


Full experience on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You can provide even more value to your attendees by going mobile with our premium native mobile event app.


A 3D Virtual lobby for your virtual expo with welcome video wall, designated area for sponsors, help desk.

3D Virtual Auditorium

3D Interactive Virtual auditorium to conduct live conferences, Breakout sessions, Q&A, Polls, all in one software.


Runs well on latest version of all major browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

FEATURE-PACKED 3D Virtual BOOTHS to your Virtual Industry Exhibition

3D Virtual Booths are packed with interactive features offer immersive experience to your virtual expo & virtual trade show attendees. Display images, documents, data sheets and play videos bring your 3D virtual booth to life.


One can view the information of the exhibitor


The attendee can submit the details via contact form to the exhibitor


Images used to brand the booth. Using high-resolution images, advertise the services offered by the exhibitors.


Each product is showcased with product image, description, price, ability to purchase the item.


Contact information of the exhibitor & Business Card exchange request option available.


Allow the attendee to chat with exhibitor staffs.


Videos of Company introduction, manufacturing process, product tutorial, etc.


Brochures, catalogues, flyers introducing the company, user manuals, product information sheets.


HexaFair, online industry exhibition software unlocks your ability to sell experiences, relationships and expertise in one place. With Products Display feature, you can bring together your community, content and e-commerce in one place.

Available in Cross Browser & Mobile App


Showcasing products or service in real life still has high sales potential today. 82% of online exhibitions attendees are directly involved in their teams’ purchasing decisions, so setting up show atVirtual exhibitionsis one of the best ways to connect with your target accounts’ key decision makers. HexaFair, Online Exhibitions SoftwarePlatform offers Products Display feature that can help people market theirproducts to a large audience.


HexaFair provides a reliable, secure shopping cart solution for your Virtual Exhibitions that will enable the buyers to order products instantly from the vendor’s website using “Buy now” button that allows the visitors to place orders in their website. Exhibitors can manage the products and product information on their own given an online control panel.

Video Conferencing with booth staffs

What makes the virtual industry exhibition experience so special? Booth representatives can engage with visitors via text/audio/video chat in real time during Virtual B2B Trade fair. No extra downloads needed - attendees can take their video conferencing with booth staffs directly in HexaFair.

Virtual Networking: Social Lounge for one on one meets

Events have an end, but communities live on forever. Harness the excitement of your events and convert it into a branded, a place where like-minded individuals can meet for networking.


Fairs & Exhibitions have an end, but communities live on forever. Harness the excitement of your virtual industry expo and convert it into a branded, a place where like-minded individuals can meet for networking.


  • Directory of visitors: Display the list of attendees of your virtual industry fairs.
  • Profile: Display the information of the person
  • View Business Card: Display the contact details of the person
  • Filters: Filter by company name, Filter by area of interests
  • Virtual Business Card: Can be shared with other attendees & exhibitors.
  • Allow attendees to have one-on-one video call meeting.
  • Record every sessions and make them on-demand to participants later (On request).
  • Brand your virtual networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors.


Finding people, connecting with prospective business associates and individuals with very specific competencies and keywords included in their profile. Searches can be performed by typing a person’s name, Interests by, By Industry, By Job Position inthe Connect Section.

Live Sessions / Conferences in 3D Auditorium

An online events software for your Virtual exhibition& trade show, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions, sessions hosted live or accessed on-demand for an elevated audience experience.

  • Speakers: Event organizer can create speakers and their profiles.
  • Sessions: The event organizer can manage sessions and times.
  • Speakers Log-in: Speaker can join by logging in from Zoom or Microsoft Team or Google meet, start streaming.
  • Recording: Record every sessions and make them on-demand to participants later (On request).
  • Q & A: Attendees can post live Q & As.
  • Polls: Unlimited polls with audiences available.
Hybrid Events Virtual Community Leader Board


  • Add zing to your virtual fairs & virtual trade show and gamify it with HexaFair. Incorporate gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable experience.
  • Activate leaderboard for virtual communities
  • Assign points to different activities
  • Reward attendee activities and actions

DASHBOARDS - Success You Can Measure

Track every detail of your Virtual Fairs with live insights and instantly report exhibitions ROI to your stakeholders


  • Average no.of time spent by attendees in Booth, No.of people visited the booth
  • Online meetings: Total no.of business cards exchanged, No.of 1:1 chats happened


  • Total no. of Registrations
  • Booth documents statistics: Last 15 days, all time, Top 20 images viewed, Top 20 documents viewed, Top 20 videos viewed
  • Average time spent by attendees in Auditorium, Booths, Reception, Business lounge


Gain complete access & real-time visibility for virtual exhibitions offered by HexaFair Complete Virtual Exhibitions Management System. Accelerate sales funnel for business growth. Generate & download reports in CSV format for data processing.

Virtual Industry Expo EXHIBITOR

Can avail the reports of Booth traffic (attendees who visited the booth), Booth contents viewed report (Images, Videos, Documents), 1:1 chat made with attendees, Virtual Business card viewed.

Virtual Industry Expo ORGANIZER

Can avail the reports of Exhibitor registration, Attendee registrations, Attendees turned out to the virtual events & conferences, Booth Traffic report, Booth contents viewed report (Images, Videos, Documents), Sessions engagement report.

FAQ's - Virtual Industry Expo

The platform can host 5 to 1000 exhibitors/booths

HexaFair runs in all major browsers. No special add-ons/software required.

Yes. HexaFair provides Android & IOS mobile apps for each event specifically. The visitors of the virtual trade show can install the mobile apps and experience.

HexaFair: There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/Sales team for the volume and cost associated in prior.

We can make color changes to the booths without any additional cost. Changing the booth model completely or Integrating your own booth model/your customer’s booth model designs, it will incur an additional cost.

Virtual trade fairs have numerous advantages, both for the exhibitor and for the visitors.

Trade fair organizers can attract more visitors with a virtual trade fair, as they are no longer tied to time and place. Virtual trade fairs can therefore also take place over a longer period of time. In addition, there are no limitations for the exhibitors due to limited hall capacities.

Visiting a virtual trade fair is very pleasant for visitors. You do not have to travel separately. A virtual fair can be visited whenever you want and from where they want.

A virtual exhibition booth lives from the same content as a real exhibition stand: company logo, banners, videos, product presentations, products, brochures prepared on the specifications mentioned to the booth model allocated to them.

For this purpose, the exhibitors have attractive template stands available that can be individualized and adapted to the company design.

In theory, different words are meant to describe different types of events.

Virtual Trade Show, as name implies, is an event where companies in a specific industry gather to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. In general Virtual Trade Shows are business-to-business (B2B) type of events; they are not open to the public and are meant to be attended by company representatives, industry officials and (of course!) press. Usually Virtual Trade Shows are organized and sponsored by trade associations for specific industries, so they are perfect networking platforms for industry professionals.

Virtual Trade Fair, on the other hand, is more business-to-client or customer (not only consumer!) type of event. Companies gather not only to showcase their products and services, but also to sell and market them. Virtual Trade fairs (or simply Fairs) are open to anyone interested and can cover a few industries at the same time. They tend to take place over 3-5 days, sometimes even longer.

Virtual Exhibition has the least of sales element in it; the primary objective is to showcase products and services. Usually Virtual exhibitions cover one industry at a time and are geared towards building general image of a company/brand.

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