Engage your Audience from the Moment they Walk into the Virtual Industry Fair Platform

  • Watch out for our latest, branded exhibitor lists. Search brands quickly through keywords and advanced search filters.
  • Engage your prospects through attendee profile search, 1-1 chat, booth video calling & business cards. Explore modern break out rooms for group and private interactions.
  • Businesses can directly connect & interact with each other via video calls.
  • Instantly schedule the meetings on the platform with a meeting scheduler.
  • Check out the participating sponsors in the sponsor's zone.

Elevate your Expo with Interactive 3D Virtual Booths

  • Highly engaging 3D, 360° booths for unlimited engagement. Exhibitors can choose from diverse templates suitable for their industry.
  • Encourage faster b2b meetings and transactions with custom-designed, virtual business cards.

3D Product Boards for Displaying Industrial Products

  • Allow sellers product demos & presentations in booths. Sellers can have 3D objects for displaying product demos and previews.
  • Brands can explore latest collections, check out product details like images, brochures, videos and submit requests for product catalogue.
  • Explore our new AR-based product previews. It makes the experience most lively and engaging.

Explore & Build Networks with Global B2B Prospects in a Click

  • Explore B2B networks. Find the right buyers and vice versa with our virtual networking auto-match feature.
  • Network seamlessly through 1-1 live & group chats, virtual breakout rooms, video calling and more.

Connecting Brands & Industry Leaders through Sponsored Conferences

  • Organize special conferences and invite industry leaders to speak about or demo your brand.
  • Host multi-track conferences in respective time zones, quick polls and Q&As for audience engagement & event analytics.
  • Live streaming, multi-stream, simulive and broadcast expos across multiple channels.

Promote your Virtual Industry Expo with Strategic Marketing and Planning

  • Promote your virtual industry fair from your own event website.
  • Promote your expo 3 to 6 months before the date.
  • Use social media walls feature for promoting your expo.
  • Authentic product boards to displayindustry products.

Let Brands Find You Even After the Event

  • Let brands come back and explore your expo post-event.
  • Feedback surveys for measuring engagement and audience persona

Maximize Revenue with a Virtual Industry Expo

  • Custom ticketing feature for booth sales & enhanced revenue.
  • Sponsorship packages to elevate sponsors and drive leads.
  • Special breakout rooms for VIPs that drive interactions and revenue.
  • Custom product boards that display products and link out to product landing pages for purchase.
  • Allow industryexhibitors to showcase their products through 3D objects.
  • Host multi-track conferences across diverse channels.

Build Your Online Presence with Our Industrial Trade Shows Tools

Flying Start
Virtual Event Manager for support
Launch your virtual industry expo in 5 mins; No technical knowledge required

HexaFair Event panel
Virtual Event Manager for support
Manage all your meetings, buyers, sponsors, spaces & ticketing in one place. Get a bird eye view of what is happening at the expo. Capture all the interesting insights in one go

Virtual Event Manager for support
Enjoy a smooth ride while you sell your products & build new networks. Nosoftware download required. Get Android & iOS apps for exclusive mobile experience

24*7 Support
Virtual Event Manager for support
Get detailed insights and 24*7 support from our experts

360° Branding Package
Virtual Event Manager for support
Besides product boards, VIP lounge, booths, posters, product videos & sponsor banners, now you can get an entire venue customized to your brand/event theme

Full Event Journey
Virtual Event Manager for support
Market your brand before, during and after the event. Keep your booths contents, recordings & videos even after the event. Let your audience come back and explore your products or services post-event

Digital Twin
Virtual Event Manager for support
We will help you create your organization’s digital twin to generate exact replicas of your industry venues for your virtual industry fair

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