Drive Attendance with Hybrid Fairs Platform Registration & Ticketing

  • Visitors can instantly register, explore diverse ticketing options, purchase tickets and print badges. The best advantage of this feature is registrations happen completely online through HexaFair Event Mobile App
  • Adapting zero-touch registrations, we introduce spot registrations on mobile using QR codes. Our platform supports multiple registrations virtually as well as onsite. While registering, buyers will automatically receive QR codes in their confirmation email. Scanning these codes from their email, or HexaFair mobile app allows buyers to log in to our hybrid trade fair software faster and triggers the printer to print the badges
  • Use HexaFair’scentralized registration for both your in-person and virtual attendees to analyze crucial data like ticket types, event tracks, and attendee interests all in one place
  • Sponsorship packages that include special ticketing for break out rooms and multi-track conference session slots for enhanced revenue. Encourage remote participation for enhanced revenue.

The Hybrid FairsPlatform Solution Suite

  • Floor Plan Builder: Get a perfect replica for your onsite floor design. Talk to our designers. Explain your concept and get your virtual fairs floor plan setup done in minutes. Capture all that is needed to host a flawless hybrid fair. From layouts to designs to colours and templates, get all done in one place.
  • Exchange digital contents for documents and videos using QR code Watch, download and exchange content from the booth. Let your in-person & virtual audience scan the digital QR code to download documents, brochures and watch videos.
  • Extension of Staff: Have more virtual avatars at the fair to engage the on-site visitors. From virtual consultations to product demonstrations to answering buyer queries, avatars can do a lot more using our video conference tool.
  • Live Demo: Live stream your office/product/machinery to your on-site buyers on a TV connected with a high-speed internet connection. On-site visitors can watch live streaming/conference sessions given by CEOs/Keynote Speakers in the booth just by scanning a digital QR code.

Enjoy a DynamicIn-Personexperience with HexaFair Event Mobile App

  • On-site Visitors Checkin Using QR code: After successful registration, the audience can check-in at the physical fair by just scanning a QR code at the entrance. No need for multiple registrations.
  • Map of Exhibitors: Get access to all that is happening at the physical fair on the event mobile app. Check out the exhibitor lists, their booth locations, participating sponsors and more on the map
  • Exchange of Business Information: Buyers can get instant access to complete booth staff contact details. Quickly book appointments and schedule meetings for post-event interactions. Share& download virtual business cards for networking post-event.
  • Booth Check-in: The onsite audience can quickly check into a specific booth with dynamic &scannable QR code. Open the QR code app on your device, scan the code and you are in
  • Exchange of Business Cards (Contactless): Make your audience carry your brand wherever they go. Let all the buyers engage in 1-1 networking and share their digital business cards in hybrid fairs. Now networking with your buyer can happen anywhere, anytime with just a click.

Have a Virtual Extension Ready for your Hybrid Fairs

  • Use stunning 3D designs to model your virtual event after the live venue.
  • Branding & product promotions is much easier now with multi-halls exhibition. Assign diverse halls for multiple exhibitors. Display multiple 3D objects/products previews in the form of product boards and link out to landing pages to generate sales.
  • Create an inclusive environment with diverse animated avatars.
  • Create interactive and customized virtual booths mirroring the live booths.
  • Provide guidance and support with a help desk.
  • Send alerts and notifications to keep audiences in the loop
  • Our virtual match making feature allows niche profile search and connects the right buyers with sellers and vice versa. On-site audience can search and connect with respective buyers on the spot

Seamlessly Engage your Buyers Post-event

  • Learn what your audience love through survey feedback forms. Spin-off & recreate content in new formats. Bring your buyers closer to your brand. Let your buyers revisit the hybrid fairs experience with engagingon-demand videos.
  • Let your buyers memorize the hybrid fairs experience post-event. Craft a perfect post-event thank you mail. Share custom emails with all fair content included immediately after the fair.

Streamline Lead Collection with Custom Integrations

  • Exhibitors can access all the buyer information and activities on a single dashboard. Like onsite check-in, booth check-in, business cards exchanges, videos watched, downloaded documents and more.
  • Integrations make the job even easier for exhibitors to collect event data. With smart integrations, exhibitors can download all data and move it to their own CRM instantly, no need to wait for 3-5 days.

Capture All Reports in Real-time

  • Data synchronization – Perfectly track all the check-in information of both onsite and virtual audience. Enormous amounts of confidential data can be exchanged seamlessly between onsite & virtualin highly secure environments.
  • Perfectly capture all the niche, crucial insights & analytics reports in real-time. Measure your onsite and virtual fairs performance with well-defined event KPIs.Get exclusive reports for every buyer activity on the floor. Export reports in different formats from the exhibitor control panel.
  • Share event survey reports on logout. Survey forms help exhibitors to gather event feedback, hybrid fairs platform reviews and even learn about your buyer interests. With this data, exhibitors can plan their next hybrid fairs even more engaging and captivating.

The #1 Hybrid Fairs & Exhibitions Platform To Converge Online & Offline

Find out how Our Virtual Fairs platform integrates perfectly with your in-person Fairs & Exhibitions to create a seamless hybrid experience.

Virtual On-Site
Registration & Ticketing
Registration forms Yes Yes. Mobile app
Payment gateway integration to accept payments Yes Yes. Mobile app
Plans management & Discounts Yes Yes. Mobile app
Integrate Registration System with your CRM Yes Yes. Mobile app
Event Website
Event Website Yes Not required
Exhibitor Management Yes Yes
Reporting dashboards Yes
Immersive Digital Experience
Virtual Lobby Yes
Virtual Auditorium Yes
Virtual Expo Hall Yes
Attendee Check-in Virtual Platform Login Yes. Mobile app
Personalized Recommendations/360 Degree Matchmaking Yes Yes. Mobile app
One-on-One Text Chat Yes Yes. Mobile app
Breakout Rooms Yes
Sponsors management Yes
Sponsors logos/ads Yes
Maps and Floorplans Yes Yes
Exhibitor Booths
Appointment Booking Virtual QR Based
Video call with Staffs Virtual QR Based
Booth Documents Virtual QR Based
Business Card Exchange Virtual QR Based
Booth Videos Virtual QR Based
QR Stickers Yes
Booth Visitor auto-attendance Yes Yes. Using QR Code based
Gamification Yes

Manage your Expo with the best Hybrid Fairs Software!

Technical Configuration & Support
Virtual Event Manager for support
Get a complete handhold of the projects. From delivery teams to setting up your hybrid events, get the required customizations done with LIVE event support

Event Superstar Package
Virtual Event Manager for support
Let our event experts take care of the behind the scenes event management for you while you focus on the on-stage experience to deliver the best possible event outcome

Full Event Journey
Virtual Event Manager for support
Let your audience experience hybridbefore, during and after the event

Digital Twin
Virtual Event Manager for support
Explore a grandly designed virtual venue matching your in-person event space

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