Online Registration & File Upload

Allow your on-site & online visitors to revister for your event using online registration form

Every participant can register online for the event by filling out a registration form before the event starts. If there are exhibitors they can also register, upload & manage their company info, and promote business offers or product brochures.

Events Ticketing

Participants can register and buy the tickets from event website online. Physical visitors can also access the website from their mobile and complete the registration, make the payments. PayPal and Stripe payment gateways are supported.


Allow your on-site visitors to check-in using QR code available at the reception faster

Physical attendees can check-in to the event from their mobile. Virtual attendees can log-into the virtual events platform.

Virtual Booths

Allow your on-site visitors to view the virtual booth available online from their mobile, manage your crowd easily

Participants will have a view from all exhibitors and they will be able to enter on their virtual stands using QR Code available in the booth.

Chat & Video Meeting Rooms

Participants & exhibitors can find each other and interact at any given time via chat or video meeting rooms. Power connections and boost networking opportunities for virtual B2B trade fairs by enabling both parties to meet at shared conference rooms or private meetings.

Exchange Business Cards – Contact Less

Allow your on-site visitors to access your virtual business card and exchange information

Physical attendees can go to any exhibitor booths, scan the QR code sticker and exchange the business cards in one click. Virtual Attendees can visit virtual booths available in the virtual platform and download the business card.

View & Access Booth Documents

Allow your on-site visitors to access your company documents virtually and exchange information, contact less

Physical attendees can download all booth documents by scanning the QR code available in the booth, download them to their mobile device. They can also share it to their email as well. Virtual attendees can visit the virtual booths and download the documents.

View & Access Promotional Videos

Allow your on-site visitors to exchange your company promotional videos available online using QR code available at your physical booth

Physical attendees can download all booth videos by scanning the QR code available in the booth, watch them to their mobile device. They can also share it to their email as well. Virtual attendees can visit the virtual booths and watch the videos.

Dashboard & Reports

You’ll be able to prove the much higher engagement rates with solid data. All the interactions get saved on the HexaFair platform, so that you can better understand your event’s reach and performance and even outline plans to maximize it.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Expand your monetization opportunities by providing a virtual podium for your at-venue sponsors. Get sponsors for the event login page, networking lounges & demo and breakout rooms, to name a few.

Integrated Live Streaming

Now streaming live from the stage. Whether hosting an event for 100 people or 100,000+, HexaFair has the tools to host your video streams. Use any production studio tools and broadcasting platform using RTMP & stream keys to your virtual audiences.

Audience Response - Attendee Chat / Q&A

Get audiences talking online and in-person with real-time chat and Q&A.

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

gamification with leaderboard feature to your virtual events and virtual fairs

Offer ticket based permission levels for accessing live and recorded keynote or breakout sessions.

Keep attendees engaged and monitor session performance for speaker feedback.

  • Interactive Q&A
  • In-session polls
  • Downloadable handouts

Record To Re-Watch And Share Information

Hybrid events bring forward the best of technology and enhance information sharing for all attendees. Offer pre-recorded and live sessions for easy access after the event ends, enabling your attendees to revisit and share the content they found most valuable.

Networking Premium Space

Enable your attendees to connect & interact with each other in a highly engaging way by making available online networking rooms. They are able to search for specific peers by applying specific filters, such as company name or job title

Physical visitors can search and connect others from their mobile. They can view other’s business cards, text chat with them. Physical visitors can also connect with Virtual Attendees. Virtual attendees can connect with Physical attendees.

One can set their available date & time for networking, dedicate their specific times for networking.

Gamification: Engagement Hooks

Hybrid Events Virtual Community Leader Board

See your exhibition and trade fair engagement soar to the North by gamifying the experience for both virtual and in-person attendees. Configure engagement score for each tap, click and swipe across the event.

The #1 Hybrid Events Platform To Converge Online & Offline

Find out how Our Virtual Events platform integrates perfectly with your in-person events to create a seamless hybrid experience.

Virtual On-Site
Registration & Ticketing
Registration forms Yes Yes. Mobile app
Payment gateway integration to accept payments Yes Yes. Mobile app
Plans management & Discounts Yes Yes. Mobile app
Integrate Registration System with your CRM Yes Yes. Mobile app
Event Website
Event Website Yes Not required
Include agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors on event website Yes Not required
Agenda Builder Yes Yes. Mobile app
Exhibitor Management Yes Yes
Reporting dashboards Yes
Immersive Digital Experience
Virtual Lobby Yes
Virtual Auditorium Yes
Virtual Expo Hall Yes
Attendee Check-in Virtual Platform Login Yes. Mobile app
Personalized Recommendations/360 Degree Matchmaking Yes Yes. Mobile app
One-on-One Text Chat Yes Yes. Mobile app
Lounge Yes
Breakout Rooms Yes
Sponsors management Yes
Sponsors logos/ads Yes
Maps and Floorplans Yes Yes
Session Management
Enable Session-Chat for the appropriate sessions Yes Yes
Create Live Polls for appropriate sessions Yes Yes. Mobile app
Enable Q&A for appropriate sessions Yes Yes. Mobile app
Instant publishing of session updates Yes Yes. Mobile app
Speakers Profile Yes Yes. Mobile app
Sessions List Yes Yes. Mobile app
Record to re-watch and share information(On-demand videos) Yes -
Exhibitor Booths
Appointment Booking Virtual QR Based
Video call with Staffs Virtual QR Based
Booth Documents Virtual QR Based
Business Card Exchange Virtual QR Based
Booth Videos Virtual QR Based
QR Stickers Yes
Booth Visitor auto-attendance Yes Yes. Using QR Code based
Gamification Yes Yes. Mobile app

FAQ's –Hybrid Fairs & Exhibitions Technology

There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/Sales team for the volume and cost associated in prior.

The platform can host 5 to 1000 exhibitors/booths.

HexaFair runs in all major browsers. No special add-ons/software required. The on-site attendees can access different touch points using QR Codes.

Yes. HexaFair provides Android & IOS mobile apps for each event specifically. The visitors of the virtual Events can install the mobile apps and experience.

We can make color changes to the booths without any additional cost. Changing the booth model completely or Integrating your own booth model/your customer’s booth model designs, it will incur an additional cost.

Physical attendees can simply scan QR code and access all the contents (videos and documents) available in the exhibition venue.

No. Virtual attendees can engage with the virtual exhibitors (extension of their physical booth). If the staff of the virtual exhibitor is available, they can engage virtually. But, the virtual attendees can not engage with physical staffs available in the venue.

But, the physical attendees can engage with virtual exhibitor staffs using video conferencing facility.

A virtual exhibition booth lives from the same content as a real exhibition stand: company logo, banners, videos, product presentations, products, brochures prepared on the specifications mentioned to the booth model allocated to them.

For this purpose, the exhibitors have attractive template stands available that can be individualized and adapted to the company design

HexaFair is the best Hybrid events platform offering all the tools & solutions that allow event organizers to effectively engage audiences and generate massive ROI.

Organizers can typically create and host immersive and personalized virtual events extending the support to on-site events within a few days!

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