Manage Hybrid & Virtual Events for Financial Services using HexaFair

Our professional events platform for finance professionals is robust and flexible enough to meet all your organization’s needs from internal meetings to complex user conferences.

Why host hybrid & virtual events for financial services using HexaFair?

Integrate your existing system

Integrate your existing system

With a small piece of code, now you can integrate our event technology platform with your existing system.

Networking Opportunity

Networking Opportunity

The auto-matchmaking feature enables you to connect with your audience and professionals.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Your virtual financial events are in safe hands and so is your data? We commit that organizer should retain full and exclusive control of their user data.

Measure Event Success

Measure Event Success

Gain insights of your event performance with advanced analytic reports.

Build Better Brand Experience for Financial Services

Virtual Thought-Leadership Workshop – Win the marketplace with Big Ideas
Boost up your leadership capacity and capabilities by organizing the thought leadership workshops which will feature leading experts across the professions. Demonstrate superior expertise, inspire action, and deliver business advantage to markets hungry for new ways forward in our metaverse event platform.

Virtual Leadership Workshop
Virtual Conferences

Virtual Conferences - Build global networks of banking and finance professionals
Educate financial services professionals with interactive one day/multi day conferences, seminars and live Q&A sessions on future trends and predictions. Run visually stunning and revenue driven financial events or conferences on our metaverse platform.

Virtual Meetup – Grow your Community & Build Connections
Virtual meetups help community members connect with and learn from other members of our global community. Connect with like-minded individuals to interact with their peers, build connections, learn from each other, grow their professional network and generate potential personal & professional leads.

Virtual Meetup to Grow your Community

Create Remarkable Virtual Events for Financial Services with our Features

With HexaFair’s fully integrated hybrid & virtual finance professionals networking event platform, you’ll give your attendees an unforgettable experience and thereby maximize your event ROI.

Create an active agenda and share it with your board and team members. Make changes on the fly and customize agendas at any time.

Agenda Builder

Use interactive polls and Q&As to enhance your in-meeting experiences. Share insights and capture feedback instantly.

Polls & Q&As

Promote your sponsors through branded presentations on key areas and special ticketing.

Sponsors Zone

Give your brand a virtual showroom experience. The booth templates let you display products, logos, images, videos, and 3D models.

3D Virtual Booths

Create virtual rooms for your audience. Facilitate workshops, lectures, meetings, and more. Engage one-to-one and in groups.

Breakout Rooms

Play thoughtful, interesting games and keep up with the leaderboards throughout the event.


Monitor and evaluate your event reports and metrics instantly and maximize your reach.

Real-Time Analytics
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Ready to organize your virtual & hybrid events for financial services with us?