Engagement That Makes Your Hiring Easy

  • Let the right talent find you through keywords and advanced search filters.
  • Directly chat with hiring managersin 1-1 meetings and breakout rooms. Connect & engage on one of the world’s most secure online career fair platforms.
  • Companies can schedule instant video calls for interviewing the right candidates. One of the best virtual career fair platforms features that drives engagement and makes you hire on the spot.
  • Companies can display their information, brochures, current job openings, videos & presentationson the 3D booth.
  • Quickly find the right match for your requirement, schedule 1-1 interviews & meetings with interesting profiles throughour built-in meeting scheduler.
  • Engage your sponsors with the best activities. Get sponsored posts, branding opportunities, sessions and email marketing at sponsor’s zone. Our well-planned engagement strategies can attract more new sponsors to your career fair.

Interactive 3D Exhibition Booths for your Online Career Fairs

  • Extremely interactive 3D, 360° booth models that makes the hiring process simpler and interesting. One of the best virtual career fair platform features not to miss.
  • Brand Your Space with exclusive logos, posters and videos
  • On the booth, job seekers can view and download representative/hiring manager business cards to get contact details& for post-event interactions.

Share Opportunities with Authentic Job Boards

  • Let the participating students access job details through job boards
  • Students can check out all latest job openings, access company details and submit forms requesting company brochure at the online career fair

Hire Faster with the Best Virtual Career Fair Platform

  • Our virtual auto-match feature helps employers to find the right match for their requirement faster.
  • Students & job seekers can network seamlessly through live chats & video calls.

Promote your Virtual Fairs from Your Own Website

  • Carry out registrations from your own website. With just a small piece of code embedded, you can turn your website into a stunning virtual career fair platform.
  • Promote career opportunities & organizations in our 3D, 360° interactive booths.
  • Start promotions one month early on our platform. Release offers, coupons & bookings in advance.
  • Promote your career fairs virtually through social media.

Host Interactive Webinars to Guide & Educate

  • Webinars, Q&As, Polls are the most powerful means to learn about job seeker interests. Host pre-recorded & on-demand sessions to ensure your audience doesn’t miss out on something important.

Allow Job Applications Post-event

  • Keep your booth active even after the career fair and till your hiring is completed. Allow your sources to reach out and apply even post-event.

Capture Real-time Insights & Reports of Every Activity

  • Track the fair attendance, engagement, participation, ROI and more at one place.
  • Capture real-time insights & analytics of every activity on the virtual career fair platform. Download reports in multiple, shareable formats.
  • Capture participants reviews. Ask the right virtual career fair survey questions through custom feedback forms. Learn in their terms, how the experience was and what they are really looking for in the next career fair.

Host Standout Virtual Career Fairs with HexaFair

Flying Start
Virtual Event Manager for support
Set up your online career fairin just 5 mins; No technical knowledge required

HexaFair Event panel
Virtual Event Manager for support
Control your fairs from one place. Get a 360 view of what is happening at the fair

Virtual Event Manager for support
Give a captivating browser experience to your audience. Our software works on all desktops and mobiles

24*7 Support
Virtual Event Manager for support
Access our support resources for timely insights and guidance. Our experts offer 24/7 services & detailed consultations

360° Branding Package
Virtual Event Manager for support
Organize career fairs matching your brand/event. Get yourlounge, booths, logos & sponsor banners custom-designed to your choice

Full Event Journey
Virtual Event Manager for support
Market your brand before, during and after the event. Keep your booths contents & recording sessions videos even after the event. Let your audience come back and attend key sessions post-event

Digital Twin
Virtual Event Manager for support
We will help you create your organization’s digital twin to generate exact replicas of your venues and campuses for your virtual career fair

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