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HexaFair Virtual Events Cloud, the most comprehensive hybrid communication software platform Offers Virtual Trade Show, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conference, Virtual Summit & Virtual Meet solutions.

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What are the 3 booth design models

To what extent Booth customization is possible

We can make colour changes to the booths without any additional cost. Changing the booth model completely, it will incur additional cost. Please refer the commercials at the proposal for the cost or contact our sales team.

Event website - We want our design, not the pre-made templates. Will it be possible

Yes. We respect each event will be unique. We are happy to incorporate the design and contents into event website. Please contact the sales team.

Any aspects of attendee engagement/ gamification

No gamification. We are happy to do any gamification based on your requirements as a custom project that will cost additional.

What is virtual sales executive/ avatar

In the booth, there will be avatars available. When the visitor clicks, an alert will be sent to the mobile app installed at the sales representative. The sales representative can talk to the visitors instantly. If you want to give this feature to your exhibitors (this is optional), you can give.

Is environment customization possible? like landmark of a venue before entering the exhibition hall

Yes. Let us know what changes you need in detail. This will cost additional

Networking area - who is live / available for chat

No. it is not live. It is just environment.

What kind of reports are available

The following reports are available. All reports data can be exported in CSV file format.

  • Exhibitors – Booth Traffic Report, Documents viewed, Videos viewed, Images viewed, Business Card Exchanges
  • Organizers – Booth Traffic Report, Documents viewed, Videos viewed, Images viewed, Registration, Event Attendees, Exhibitors registered
  • Attendees – Documents viewed, People i met, Videos viewed, Images viewed

We want to do demo to exhibitors. is it possible

Once the contract is signed, we can set it up at your domain in 1 to 2 weeks time. You can start your marketing campaign then. Please refer ‘Operating [project] delivery plan’ in your proposal.

Who all with have access to visitors/ exhibitors data

You, as an event organiser

What would be the tentative cost for Hosting

Let us know the no.of visitors per day and exact no.of days for the event. We can give you the approximate costing.

Can exhibitors have inquiry form at the booth

Contact us form already available in the booth. The attendees can send a message using contact us form. The submitted details will be sent over email to the respective exhibitor. The exhibitor can also view all the messages submitted at web control panel.