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HexaFair Virtual Events Cloud, the most comprehensive hybrid communication software platform Offers Virtual Trade Show, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conference, Virtual Summit & Virtual Meet solutions.

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Event Management & Support:

HexaFair: Yes. HexaFair team will provide training to you & your team for one day. The training program includes the topic “how each features work, how booth contents can be managed, email reminders feature, event feedback form feature”. We have number of recorded videos that is useful to the organiser and exhibitors that explain how each features work and managed.


HexaFair: There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/Sales team for the volume and cost associated in prior.

HexaFair: It does support English only. Additional language support can be done. It cost 1500$ per language. The possible supported languages are German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, French & Dutch other than English.

HexaFair: We have avatars in each booth. The attendees can initiate chat with the exhibitors. But, we don’t maintain avatars for other attendees due to performance issues on mobile apps. However, attendees can search other users and exchange business cards and chat to each other.

HexaFair: Yes. We can do it. However, the integration requires its own timeline depending on the complexity of your designs. We can provide the estimation for exact cost and timeline after reviewing the designs.

HexaFair: We can have a Help menu that may have the contact information of the organiser and Contact no.

HexaFair: Yes. We have Leaderboard based on attendee’s activities. You need to give us the rules. For example, give 10 points for downloading a document, give 40 points for visiting a booth. We can then get this game board report created. However, more interactions to be understood, let us know your expectations in detail.

HexaFair: Yes. The welcome video is played in the lobby.

HexaFair: We don’t have the push notifications feature in mobile app and web. We can take up the feature request and implement it as a custom request if required.

HexaFair: Static based Avatars, we can keep in many places. However, this may definitely increase the loading time of the application at least by a minute. You need to consider the user experience. We had it earlier in the system. Due to memory & high internet connectivity required, this may take 2 minutes for loading the complete applications, the end users are losing patience, leave from the application immediately. We carefully considered & removed it. Probably, in the auditorium, we can have avatars filled up. So that it does not look empty. But, in the exhibition hall, we don’t recommend. If you still want it, we can get it done for you.

HexaFair: As an organiser, it is your decision whether you want to go with only Web based or Web and Mobile app based. But, we highly recommend you to go with Mobile app as well. Feature wise, there is no difference. But, mobile, users will have far better experience and convenience. They don’t need to log in sitting in front of their computer

32 sponsor banners allowed. 4 in the entrance; 10 inside the lobby; 8 inside the exhibition hall. 10 inside the auditorium.

Exhibitions & Booths:

HexaFair: We can make color changes to the booths without any additional cost. Changing the booth model completely or Integrating your own booth model/your customer’s booth model designs, it will incur an additional cost of 500$ per booth model to get this done into our platform.

HexaFair: Yes. We have this feature.

HexaFair: Yes. Video chat between attendee to attendee/attendee to exhibitor is possible.

HexaFair: The exhibitors can see the details of the attendees who visited their booths under the reports section in admin.

HexaFair: They can download documents under My Box section during the event any time. An export all documents collected feature also available at the time of leaving the event.

Event Website & Registration:

HexaFair: We have user registration data import feature. If you have the data in other systems, we can import the registration data using CSV file format. Also, if you want to push the registration data into another system, you can export the registration data in CSV file format and import them.

HexaFair: 100%. You can refer to this:


HexaFair: Maximum 8 persons per room allowed. 6 persons are recommended.


HexaFair: The attendees can search other attendees/exhibitors. We can include speakers as well if required which is a simple search functionality.

HexaFair: Our livestreaming is integrated with Zoom. The host, speakers can join from zoom meeting. The zoom meeting will be broadcasted inside the auditorium in the background. Very importantly, the attendees need not log into zoom meeting or need not know the zoom meeting details. The system will do everything in background.

HexaFair: For every conferences (per schedule), the host/the client can create zoom meetings and share the meeting details with HexaFair team in prior. HexaFair team will configure/map each respective session and zoom meetings. That’s it. The rest the system will take care automatically.

HexaFair: You can play the pre-recorded videos at the time in Zoom meetings, then the system will broadcast them into the auditorium where attendees can watch.

HexaFair: Microsoft Team, Google meet are supported. However, it will cost additionally. Please discuss the cost with Sales/Project team.

HexaFair: Yes. Attendees can watch pre-recorded videos On demand at any time during the event at “on-demand videos stage/area.

HexaFair: Since we use Zoom as a tool, the number speakers are limited to the zoom tool limitation. Easily 50 hosts/speakers can join a conference. Audience/attendees – No limitation. That’s unlimited.

HexaFair: Yes. Host at a time can share their screen and presentations.

HexaFair: We can have 5screens where parallel sessions can be scheduled and conducted.

HexaFair: Banners ads are image type only.