Virtual Alumni Networking Event

Virtual Alumni Networking Event

Give a great opportunity to explore and connect old friends & engage. Empower alumni with private and group chat tools to boost engagement at the Alumni Networking Event. Impress Prospective Students by connecting them with successful University/College Alumni.

Virtual Events Breakout Sessions

Virtual Employees Networking Event

Give a great opportunity to explore and connect employees from different departments & locations by removing geographical barrier. Empower employees & management people with private and group chat tools to boost Networking Event. You can reward employees & conduct live Q&As and competitions virtually.

Virtual Partner Expos/Summit

Virtual Partner Expos/Summit

Conduct Virtual Partner Expos organizing agents, channel partners, value-added resellers, managed service providers, integrators, consultants and suppliers. HexaFair gives you all the features & tools you need to host your very own virtual partner summit successfully.

Virtual International Business Networking Event

Virtual International Business Networking Event

Organize a closed business group meet by inviting all stakeholders and members to join and engage in ‘Virtual Business Networking Event’. One can plan for product launch, Company announcements at the virtual event.


Drive attendance to your Virtual Community Networking event with professional-looking event website and emails that match your branding, while promoting your event via social media and word of mouth. Analyze your event marketing efforts with Google Analytics integration, and target your event marketing more precisely with CRM integration, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM.


Impress virtual event audiences and exhibitors with sleek, professional-looking website for your Virtual Community Networking event. Your staff can easily set up and manage event sites without the help of outside designers and IT.


Create a buzz around your virtual events &virtual conferences using social promotion tools to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Streamline even the most complex event registration processes, allowing Virtual Community Fair visitors to easily register for Virtual Community Fair, sign up for sessions. Allow exhibitors to book for booths and complete registration online.


Engage Virtual Community Networking Event instantly to build awareness and drive action with personalized, mobile-friendly campaigns that keep your brand top of mind throughout the virtual event process using any Email Marketing software.

VIRTUAL COMMUNITY FAIR PLATFORM - Host Flawless Virtual Networking Event

Ensure your attendees have a positive experience from the moment they arrive at Virtual platform until their final session.


Runs well on latest version of all major browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.


Full experience on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You can provide even more value to your attendees by going mobile with our premium native mobile event app. Give your attendees more ways to engage with your Virtual Community Networking content, exhibitors, guest speakers, partners, and fellow attendees.


Host a small Virtual Expo at Virtual Community Networking Fair, where one can view a live, real-time floor plan showing currently available booths (exhibitors & sponsors), can browse through the loads of information presented in booths by exhibitors, allow exhibitors to interact with attendees in live.


Directory of all exhibitors & Booth no. Using Teleport Navigation, the virtual conference visitor is taken to the booth directly.


One can easily go through the history of Documents, Videos & Images viewed by him & allow them to download. The attendee can view the report of the exhibitors visited, People connected with, Business cards exchanged (Requests made & requests accepted), Chats made with exhibitors.

FEATURE-PACKED 3D Virtual BOOTHS to your Virtual & Hybrid events

Booths are packed with features that people can interact with in Virtual Fair. You can host images, documents, data sheets, and play videos to bring your booth to life.


One can view the information of the exhibitor


The attendee can submit the details via contact form to the exhibitor


Each product is showcased with product image, description, price, ability to purchase the item


Brochures, catalogues, flyers introducing the company, user manuals, products information sheets can be available for download.


Contact information of the exhibitor & Business Card exchange request option available.


Allow the visitor to chat with exhibitor in a virtual environment, clarify their questions instantly at Virtual Conference.


Videos of Company introduction, Services offered overview, Product Presentation videos, and advertisements can be publicly available to watch in the virtual summit.


Browse through the list of attendees in a sorted way to make important business connections.


Finding people, connecting with prospective business associates and individuals with very specific competencies and keywords included in their profile. Searches can be performed by typing a person’s name, Interests by, By Industry, By Job Position in the Connect Section.


One can view the profile information of the person, can view Virtual Business Card (Contact details), Request to exchange Virtual Business Card (contact) information; Ability to request & chat with fellow attendees, Video conference (1:1) with fellow attendees.


Connect in seconds directly from the platform — no add-ons or training required. People can connect and collaborate each other at the scheduled one-to-one meetings through high quality video conferencing tool. Privacy guaranteed.


HexaFair unlocks your ability to sell experiences, relationships and expertise in one place. Host the largest live online event for your audiences with well-crafted sessions. All without leaving the office or asking for budget.

Sessions Management & Schedule Builder

Set the schedule for when presentations are going to be available to attendees.

  • Enter presentation details (type of presentation (Recorded/Live), Type of Content (Audio/Video)) at pre-event, available at event website & Platform at live-event.
  • Webinars (Live/Pre-Recorded): Host series of sessions through webinars, allow the attendees to download them later (Post event).
  • Video Streaming (Live/Pre-Recorded): Host series of sessions through live-streaming (video) services available.
  • PowerPoint Presentations: Present & Play online, allow the attendees to download them.
  • Strategically assign your speakers specific days in your event. Add them to either the morning or afternoon session for the day.

Speakers Management

Invite speakers to your Virtual Community Networking Expo and we'll send them a form to collect their information like bio and headshot as well as information about their presentation. Automatically syncs to your landing page and Virtual Community Networking Fair platform. Customize your schedule of when you want to reminder speakers.

DASHBOARDS - Success You Can Measure

Track every part of your virtual networking fair with real-time insights and instantly report event ROI to your stakeholders.


  • Average no.of time spent by attendees in Booth, no.of people visited the booth
  • Online meetings: Total no.of business cards exchanged, no.of 1:1 chat happened
  • Attendees by industry, Attendees by interest, Attendees by Country, Attendees by Job Position


  • Total no. of Registration, Registration by interest, Registration by Country
  • Online meetings: Total no.of virtual business cards exchanged, No.of 1:1 chat happened
  • Booth documents statistics: Last 15 days, All time, Top 20 images viewed, Top 20 documents viewed, Top 20 videos viewed
  • Average time spent by attendees in Auditorium, Booths, Reception, Business lounge


HexaFair provides you with full access and visibility for your virtual community fair and ongoing content to help you gain actionable insights, accelerate your funnel, and ultimately grow your event further. Drill down reports can be exported in CSV formats for further data processing.


Can avail the reports of Documents, Images & Videos viewed, Exhibitors visited, People connected with, at post-event, integration with Google Drive, DropBox, Google Contact, Outlook contacts to export the data in one click.


Can avail the reports of Exhibitor registration, Attendee registrations, Attendees who actually participated in the virtual fair, Booth Traffic report, Booth contents viewed report (Images, Videos, Documents).


Can avail the reports of Booth traffic (attendees who visited the booth), Booth contents viewed report (Images, Videos, Documents), 1:1 chat made with attendees, Business card exchanged with.

FAQ's - Virtual Community Network Event

HexaFair runs in all major browsers. No special addons/software required.

Yes. HexaFair provides Android & IOS mobile apps for each event specifically. The visitors of the virtual trade show can install the mobile apps and experience.

HexaFair: There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/Sales team for the volume and cost associated in prior.

A webinar is a simple web-based interface that allows people to listen to a presenter via webcam and interact by asking questions. A virtual event is essentially a physical event replicated online, without the physical bottlenecks.

You might be focusing on building communities and starting discussions between fellow industry experts, in which case you’ll need an engaging virtual event to share information. Or, you might be established for your expert knowledge that people want to listen to and learn from, meaning a webinar would be more suitable.

Virtual Event: In a virtual event, all event elements and all attendee participation take place virtually. These events are entirely online, as planned from the start.

Hybrid Events: Some event elements and some attendee participation take place in-person at a physical location, while others take place virtually. These events have limited physical attendance and broad virtual outreach.

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