Personalized Engagement to Build Awareness & Drive Activity

  • Let students from across the globe find the right educational institutes through keywords and advanced search filters.
  • Students can directly chat with education counselors or institute staff in 1-1 meetings. Meet your prospects on the world’s most extensive virtual education fair platform.
  • Universities/Institutes can schedule instant video conference calls to connect with students
  • Universities/Institutes can display their campus tours, brochures, videos & presentations on the 3D booth
  • Create sponsored engagement through posts, branding, sessions and email marketing

Interactive 3D, 360° Booth Models

  • Extremely interactive 3D, 360° booth models for sharing campus and course information.
  • Add logos, posters and videos that reflect your brand.
  • Mobilize the staffs to engage conversations with multiple visitors inside your booth.

Promote Opportunities with Course Boards

  • Promote universities, Share courses and accept on-the-spot registrations through custom course boards.
  • Students can access course details and apply for the courses they are interested in through online education fair.

Build Student Database with Online Education Fair Software

  • Capture data with custom registration forms & build a student database. Academy counsellors can organize a search in the database and reach out to qualified students that meet their criteria

Connect with the Right Prospects Through Online Education Fairs

  • Our virtual auto-match feature helps staff to locate students searching for educational opportunities in their location.
  • Online education fair enables students & staff to connect instantly via online chats & video calls.

Promote Your Virtual Education Fairs from Your Own Website

  • Accept student registrations from your own university/institute website. With a small code embedded, you can turn your website into a stunning virtual education fair platform.
  • Promote courses & university campuses in our 3D, 360° interactive booths
  • Start early with your promotions. Run campaigns to attract students from across the globe. Promote extensively through our social media walls.

Stay Connected via Interactive Presentations

  • Host webinars to inform students about programs, faculty and student life. Organize live Q&As and polls to learn about student interests. Also host sessions to guide them in course search and submit applications.

Allow Students to Access Latest Courses Post-event

  • Let students attend your booth even after the education fair is completed. Allow your sources to search and apply to courses post-event.

Capture Every Insight on the Control Panel

  • Manage all the student activities on one control panel. Capture every detail of student activity through our virtual education fair software. Download reports in multiple and shareable formats.
  • Capture student reviews. Ask the right questions through feedback forms. Learn in their terms, how the experience was and what they are really looking for in the next education fair.

Host Standout Virtual Education Fairs with HexaFair

Flying Start
Virtual Event Manager for support
Set up your virtual education fair in just 5 mins; No technical knowledge required.

HexaFair Event panel
Virtual Event Manager for support
Have a one point of control on what is happening at your educational fair. Get detailed insights & overview of the event happenings.

Virtual Event Manager for support
Engage your students in a user-friendly browser experience. No download required. Our online education fair software works on all kinds of desktops and mobile devices.

24*7 Support
Virtual Event Manager for support
Our experts offer 24/7 support and give a detailed report for all queries.

360° Branding Package
Virtual Event Manager for support
Besides lounge, booths, logos & sponsor banners, we can help you to get the entire venue matching your brand/event theme.

Full Event Journey
Virtual Event Manager for support
Market your brand before, during and after the event. Keep your booths contents & recording sessions videos even after the event. Let your audience come back and attend key sessions post-event.

Digital Twin
Virtual Event Manager for support
We will help you create your organization’s digital twin to generate exact replicas of your venues and campuses for your virtual education fair.

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Virtual Education Fair Software that Enables Universities & Students to Succeed

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