Use HexaFair to host Virtual Events for Telecommunication

HexaFair is a full-featured platform for metaverse telecom events that lets global enterprises and leading brands create and deliver immersive live experiences to share your story with thousands or even millions of live attendees.

Why host Virtual Events for Telecommunication using HexaFair?

Our Virtual Events deliver end-to-end communication and engagement solutions that transform meetings into virtual experiences.


Increased event ROI

Extend the life of your physical event by hosting it virtually, allowing your audience to register and access content any time using video on demand sharing options.


Event Panel

Host all your content in a single events platform, making it seamless for your audience to find and share relevant information.


Social Interactivity

Provide your audience with the most engaging virtual event experience incorporating interactive social elements such as group chats, social networking, lounges and more.


Global Reach

With the industry’s leading mobile experience, you can reach iOS, Android and Windows users, anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing any interactive features.

Our Offerings – Virtual Events for Telecommunication Solution

Virtual One Day/Multiple Day Conferences - Experience the power of immersive technology
The HexaFair platform provides a holistic experience for your tech-savvy audience, ranging from interactive one day/multiple day conferences to immersive 3D telecom conferences, to networking features to help attendees easily connect.

Virtual One Day/Multiple Day Conferences
Virtual Fairs & Exhibition

Virtual Fairs & Exhibition – Create 3D Space for your Exhibits
Display products in multiple halls. Our retail industry event platform categories and assigns the right order to each product. Connect 3D previews of exhibitor products with exhibitor landing pages.

Virtual Meetup – Grow your Community & Build Connections
Virtual meetups help community members connect with and learn from other members of our global community. Connect with like-minded individuals to interact with their peers, build connections, learn from each other, grow their professional network and generate potential personal & professional leads.

Virtual Meetup to Grow your Community
Host a Hybrid Event

Hybrid Event – Host both Face-to-Face and Live Events under One Roof
With hybrid events you no longer have to decide between in-person and virtual, you can reach a global audience and create an engaging experience for every attendee. Give virtual event planners more choices while attending your event by combining the best features of both worlds.

Virtual Events for Telecommunication – Our Highlighted Features

Quickly discover how HexaFair can work for your telecom events and telecom conferences. So, jump right to explore our unique features.

Make your event spaces unique with our 3D realistic design and 360° booth models that build interaction and drive leads for your business.

3D event spaces

Buyers & sellers can directly set up a video call to connect & interact with each other.

Buyer/Seller Contact

On our virtual events platform, sponsors, audience and speakers can engage seamlessly through live chats, video calling and more.

Live Chat

Explore a grandly designed virtual venue matching your in-person event space.

Digital twin

Our integrated chat widgets and simulcasting offer a rich dynamic experience to the audience. You may even answer your audience queries.

Info Desk

Engage your audience with gamification like virtual bingo, scavenger hunt, quizzes, live polling, etc.


Monitor and evaluate your event reports and metrics instantly and maximize your reach.

Real-Time Analytics
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Ready to transform your metaverse virtual events for telecommunication into the next level?