Virtual Events for Healthcare & Pharma – Think Beyond Reality with HexaFair

Connect, collaborate and mentor your cohorts for your healthcare events and fledge your healthcare product and services virtually with HexaFair.

Why host Virtual events for healthcare & Pharma in HexaFair?

By hosting numerous types of healthcare industry events, we help companies to launch, promote and sell healthcare products and provide services for patients both in-person as well as virtual events (Hybrid event support).


Global Reach

Unite global audiences under one roof. HexaFair’s 3D immersive virtual environments offer a true life-like user-centered experience for all attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and hosts.



Impress your audiences with fully scalable virtual 3D lobby and auditorium. Moreover, there are numerous plug-n-play plugins which offer hands-on solutions for healthcare events.



Use gamification, AI chatbots, and the power of storytelling to personalize each attendee’s experience to create highly immersive virtual & hybrid events for every attendee.

Data Security

Data Security

We commit that organizer should retain full and exclusive control of their user data.

Explore our Solutions for Virtual Events for Healthcare & Pharma

Virtual One Day/Multiple Day Conferences - Share New Medical Industry Trends and Breakthroughs
Our 3D virtual conferences feature interactive spaces for webinars, meetings, one-to-one private chat and video calls, breakout rooms, and gallery options to interact, present and discuss the latest industry trends.

Virtual One Day/Multiple Day Conferences
Virtual Product Launch

Virtual Meetup – Grow your Community & Build Connections
Virtual meetups help community members connect with and learn from other members of our global community. Connect with like-minded individuals to interact with their peers, build connections, learn from each other, grow their professional network and generate potential personal & professional leads.

Virtual Thought-Leadership Workshop – Win the marketplace with Big Ideas
Boost up your leadership capacity and capabilities by organizing the thought leadership workshops which will feature leading medical experts across the professions. Demonstrate superior expertise, inspire action, and deliver business advantage to markets hungry for new ways forward in our metaverse event platform.

Virtual Thought-Leadership Workshop
Virtual Healthcare

Virtual Lectures – Learn Innovation in Healthcare
Show real-world case examples and help future professionals and students to excel in innovative healthcare ventures. Explain to them the challenges and decisions facing real entrepreneurial health firms.

Comprehensive Walkthrough of Virtual Events of Healthcare & Pharma Features

Give the best experience to your events for healthcare and combine the thrill of live experience with limitless possibilities of our unique features.

Video avatars can move and interact with environments just like real life.

Avatars & 360 environment

Our 3D virtual booth could be used to meet people, promote your products, or just hang out.

Virtual Booth

Ensure your event’s impact and relevance at every stage using in-built polls, Q&As, public chat, and emojis.

Interactive Sessions

Smartly engage your audience with gamification like virtual bingo, scavenger hunt, and exhibitor hall visits etc


Make your healthcare events most engaging through live streaming, pre-recorded sessions & on-demand videos.

Engaging Tools

Promote your event extensively a few weeks before the event via our virtual event platform.


Customize your social media walls with relevant hashtags and promote your event extensively via Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Walls
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