Attract Buyers through Online B2B Trade Fair Engagement

Top-notch Virtual Trade Show Features for Engagement

  • Watch out for our new & enhanced exhibitor lists. Search vendors quickly through keywords and advanced search filters
  • Send a direct message to your buyer/seller through an integrated 1-1 chat. Collaborate effectively with our most secure virtual trade show software
  • Buyers & sellers can directly set up a video call to connect & interact with each other. One of the best virtual trade show booth ideas perfectly aligned with buyer/seller expectations
  • One best advantage to host a virtual trade show is that buyers can schedule 1-1 meetings with the sellers directly. Our built-in meeting scheduler allows faster scheduling & meaningful collaborations

Opportunities that Drive Sales

  • Sellers can showcase perfect product demos that uniquely match customers' interests. Effective live presentations in booths are sure to entice your buyers to make a purchase.
  • An enticing, special feature to build sponsorship opportunities & carry out sponsor activities.
  • Integrated floor plan builder creates custom layouts as per seller interests. Products can be categorized and exhibited in multiple halls for display.

Interactive 3D Online Trade Fair Booths

  • Interactive 3D models allow buyers to engage seamlessly with your product. Sellers can choose from diverse virtual booth template designs suitable for their industry.
  • Introduce your business to buyers with a digital business card. Make your every meeting profitable and productive with the exchange of virtual business cards.
  • Let your buyers magically interact with your virtual booth through 3D, 360° rotating product displays.

Product Boards, Product Demos & Live Presentations

  • An exclusive opportunity for sellers to attract qualified buyers through customer-centric product demos and live presentations.
  • Buyers can access diverse product collections and their details, images, documents, brochures, videos and also submit a request form for product catalogue.
  • Make new sales and attract potential buyers from across the globe with uniquely engaging 3D objects/product previews in 360° view
  • Include AR-based product previews in your booths, without any coding or specialized mobile app development
  • Simple and scalable, integrated meeting rooms designed for the product demos

Network with Global Prospects & Drive Leads through Interactions

  • Buyers can find the right sellers and vice versa with our virtual networking auto-match feature.
  • Networking is key for any event. Engage seamlessly through live chat, video calling and more.

Bridging Gaps Between Buyers & Sellers with Sponsored Conferences

  • Invite special guests & keynote speakers to speak about your brand in the conference.
  • Turn your regular summit into a global conference with our virtual trade fair software.

Embrace the Next-level Virtual B2B Trade Fairs for Promotions

  • Get the word out through the event website.
  • Enjoy pre-event marketing & promotions - 6 months before the fair. Have your platform live even after the event.
  • Bring on crucial event content on social media walls for extensive audience engagement and social sharing
  • Give your fair a unique name through the custom domain feature. Rebrand your product or event through white labelling

Keep the Experience Alive Even After the Trade Show

  • Allow your sellers to keep the virtual booths post-event for a few days/weeks.
  • Grip your tradeshow experience through my box. It's the virtual briefcase where the attendee can receive documents in their mail inbox & reference them later anytime

Discover Audience Interests and Optimize Upcoming Fairs for Success

  • Track event performance at every step. Track document downloads, video views, booth visits and more in real-time
  • Collect the audience's opinion of your tradeshow through actionable insights & analytics.
  • Get detailed reports in different formats at the end of your event.
  • Learn what your audience wants from the event survey reports.

Plan for Richer, Mixed Experiences with Hybrid Trade Fair Software

Lead with the Best Online Trade Show Platform

Host Fully Customizable, Scalable and Intuitive Virtual Trade Fairs Like Never Before

Flying Start
Virtual Event Manager for support
Set up & start your b2b trade fair in just 5 mins; No technical knowledgerequired.

HexaFair Event panel
Virtual Event Manager for support
Manage all your meetings, attendees, sponsors, spaces & ticketing in one place. Get a birds-eye view of what is happening at the event. Capture interesting insights in a click.

Virtual Event Manager for support
Enjoy a smooth ride while you build new networks. No software download is required. We offer Android & iOS apps for an exclusive mobile experience.

24*7 Support
Virtual Event Manager for support
Get detailed insights and 24*7 support from our experts.

360° Branding Package
Virtual Event Manager for support
Besides product previews, booths, logos & sponsor banners, now you can get an entire venue customized to your brand/event theme.

Full Event Journey
Virtual Event Manager for support
Market your brand before, during and after the event. Keep your booth's contents, recordings & videos even after the event. Let your audience come back and attend key sessions post-event

Digital Twin
Virtual Event Manager for support
We will help you create your organization’s digital twin to generate exact replicas of your in-person venues and booths

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