Perfectly Streamlined Virtual Events Engagement at Every Step

  • Host authentic keynote sessions, conferences & multilingual webinars.
  • Bring life to your event through live streaming, simulive, on-demand videos & pre-recorded sessions. All-inclusive in our 3D virtual events platform.
  • Multi-track conferences for hosting multiple sessions & keynotes.
  • Broadcast your event to a wider audience through simulcasting.
  • Our virtual events software facilitates live interaction between sponsors, speakers and audience. Host private chats, polls, Q&A s to boost attendee participation.
  • Cheer your audience with gamification and leader board features.

Our Networking Space for Attendees Collabortion

  • Let your audience find the best match for networking with our virtual networking auto-match feature.
  • Skip video conference calls. Let your audience network comfortably in virtual spaces.
  • Give a human touch to your networking and meetings via interactive avatars. Engage your audience with native chats and live talks.
  • Meet, collaborate and network seamlessly with our virtual breakout rooms.

Interactive 3D Virtual Events Platform Booths

  • Get branded, engaging and interactive 3D virtual booths for your sponsors.
  • Get access to the special sponsor zone for displaying banners, videos, demos and more.
  • Allow branding & advertising of interactive virtual booths through high-resolution images.
  • Share exhibitor company information and digital business cards for interactions post-event.
  • Share important information like brochures, catalogues, flyers, user manuals, product data sheets and many more with our virtual events software.

Promote your Virtual Events Like A Pro!

  • Launch your event website in 5 mins & start promoting your brand.
  • Start your virtual events promotions 1 week to 3 months prior to your live event and accept registrations.
  • Turn your website into the best virtual events platform.
  • Pull the event to social media walls through hashtags and promote socially for better engagement.
  • Simulcast your event across diverse channels and platforms seamlessly.

Drive Leads and Earn 10x Revenues from your Virtual Events

  • Enhance revenue through our event ticketing and payment solutions
  • Drive the audience in advance by putting up conference session slots
  • Increase revenue from sponsorships with custom packages like exhibitor booths, special breakout sessions, speaking sessions, branding etc
  • Expand your package with pre-event, during, post-event availability for more engagements

Virtual Events Software Integrations

  • Boost your virtual events marketing with powerful CRM systems like Hubspot, Marketo, Zoho and Salesforce
  • Analyze the data accurately and plan for the next-best action with smart lead capturing tools like Mailchimp.
  • We offer support to the best live streaming providers like YouTube live streaming, Dacast, Vimeo, Wistia, StreamYard and Mux.

Seamlessly Engage your Audience Post-event

  • Deliver authentic content throughon-demand videos on our virtual events platform, for post-event engagement.
  • Platform triggers emails of all the event contents gathered by attendees.

Gather Event Analytics & Insights from Reports and Feedback Forms

  • Measure your virtual events performance with well-defined event KPIs.
  • Gather niche, crucial insights & analytics reports.
  • Get exclusive reports for every event activity. Export reports from the platform.
  • Share virtual event survey questions on logout to gather event feedback and learn about your audience’s interests.

The Future of Brand Experience is Hybrid! Enjoy the Best Experiences with HexaFair Hybrid Events

HexaFair - The Best Virtual Events Platform to take your Event Next Level

Flying Start
Virtual Event Manager for support
Set up your virtual event in just 5 mins; No technical knowledge is required.

HexaFair Event panel
Virtual Event Manager for support
Manage all your events in one place. Get a complete grip of what must happen before, during and after the event.

Virtual Event Manager for support
No software download required. Android & iOS apps for mobile experience.

24*7 Support
Virtual Event Manager for support
Get 24/7 access to all HexaFair support resources. Our experts offer detailed consultations and 24/7 tech-powered backup for your digital events

360° Branding Package
Virtual Event Manager for support
Besides lounge, booths, logos & sponsor banners, we can help you get the entire venue perfectly matched to your brand/event theme

Full Event Journey
Virtual Event Manager for support
Market your brand before, during and after the event. Keep your booth's content, recording sessions videos even after the event. Let your audience come back and attend key sessions post-event.

Digital Twin
Virtual Event Manager for support
We will help you create your organization’s digital twin to generate exact replicas of your venues and campuses for your virtual events.

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