HexaFair helps you to incorporate some or all of these elements into your Virtual events

Virtual Events master Class Session & Workshops

Master-Class Sessions & Workshops

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Virtual Networking Event & one to one Business Meetings

One-to-one Business Meetings&Virtual Networking

Virtual Summit

Virtual Summit

Virtual Events Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions


Drive attendance to your Virtual events with professional-looking event websites and emails designed to match your corporate branding, while promoting your event via social media and word of mouth. Target your virtual events marketing more precisely with CRM integration, Hubspot, SalesForce, Marketo, Drift.


Impress your audience with sleek, professional-looking event websites.With HexaFair virtual events platform, your event website set-up is quick & easy. No external help or HTML knowledge is required!


Create a buzz around your virtual events &virtual conferences using social promotion tools to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Streamline even the most complex event registration processes. Enables faster & easy virtual events, virtual conferences & hybrid events registrations online.


Drive registrations to your virtual events & virtual conferences by sending targeted, professional-looking emails to your database using any Email Marketing software.


Offer IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE to your attendees of Virtual Events, Virtual Conferences, Hybrid Events from the moment they arrive at our events platform until their final session.

3D Virtual Lobby

A 3D Virtual lobby with welcome video wall, designated area for virtual events sponsors to maximize ROI, help desk.

3D Virtual Exhibition Hall

An immersive virtual 3D Exhibition hall, floored with 3D Virtual booths allow the sponsors & exhibitors to exhibit services or products.

Sponsors Banners

Explore sponsor banners displayed inspecific areas.

3D Virtual Auditorium

3D Interactive Virtual auditorium to conduct live conferences, Breakout sessions, Q&A, Polls, all in one virtual events management software.

On-demand Videos Virtual Stage

Recorded videos and audios for the participants to watch on-demand at their convenience during pre-event &post-event.

Virtual Conferences in 3D Auditorium

An online events platform for your Virtual Conferences & events, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions, sessions hosted live or accessed on-demand for an elevated audience experience.

Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

  • Speakers: Manage your agenda and speakers of virtual events with our built-in management tool.
  • Agenda & Sessions: The event organizer can manage sessions and times.
  • Speakers Log-in: Speaker can join by logging in from Zoom or Microsoft Team or Google meet, start streaming.
  • Recording: Record every session and make them on-demand to participants later (On request).
  • Q & A: Attendees can post live Q & As.
  • Polls: Unlimited polls with audiences available.


HexaFair supports multiple concurrent sessions (upto 5 tracks). Tracks appear on the main event page, allowing attendees to preview simultaneous sessions and select which track they want to join.

  • Q&A available for all tracks
  • Speaker bios, calendar integration and downloadable presentations

Virtual Networking: Social Lounge for one on one meets

Events have an end, but communities live on forever. Harness the excitement of your events and convert it into a branded, a place where like-minded individuals can meet for networking.


  • Directory of visitors: Display the list of attendees of your virtual & hybrid events.
  • Profile: Display the information of the person.
  • View Business Card: Display the contact details of the person. Can be shared with other attendees & exhibitors.
  • Filters: Filter by company name, Filter by area of interests
  • Video Conference: Allow attendees to have one-on-one video call meeting.
  • Recording: Record every sessions and make them on-demand to participants later (On request).
  • Branding: Brand your virtual networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors.


Finding people: searches can be performed by typing a person’s name, Interests by, By Industry, By Job Position in the Connect Section.


Connect in seconds directly from the platform — no add-ons or training required. People can connect and collaborate through one-to-one meetings through a high-quality video conferencing tool.


Offer small virtual breakout rooms inside thevirtual events & fairs platform feature allows you to split a Meeting into small groups and then reassemble, as in a typical face-to-face roundtable session.

Provide your premium exhibitors access to Demo rooms to provide leads with engaging virtual demos. Integrated with Zoom Breakout rooms or HexaFair breakout rooms (Pay per usage).

  • Group Video Meetings for Breakout sessions
  • Moderator control can also be given to hosts or moderators
  • Room display visibility can be controlled
  • Demo Rooms Provision to premium exhibitors


Host a small Virtual Expo at Virtual Events, where one can view a live, real-time floor plan showing currently available booths (exhibitors & sponsors), can browse through loads of information presented in booths by exhibitors, allow exhibitors to interact with attendees in live.


Directory of all exhibitors with Booth no. Using Teleport Navigation, the virtual conference visitor is taken to the booth directly.


One can easily go through the history of Documents, Videos & Images viewed by him & allow them to download. The attendee can view the report of the exhibitors visited, People connected with, Business cards exchanged (Requests made & requests accepted), Chats made with exhibitors.

FEATURE-PACKED 3D Virtual BOOTHS to your Virtual & Hybrid events

3D Virtual Booths are packed with interactive features that offer an immersive experience to your virtual events attendees. Display images, documents, data sheets and play videos bring your 3D virtual booth to life.


One can view the information of the exhibitor


The attendee can submit the details via contact form to the exhibitor


Each product is showcased with product image, description, price, ability to purchase the item


Images used to brand the booth. Using high-resolution images, advertise the services offered by the exhibitors.


The attendee can view the job information and can apply to the job by attaching their CV and Business card


Contact information of the exhibitor & Business Card exchange request option available


Allow the attendee to chat with exhibitor staffs


Videos of Company introduction, manufacturing process, product tutorial etc


Brochures, catalogues, flyers introducing the company, user manuals, product information sheets

Hybrid Events Virtual Community Leader Board


  • Add zing to your virtual fairs& virtual trade show and gamify it with HexaFair. Incorporate gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable experience.
  • Activate leaderboard for virtual communities
  • Assign points to different activities
  • Reward attendee activities and actions

DASHBOARDS - Success You Can Measure

Track every detail of your virtual events, virtual conferences&hybrid events with live insights and instantly report event ROI to your stakeholders


  • Total no. of Registrations
  • Booth documents statistics: Last 15 days, all time, Top 20 images viewed, Top 20 documents viewed, Top 20 videos viewed
  • Average time spent by attendees in Auditorium, Booths, Reception, Business lounge
  • Sessions engagaement report


Gain complete access & real-time visibility for virtual eventsoffered by HexaFair Complete Virtual Events Management System. Accelerate sales funnel for business growth. Generate & download reports in CSV format for data processing.

Virtual Events ORGANIZER

Can avail the reports of Exhibitor registration, Attendee registrations, Attendees turned out to the virtual events & conferences, Booth Traffic report, Booth contents viewed report (Images, Videos, Documents), Sessions engagement report

FAQ's - Virtual Events

HexaFair runs in all major browsers. No special addons/software required.

Yes. HexaFair provides Android & IOS mobile apps for each event specifically. The visitors of the virtual trade show can install the mobile apps and experience.

HexaFair: There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/Sales team for the volume and cost associated in prior.

A webinar is a simple web-based interface that allows people to listen to a presenter via webcam and interact by asking questions. A virtual event is essentially a physical event replicated online, without the physical bottlenecks.

You might be focusing on building communities and starting discussions between fellow industry experts, in which case you’ll need an engaging virtual event to share information. Or, you might be established for your expert knowledge that people want to listen to and learn from, meaning a webinar would be more suitable.

Virtual Event: In a virtual event, all event elements and all attendee participation take place virtually. These events are entirely online, as planned from the start.

Hybrid Events: Some event elements and some attendee participation take place in-person at a physical location, while others take place virtually. These events have limited physical attendance and broad virtual outreach.

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