5 Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events for Event Planners

5 Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events for Event Planners

In B2B marketing, it is quintessential to build a robust network structure with opportunities as well as clients. So far, businesses have relished the expedience & benefits of hosting physical events. Today, with the onset of the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, the vision of physical events hosting has gone to pot. But, with advanced technology around, businesses have a splash of hope for branding & promotion of their products virtually. In fact, as per the latest reports, markets have noted a massive surge in ROI for benefits of hosting virtual events than in-person events.  

Read out why organizers are loving virtual events here. 

Virtual events software existed for a long time, but the expedited adoption of virtual events platform happened due to the pandemic. As per the latest trends & reports, most of the companies globally are observed hosting over 20 virtual events per year. 

So, apart from the pandemic situation, here are a few focal reasons, why many companies are embracing virtual events platform for their businesses today? 

  1. Scalability 
  2. Low entry barriers 
  3. More Affordable 
  4. Great networking possibilities esp. in case of ‘no option available’ for in-person events, and 
  5. Higher ROI 

In this article, let’s explore the hidden corners and learn more explicitly, “The Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events.” 

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events

 A Universally Adopted Alternative to Real Events

Offline events have always been crucial in B2B marketing strategies. Events that deliver the best in customer communication, management & networking are the ones to record maximum sales. With physical events, businesses could easily achieve customer engagement & relationship building. But, with social media & digital marketing campaigns, customer relations happen at a very slow pace. First, your clients must learn about your product, features, benefits, discounts etc. Once they connect, businesses can expect good sales in return.
COVID-19 pandemic has forced event organizers to cancel or postpone their events. But, they had to create a sales pipeline & make some sales to keep their business flow. In a complicated scenario like this, virtual events software came in as a feasible solution for faster relationship building& customer engagement. Most of the people today are active on social media, and so are open to virtual events platform& that supported quick adoption of hosting virtual events across the globe.  

Advanced technology, intriguing booth designs, best-in-class features, are making virtual events software the one best option for businesses to engage & promote. 

1. Scalability

Virtual events are far more scalable to host than real events. Businesses today are increasingly using Zoom or Microsoft teams for small events. Any in-person event demands a venue, lots of equipment, catering, money & cancellation risks. Today, industries that host large scale events across multiple countries regularly are at high risk because of the pandemic conditions. With virtual events, you can host your events across the globe anytime. This is 100% safe, low investment, also you can expect greater returns on money, engagement & new customers. Above all benefits of hosting virtual events, technical innovations have made the virtual events experience incredibly awesome, which makes them extremely scalable. 

2.  Low-entry Barriers

Hosting virtual events have enabled people engagement from the comfort of their homes. While physical events are much more time consuming & arduous, virtual events are go-getters with set times & low-entry barriers. Physical events involve travelling & planning, and inviting key decision-makers is quite risky at the moment. But, with virtual events platform, chances of audience attendance & engagement are high, and also it enables people to invite their friends, colleagues & family who share the same interest. So, hosting virtual events at this time is far beneficial for cracking great deals in sales & also acts as an effective influencer in brand promotion & marketing. 

3. Low Cost

Another reason for businesses adopting virtual events software globally is cost-effectiveness. On the contrary, organizing physical events can involve high costs like 

  • Venue charges 
  • Catering 
  • Audio and Visual equipment 
  • Roll-up banners for branding and more. 

For hosting virtual events, the primary costs include the virtual events platform. Look out, the costing and billing of virtual events here. You need not build an expensive studio to host your events. Instead, virtual events software like HexaFair can be the best solution that fits all your virtual events hosting needs. 

4.  Accelerated Sales

Now, with advanced technology, hosting virtual events is quick to set up, easy to use & beneficial too. If you have already hosted virtual events in the past, you will have that experience and content laying on the shelf. But if you are new to this space, then the best virtual events platforms like HexaFair are here to guide & drive your businesses to greater heights. A wide range of accessible formats will make you a very flexible marketer. Businesses can set up their virtual events with short lead times and use them when necessary to influence sales cycles. Sales acceleration might take time, but, once it happens, you will be able to close maximum business effectively& bring good value to your company and audience. 

5. Content Availability On-demand

Attending large conferences is a unique & positive experience. Keynotes are famous and carry plenty of important information. Virtual events platforms today are recording every session to make the experience available to you even after the events end. You can also use the recorded sessions as a follow-up strategy for your upcoming events to maximize lead generation. 

Now, virtual events software is the best opportunity to achieve long-term lead generation. Most virtual events platforms like HexaFair allow events to be available on-demand for as long as a year.  

So, now you can drive your audience to the virtual events platform any time and make them experience the event in absolute grandeur. They can visit booths, view sessions, and engage in pre-defined activities. The one thing they will miss out on is networking with other people physically. 

On-demand virtual conferences are also an excellent feature for marketing follow-ups. Companies using whitepapers and other documents in their follow-up strategy is normal. But, with an on-demand virtual conference, they can ensure a much better experience with an improved conversion rate. 

The Bottom Line

The benefits of hosting virtual events are high in number. HexaFair is one of the best virtual events platforms to take your business hosting experience to the next level. In our experience, we have hosted numerous online events, conferences, keynotes, fairs, summits, fests, tradeshows & many more successfully. Integrated with apps, scaled with APIs, cross-browser experience, with top priority to data protection, privacy & security is what we offer to our prestigious clientele. Our research is a niche, and features are vast, all designed to cater to & support our diverse clientele globally. 

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