Breakout Rooms to network in your Virtual Event

Breakout Rooms to network in your Virtual Event

Take a Break !! You deserve it!!


Well, now this break is going to be Fun with HexaFair’s Breakout Rooms


Breakoutrooms on virtual event platforms are small rooms inside your virtual event platform where people can discuss on topics.


Breakout rooms are attendees’ favourite. A breath of fresh air at virtual conferences. They’re stimulating, fun, and allow brands, attendees, exhibitors, and presenters to connect in a personal and exciting way. For event organizers, this means that you can now deliver more unique experiences.


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Breakout Rooms helps to ,

  • Improve overall engagement
  • Provide opportunities for deeper discussions
  • Targeted content based on specific interests
  • Breakaway from the main event, and keep audiences interested


HexaFair, a virtual & Hybrid events software provides the platform where people could easily join the breakout rooms and discuss topics.