HexaFair Vs Airmeet Features: Top 8 Reasons to Consider

1. Event Promotional Website

Get all virtual events solutions & support in a single application. Registrations, conference systems, live streaming services, event management, exhibitor & sponsors management & payment processing tools, etc.

2. Gamification

Add zing to your virtual events. Incorporate gamification features in real-time and create a fun & memorable experience. Create leadership boards, plan fun activities and reward winners.

3. Multi-conference Auditorium

3D interactive, virtual auditorium to conduct single & multiple live conferences, breakout sessions, Q&A, polls, etc. Delivers real engagement, best-in-class interactions, sessions hosted live or accessed on-demand for an elevated audience experience.

4. Feedback/Survey Forms

Streamline the process & gain constructive feedback. Improve future user experience. Event feedback form triggers automatically at the time of leaving, asking your audience to provide feedback and collects the data.

5. Host Multilingual Webinars

Webinars can be hosted in English and many other languages. The possible supported languages are German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, French & Dutch other than English.

6. Virtual Networking Auto-match

Explore and connect with people & engage. We empower our virtual space with private and group chat tools to boost engagement & impress the audience by connecting them with suitable prospects.

7. Chat Widgets

Drive business through the chat widgets, answer audience queries and draw enormous attention to the event. Host a pre-event fireside chat on your event. Group chats are an excellent means to begin networking and building strong connections between people.

8. Tools to Streamline Lead Collection

Boost the ROI of conventions for your company. HexaFair lead generation tools allow you to capture, track and convert more leads.

HexaFair vs Airmeet Advantages

Most Customizable Virtual Events Platform to Deliver Immersive & Interactive Experiences

Feature HexaFair Airmeet
Event Promotional Website yes No
Registration Yes Yes
Sponsors Zone Yes Yes
Virtual Booths in 360 Yes No
Chat Yes Yes
Audio/Video calls with exhibitors Yes Yes
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Jobs/course/product/property Board Yes No
Gamification Yes No
Single conference auditorium Yes No
Feedback/ survey forms Yes Yes
Different reports available Yes Yes
Virtual certifications No Yes
virtual networking auto match Yes No
Virtual photo booths Upcoming No
Webinars on demand Yes No
conference agenda feature Yes No
Restream across channels- simulcasting Yes No
Polls & Q&As Yes Yes
Multiple exhibition halls Yes No
Ticketing Yes No
3D objects/products previews in booths Yes No
Mobile Responsive Yes No
Multi language support platform Yes No
White labelling Yes No
Interactive engagement lobby Yes No


The platform setup takes 4-5 business days. The event website development takes 5-10 working days depending on the client feedback and response time.

There is no limitation. But discuss with your project manager/sales team about the volume and cost associated in prior.

Our platform supports the English language. Additional language support can be done. It will cost about 1500$ per language. The possible supported languages are German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, French & Dutch other than English.

Yes. The welcome video can be played in the lobby.

We don’t have the push notifications feature in mobile apps and the web. However, we can take up the feature request and implement it as a custom request if required.

32 sponsor banners allowed. 4 in the entrance; 10 inside the lobby; 8 inside the exhibition hall. 10 inside the auditorium.

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