HexaFair Vs Hopin Features: Top 8 Reasons to Consider

1. Event Promotional Website

Impress your audience with sleek, professional-looking event websites. With HexaFair virtual events platform, your event website set-up is quick & easy. No external help or HTML knowledge is required! Also when comparing the HexaFair Vs Hopin pricing, launching an event website through HexaFair is quite affordable.

2. Stand VR 360

HexaFair offers interactive features & an immersive experience to your virtual exhibition audiences.

3. Audio/Video Calls

The audience, exhibitors & sponsors can connect & interact with each other through online audio and video calls.

4. Gamification

A leaderboard is provided based on the attendee’s activities. We create customized game boards and reports as per the given rules.

5. Single & Multi-conference Auditorium

We provide 3D models for the exhibition hall or conference auditorium or lobby. However, the integrations are based on the complexity of your designs.

6. Host Multilingual Webinars

We do provide multiple webinars for your event. You can have 5 screens where parallel sessions can be scheduled & driven.

7. Virtual Networking Auto-match

From tons of registered profiles, our AI automatically scrutinizes and presents a match apt for your virtual networking.

8. Chat Widget - Drive Business through Chat Widget

We allow business card submissions and viewing. One-on-one personalized chat feature helps drive new clients to your brand instantly.

HexaFair vs Hopin Advantages

Create Truly Immersive Virtual Events Experiences for your Audience Anytime Anywhere across the Globe

Feature HexaFair Hopin
Event Promotional Website yes No
Stand VR 360 Yes No
Sponsors Zone Yes Yes
Virtual Booths in 360 Yes No
Chat Yes Yes
Audio/Video calls with exhibitors Yes No
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Jobs/course/product/property Board Yes No
Gamification Yes No
Single conference auditorium Yes No
Feedback/ survey forms Yes No
Different reports available Yes Yes
Virtual certifications No No
virtual networking auto match Yes No
Virtual photo booths Upcoming No
Webinars on demand Yes Yes
conference agenda feature Yes No
Restream across channels- simulcasting Yes No
Polls & Q&As Yes No
Multiple exhibition halls Yes No
Ticketing Yes Yes
3D objects/products previews in booths Yes No
Mobile Responsive Yes No
Multi language support platform No No
White labelling Yes No
Interactive engagement lobby Yes No


Yes. The platform, by default, runs as https://youreventname.hexafair.com. If you want it to run on your brand's domain name like www.myeventdomainname.com, it is 100% possible. You have to choose the "Custom Branding,” add-on. This is one of the best features when comparing HexaFair Vs Hopin virtual events.

There is no limitation to the number of audience attending the event. HexaFair virtual events are scalable, full of integrations and app support.

The platform supports English only. However, additional language support can be done. It can cost over 1500$ per language. The possible supported languages are German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, French & Dutch other than English.

We have avatars for every booth and they are customizable. Attendees can initiate chat with the exhibitors. But, we don’t maintain avatars for other attendees due to performance issues on mobile apps. However, attendees can search other users and exchange business cards and chat with each other.

Yes. We can have a Help menu that may have the details of the organiser and contact number.

We don’t have the push notifications feature in mobile app and the web. We can take up the feature request and implement it as a custom request if required.

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