HexaFair v/s Hopin Comparison

Why Switch from Hopin to HexaFair: Top Reasons to Consider

Turn your Website into Virtual Events Platform

HexaFair is easy to use and simple to set up. With a simple embedded code snippet, you can host virtual events integrated into your website. It just takes 5 mins to set up an event of your choice.

3D Virtual Environment

Choose, create and customize your 3D venues from a wide variety of designs and themes. Get ready to unleash the immersive 3D experience.

Event Setup time

Kickstart your event in just 5 mins. It is that simple. Talking about HexaFair Vs Hopin virtual events, you can have your virtual events platform ready 3 months prior for promotions. And for events like virtual fairs, get your platform ready before 6 months.

Virtual Events Website

Now promote your event from your website itself. With just a simple WordPress plugin integrated, you can instantly launch and promote your virtual events at your own domain.


Host seamless registrations on your website. It is simple, plug n play. Automated data integration makes the process faster and better. Which is absolutely free.


Talking about HexaFair Vs Hopin pricing, we do not charge any transactional fees on the ticketing feature.

Stand VR 360

Create 3D, 360-degree experiences for the audience anywhere. Get access to complete interactive, immersive tools for your virtual exhibition audiences.

Audio/Video Calls

A very cost-effective and engaging feature not to miss. Allow your audience to interact and share data seamlessly through our integrated chat, audio, video calls feature.

Social Media Walls

Promote your event using relevant Hashtags. Get instant attention to your event by adding hashtags and thereby extracting all relevant content onto your social media wall.

Single & Multi-conference Auditorium

You can host single & multiple conferences in the auditorium. Check out who is talking, participate, network with co-attendees, attend Q&A’s, checkout polls and many more.

Q&As and Polls

Host unlimited polls and Q&As for extensive engagement and networking of your audiences. The feature can be availed during the conference as well as in the auditorium.

Custom Domain

Yes. You can host the virtual event at your custom domain. At a small additional cost.

HexaFair vs Hopin Advantages

Engage in Authentic, Hyper-realistic Virtual Events Experiences Anytime Anywhere

Feature HexaFair Hopin
3D Virtual Environment yes No
Event Promotional Website Yes Yes
Chat Widgets Yes Yes
Custom Domain Yes No
Ticketing Yes Yes
Sponsors Zone Yes Yes
Interactive engagement lobby Yes No
Single Track Sessions (Conference) Yes Yes
Multi Track Sessions(conference) Yes Yes
Webinars on demand Yes Yes
Conference agenda feature Yes Yes
Host multilingual webinars Yes Yes
Restream across channels- simulcasting Yes Yes
Polls & Q&As Yes Yes
Multiple exhibition halls Yes No
Virtual Booths in 360 Yes No
Chat Yes Yes
Audio/Video calls with exhibitors Yes Yes
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Jobs/course/product/property Board Yes No
Gamification  Yes -
Feedback/ survey forms Yes Yes
Social Media Walls Yes Yes
Different reports available Yes Yes
Tool to streamline lead collection Yes Yes
virtual networking auto-match Yes Yes
Attendees customising their own avatar No No
Virtual photo booths Upcoming No
Mobile Responsive Yes No

Hyphen ‘-’ stands for data not available.


Our attendee registration process is very simple. Once the attendees fill in the registration form on the event website, we send them email invitations and reminders to attend the event.

Yes. The audience can watch the recorded videos in the on-demand video section that is enabled post-event.

Yes. You can always run mock tests or rehearse the event, without any duplication of your event, as many times as you want as an organiser/exhibitor.

Yes. HexaFair has a preview option with which you can preview your event and conduct the mock or dry run to rehearse your live event day.

Yes, group networking is possible in break out rooms, both public and private. Attendees always prefer to network with their chosen fellow participants. On the platform, we also have a virtual networking auto-match, that shows the right match of your interest.

Being a Hopin competitor, we are very clear about our pricing model. HexaFair pricing is very nominal. For more details, please check our pricing model at www.hexafair.com/pricing

Yes. Registrations of the intended attendees can be bulk imported.

Yes. Attendees will receive emails on their activities during their visit to the event, be it of any content, they receive all the content in their inbox, post their visit to the event.

Yes, all features that are available on the web version is twined in the mobile version through an application in case Android and iOS. To take the customer experience to the next level, we have introduced hybrid events model.

HexaFair believes in transparency. 'No hidden charges' are involved in our platform. For our pricing, please visit us at www.hexafair.com/pricing


All information is revised as of Jan 2022. The above content is a replica of accumulated data from review sites. Information like costs, features and product specifications may vary at any point without notice. Therefore, HexaFair does not guarantee that the information provided is final and updated. We, hereby declare that the data displayed here is for guidance only, and does not include any contractual representation or warranty. All copyrights and trademarks of the platforms are duly acknowledged. Any liability for errors or exclusions is denied.

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