HexaFair Vs Hubilo Features: Top 8 Reasons to Consider

1. Stand VR 360

A professional, virtual reality, full introspection solution. It provides precise 1:1 retinal rigid motion matching to generate immersive stand VR with 360°panorama, obtaining the movements and actions of users in the real world with all-directional head tracking & movements.

2. Multi-conference Auditorium

A rich, modern and updated facility for any kind of event. Think of us as your virtual office away from the real office that provides state-of-the-art audio and video technology you've never seen before.

3. Feedback/Survey Forms

The best forms include objective and subjective questions and map the responses on chart form. Feedback forms will also help you increase your customer retention rate over time.

4. Host Multilingual Webinars

Webinars are a great way to cut through the noise and get your business in front of a targeted audience. Hosting simultaneous webinars in multiple languages is a great way to engage diverse audience groups.

5. Virtual Photo Booths

Technologically dynamic, it's easy to use at any virtual carnival, school fair, or event for people of all ages to enjoy. From selfies to group shots, you can capture fantastic photos in a virtual photo booth.

6. Chat Widgets

Automate customer service solutions, simplifies the process of answering customer queries, improving leads and converting to customers.

7. Conference Agenda Feature

Help your attendees prepare in advance. Share the date, time, and platform of the event. Add the list of sessions, topics, presenter’s information, and links to websites where participants can listen to streaming presentations from last year's event.

8. Automated Event Data Migration

Complete "click-to-go" migration solution for event data from online to any source system or cloud space. Automated continuity, ensuring that no matter what happens over time; your event data is accounted for and secured.

HexaFair vs Hubilo Advantages

Stimulate the Sales Prospecting Process through Virtual & Hybrid Events.

Feature HexaFair Hubilo
Event Promotional Website yes No
Registration Yes Yes
Sponsors Zone Yes Yes
Virtual Booths in 360 Yes No
Chat Yes Yes
Audio/Video calls with exhibitors Yes Yes
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Jobs/course/product/property Board Yes Not clear
Gamification Yes Yes
Multi-conference auditorium Yes No
Feedback/ survey forms Yes No
Different reports available Yes Yes
Virtual certifications No No
virtual networking auto match Yes Yes
Virtual photo booths Upcoming No
Webinars on demand Yes No
conference agenda feature Yes No
Restream across channels- simulcasting Yes No
Polls & Q&As Yes No
Multiple exhibition halls Yes Not Clear
Ticketing Yes Yes
3D objects/products previews in booths Yes No
Mobile Responsive Yes No
Multi language support platform No No
White labelling Yes No
Interactive engagement lobby Yes No


Our live streaming is integrated with Zoom. The host, speakers can join from zoom meeting. The zoom meeting will be broadcast inside the auditorium in the background. Very importantly, the attendees need not log into the zoom meeting or need not know the zoom meeting details. The system will do everything in the background.

You can play the pre-recorded videos at the time in Zoom meetings, and then the system will broadcast them into the auditorium where attendees can watch.

We can have 5 screens where parallel sessions can be scheduled and conducted.

Yes. Attendees can watch pre-recorded videos on-demand at any time during the event at the “on-demand videos stage/area.”


Yes. Host at a time can share their screen and presentations.

Comparing the HexaFair Vs hubilo pricing, our virtual & hybrid events pricing model for attendees is based on their choice of usage, features & experiences.

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