HexaFair v/s Vii Events Comparison

Why Switch from Vii Events to HexaFair: Top Reasons to Consider

Turn your Website into Virtual Events Platform

All you need is a few lines of embedded code. And we will give you that. Help you with your setup. In just 5 mins, turn your regular webpage into a stunning virtual events platform.

3D Virtual Environment

Awesome 3D venues are yours. Choose from diverse themes and beautiful templates. Gift your users an immersive 3D experience.

Event Setup Time

Within 5 mins, you can launch an amazing 3D virtual platform on your website. Additionally, we also offer extensive support. For virtual events promotions - we offer the platform 3 months prior. And for virtual fairs - 6 months prior.

Event Promotional Website

Being a Vii Events Competitor, we very well know our audience interests. So, here we launch our event promotional website, a clear and nicest way to promote your events. Our integrations are smart and simple to set up.We offer the plugin for a small setup integration and you can start your event promotions on your website.

Registration & Ticketing

Get your audience registered on your website. The setup is as quick and easy as a plug n play. Automated data integration makes it, even more, simpler which is free. And most importantly, we don't charge any transactional fees.

Booth VR 360

Get a 3D, 360-degree view and experience of your booth.

Audio/Video Calls

It is cost-effective. Attendees can get in touch with co-participants and network seamlessly throughout the event.

Social Media Walls

Choose what you want on your social media walls with integrated hashtags feature. Just give your hashtag and get all the relevant content right up on your social wall.Let your audienceshare seamlessly with their networks through the social sharing option.

Multi-conference Auditorium

Host multiple conferences without any hassle and extra cost. It is all integrated with the platform.

Restream across Channels-simulcasting

Broadcast your event across multiple channels (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) simultaneously. Just add your favourite channel and connect. It is that simple.

Polls & Q&As

Host unlimited polls, Q&As with your audience sitting anywhere across the globe.

Custom Domain

At a very nominal pricing, you can host your event on your custom domain.

HexaFair Vs Vii Events Advantages

Completely Immersive, 3D, 360° Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform

Feature HexaFair Vii Events
3D Virtual Environment yes Yes
Event Promotional Website Yes No
Custom Domain Yes Yes
Social Media Walls Yes No
Chat Widgets Yes Yes
Sponsors Zone Yes Yes
Interactive engagement lobby Yes Yes
Ticketing Yes No
Single Track Auditorium Yes Yes
Multi-Track auditorium Yes No
Webinars on demand Yes -
Conference agenda feature Yes Yes
Restream across channels- simulcasting Yes -
Polls & Q&As Yes Yes
Host multilingual webinars Yes -
Virtual networking auto-match Yes No
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Multiple exhibition halls Yes No
Virtual Booths in 360 Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Audio/Video calls with exhibitors Yes Yes
Jobs/course/product Board Yes -
3D objects/products previews in booths Yes Yes
Gamification Yes Yes
Feedback/Survey forms Yes -
Different reports available Yes No
Tool to streamline lead collection Yes No
Virtual photo booths Upcoming No
Attendees customising their own avatar No No
Mobile Responsive Yes No

Hyphen ‘-’ means data not available


Make sure your information is clear and that it is easy to understand and navigate. Make arrangements for the necessary pieces such as venues and supplies before live streaming the event, so those who can't attend can see what's happening.

Yes. Exhibitors can advertise their products or services according to the call of their exhibitions, namely, job/course or product board for job/education/trade fair resp.

Yes. You can collect or conduct the attendee or exhibitor satisfaction survey through the survey option found on the platform.

No 'Hidden Charges'. HexaFair plans are categorised according to the event requirements and features included for each plan and costs involved for those plans either on monthly or event-based subscriptions are explicitly stated and please consult pricing at www.hexafair.com/pricing

Yes, organisers can open their attendee registrations 180 days before the event. Additionally, the HexaFair virtual event environment stores the password and email ids registered. In case of attendees forget their passwords, they can use forgot password options. Further to this, there is a facility of reminder emails to get triggered out of the platform.

HexaFair is a user-friendly, DIY platform. You need not be a technical person. We offer you all the support, and will duly train your teams. So, anyone with even mediocre technical knowledge can super admin the event.


All information is revised as of Jan 2022. The above content is a replica of accumulated data from review sites. Information like costs, features and product specifications may vary at any point without notice. Therefore, HexaFair does not guarantee that the information provided is final and updated. We, hereby declare that the data displayed here is for guidance only, and does not include any contractual representation or warranty. All copyrights and trademarks of the platforms are duly acknowledged. Any liability for errors or exclusions is denied.

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