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Entering Metaverse for Your Business in 2 Steps:

1Get your Metaverse Space:

With sets of venues built by our expert designers, you can choose and own your branded metaverse venue in TheGrand.Space.

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Online Meetings & Conferences in Metaverse

Immersive Training & Seminars

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Own branded Showroom in Metaverse venue

We build your metaverse venue in our platform and provide immersive, engaging experiences through our 3D avatars, spatial audio, 3D virtual booths, live and pre-recorded streaming, unique networking, and digital twin with the complete 3D design.

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Event Organizers, Companies, and Associations are planning to launch their events in metaverse; they can get their own metaverse venue in TheGrand.Space platform by cutting the expense of buying virtual lands.

TheGrand.Space comes with a pack of all integrations and features so that everyone can seamlessly engage in metaverse events.

Get a digital twin for your venue designed by TheGrand.Space experts. An ideal replica of your campus and custom designed venue by our experts with perfection.

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TheGrand.Space metaverse platform gives you the branded virtual venue at any scale, with diverse features that work across the globe reliably for Event organizers, Companies, Brands, Marketing agencies, and many more.