Delight your Audience with our Virtual Event Platform for Nonprofits

We built a powerful and practical metaverse fundraising event software which supports you to host industry events, talent recruitments and more about what matters to you most.

Why Host Events in our Event Platform for Nonprofits?

We guide events for non-profits into the metaverse world by helping them to hit their goal and reach potential donors across the globe.


Ease of Scale

Let your prospects conduct events anywhere across the globe and cut down the cost of travel, food and accommodation.


Custom Registration Format

With embedded code insert in your form, you can now collect donations directly from your website by using a separate field.


Data Security

Your virtual fundraiser events are in safe hands and so is your data? We commit that organizer should retain full and exclusive control of their user data.


Engage Professionals

Analyze and engage with your audience/professionals across different channels using chats, logs, Q&A sessions and more.

Host Events for Nonprofits from Virtual Conferences to Education Fair with HexaFair!

Virtual One Day/Multiple Day Conferences - Plan and host well-attended industry events
Make your cause more visible by reaching out to members, partners, or experts. Hosting a nonprofit conference in our metaverse fundraising event software is the perfect opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together for a meaningful cause.

Virtual One Day/Multiple Day Conferences
Hybrid Event to Host Booth

Hybrid Event – Host both Face-to-Face and Live Events under One Roof
With hybrid events you no longer have to decide between in-person and virtual, you can reach a global audience and create an engaging experience for every attendee. Give nonprofit organizers more choices while attending your event by combining the best features of both worlds.

Virtual Meetup – Grow your Community & Build Connections
Virtual meetups help community members connect with and learn from other members of our global community. Connect with like-minded individuals to interact with their peers, build connections, learn from each other, grow their professional network and generate potential personal & professional leads.

Virtual Meetup to Grow your Community
Virtual Education Fair to Connects Universities

Virtual Education Fair – Connects Universities, Colleges & Schools with Students
Provide students with information about top universities and allow universities to show off their opportunities to attract the best applicants. Students can directly chat with education counselors or institute staff in 1-1 meetings in our metaverse fundraising event software.

Virtual Events Platform for Nonprofits – Our Highlighted Features

There are no rules about how to begin with our platform, so jump right in to explore our unique features.

Make your event spaces unique with our 3D realistic design and 360° booth models that build interaction and drive leads for your business.

3D event spaces

Buyers & sellers can directly set up a video call to connect & interact with each other.

Buyer/Seller Contact

On our virtual events platform, sponsors, audience and speakers can engage seamlessly through live chats, video calling and more.

Digital Twin

Explore a grandly designed virtual venue matching your in-person event space.

Live Chat

Our integrated chat widgets and simulcasting offer a rich dynamic experience to the audience. You may even answer your audience queries.

Info Desk

Engage your audience with gamification like virtual bingo, scavenger hunt, quizzes, live polling, etc.


Monitor and evaluate your event reports and metrics instantly and maximize your reach.

3D Virtual Booth
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Ready to transform your virtual and hybrid events for nonprofit organizations into the next level?