QR Code for Event Planning & Organizing events – Use Cases & Event Scenarios

Event QR Code is a solution that makes event marketing and planning simple.  

Users can simply scan the QR Code to view all event details, such as time and location, and then link to your preferred ticketing service to purchase tickets. 

You can add the event details directly to their digital calendars with a single tap. 

It has never been easier to market and plans an event! 

Enhance your guests’ entire event experience, beginning with expedited entry at the door via a quick scan of the QR code on their event ticket. 

Do you want to know more about the perks of using event QR codes to increase attendee engagement? Explore this useful article which includes actionable tips and useful use cases. 

What is an event QR code, and why should event organizers use it? 

The marketing and planning of events are made simple and seamless with the help of an event QR code. 

Event QR Codes are ideal for print marketing and can be easily shared online. 

Use event QR code for event planning to add location information, display event information, RSVP to the event, share the event on social media, and even add it to users’ calendars. 

Your attendees can scan your QR code to access vital event information such as the following: 

  • Company or organizer’s name, event name, event description, CTA (call to action) button for tickets, date, time, and location. 
  • A comprehensive overview of all venue amenities available to guests at your event. 
  • Contact information for event staff 
  • Customers can use a sharing button to distribute your event page throughout their network. 

How to Use QR Code for Event Planning in Various Event Scenarios:  

Product Launch  

The greatest approach to sell things is through effective product marketing, which links sales and marketing.  

However, did you realize how they can utilize QR Code for event planning?  

In addition to saving space and enhancing the shrewd package design, QR Code for event management allow you to maximize the information about your products and the advantages you provide to buyers.  

Social Meet-ups  

In the past three years, the usage of QR code for event planning has become widespread. By include an event QR code, you can make it easier for your target audience to obtain the information they need, such as the link to a meeting (Zoom, Meet, and Skype), date, time, and even all your social media accounts—in just one scan!  

Multiple social media links don’t need to be included on your company cards, brochures, posters, catalogues, or other marketing collateral.  

Both Facebook and Instagram are not used by all of your target demographics.  

You provide your viewers the choice to connect with you anyway they choose by showing all of your social media channels.  

Trade Shows  

Trade exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about your company, but if you don’t have the correct QR code techniques, you can miss out on some crucial possibilities.  

Use QR code for event management instead of printed documents. Make a big sign or add QR code for event planning to your trade show booth’s visuals.  

While you’re doing it, feel free to add QR codes to additional marketing materials (stickers, press kits, posters, etc.).  


Seminar planning is never simple. Many tasks need to be completed, from registration through promotion. Use event QR code for event planning to make things simpler.  

Your participants may be sent to a registration form and enter information such as the seminar’s date, time, and duration with only a simple scan.  

Using QR code for event planning on PDF files, you may simply distribute seminar materials. It reduces the need for printing and paper while also speeding up the distribution of materials.  


For many firms, attending conferences is an expected aspect of doing business. Businesses, on the other hand, can go a step further and hold their conference independently of the host or sell their presence at a conference.  

The best approach to integrate print advertisements with digital links is through QR Codes, which are often used in conference marketing.  

Additionally, QR Code for event planning are a great complement to any print and digital marketing efforts because of their usefulness for digital marketing and their short URLs.  

Note: Other than the above-mentioned event scenarios, QR code for event management can be an inexpensive addition for charity event, Tech-conventions, showing property for real-estate agencies, Hotel events, Networking events, Job recruiting events and many more.  

Best Use-Cases of QR Codes Before, During, And After The Event  

QR Codes for event planning and organizing can eliminate a variety of headaches for both event organizers and attendees. Among the advantages are: 

Before the event 

Quicker check-ins at events 

While check-in apps are preferable to spreadsheets and individual screening, using QR codes on tickets is one of the most efficient ways to speed up the check-in process. 

The attendee is checked in with a single quick scan. 

Ticket QR codes can also provide access to VIP-only areas and increase security. These codes can function as unique security tokens that should only be scanned once. 

Use a QR Code to pay for the event 

People of this generation simply do not carry cash in their pockets or hands. 

Event planners can make it simple and convenient for their guests to participate in cashless events by allowing them to pay with their phones. 

Track the number of people attending 

Your printed Event QR Code will almost certainly get more scans! Increase the cool factor of your printed event marketing materials. 

It will increase pre-event engagement, and if the content of your event appeals to them, they will likely pass and share the information with their friends, family, and others. 

You can strategically distribute and scatter them in areas with a large number of people to immediately catch the attention of your prospective invitees. 

Moreover, you could advertise not only through an online QR code but also through a physical QR Code, such as a poster-designed QR Code, to enhance visual effects and branding. 

It will increase the likelihood of your social event attracting more attendees! 

During the event 

Distribute highlights and information about your event 

The codes can provide guests with early access, inform them of what to expect, and assist them in better preparing for the event. 

They can quickly scan the QR code to get the most recent information about your event. 

Guests can save the event to their calendars directly from the page and contact you for more information. 

Give your expected attendees something to anticipate and something to look forward to. 

In addition, by including a QR code in your printed materials, you provide attendees with an easy way to obtain current information. 

After the event 

Gather feedback after the event 

Increase survey response rates by placing QR Codes throughout your venue that, when scanned, will direct your guests to a survey form. Inquire about your guests’ overall event experience by soliciting their feedback. 

You can use their feedback to improve and enhance your service the next time, or if they enjoyed the event you hosted, you could make it even better for them the second time! 

Involve your audience and allow them to share their thoughts. Your QR Code can be placed at the tables or the entrance door. 

Track Your Event QR Code Scans 

Keep track of the information from your QR code to improve how well your campaigns work. Check how often people scan your QR codes on social media.  

Use the data to tweak your campaigns, and your social engagement will go through the roof. 

Use QR code analytics to make data-driven decisions. With the right analytics, social media marketing can be taken to the next level. 

Because only then will you know where to pay more attention and where to pay less.  

With dynamic QR codes, you can track how people use your QR codes and see how many people follow you on social media. 

Because QR codes for social media are dynamic, you can see how many times they have been scanned.  

If the traffic comes from QR Codes, you can look at the QR Code analytics, such as the number of scans, the places where they were scanned, and the devices used.  

This information will help you determine which parts of your ad worked best and when to look at them.  

Edit the details in your event QR code 

The URLs in the QR code can be changed. Dynamic QR codes let you change, update, and edit your URL without changing the QR code already on your campaign materials, like brochures, billboards, flyers, and more. 

We suggest you use editable dynamic QR codes in your social media marketing campaigns. 

You can use the QR Code to link to newer content without having to make it all over again and pass it around.