Comparison of Email, SMS & Push Notification for Events

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Comparison of Email, SMS & Push Notification for Events

Push notifications for events is a crucial tool in the event planning toolkit, allowing you to send messages to anybody, at any time. Push notifications for events allow you to deliver a message straight to an attendee who has misplaced their wallet, notify a group of VIPs about a special gathering, or promote your sponsors. Messages can be pre-scheduled or created on the fly during an event. We’ve seen event planners utilize this push notification for virtual events in every way imaginable. Here are seven of the most effective push notification examples. 

Before getting into the effective examples, we are raising you one question. Out of other methods of sending out event alerts like event platform, SMS, email, and private messaging application, which one is the best method for sending push notification for attendees.

Email Event Notification 

Although it is an excellent method of communication, some participants may feel inundated. That is something no one wants. Those who try to have zero unread emails in their inbox will be irritated if you send out too many emails. However, some people may require eight emails in order to open at least one. 

When we consider that most people have more than one email account, the situation becomes much more convoluted. With all such emails, how do you keep your inbox organized? In order to avoid this, use auto filter tools or filter it automatically. 

In our point of view, while comparing push notification for events, email notification is the greatest tool to be used effectively after an event. Inform them about which session of your event went well or tell them about the sponsors or exhibitors. To be extended, you can also share with them the success ratio of your event so that the audience can attend your next event without fail. 

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SMS Event Notification 

Push notifications for events are an excellent event notification mechanism, but they, too, have limitations. Not everyone has notifications enabled. Some folks swipe away every single notification. Some tweak their notifications and employ iOS attention modes. That is why it is a good idea to use many channels and to anticipate which ones your attendees will use.” If your attendees utilize Instagram, it will most likely be your major form of contact. 

The sponsored push notifications are one of the major features of push notifications. Push notifications for event alerts are a godsend in our opinion. You can include your own logo or event name. You may quickly glance at it and swipe it away. Furthermore, push notifications can provide a rich experience.  

Overall, it is critical to remember that event notifications are a delicate balance. You must understand what would appear spammy and what will be actually valuable to your community. 

Whether it’s SMS, email, or push notifications for events, adding your brand value is one thing that will never go out of style. Get a quick demo of HexaFair event platform for further assistance.