How to Use WhatsApp for Event Promotion – Enhance your Events

How to Use WhatsApp for Event Promotion – Enhance your Events

It’s time to switch to the most effective communication channel and take your event’s execution to the next level. WhatsApp event promotions are the most recent remarkable innovations that are poised to improve virtual event experiences and increase event success chances like never before. 

With the passage of time, several multinational firms and organizations have chosen for the WhatsApp event marketing in order to have more direct engagement with their customers. Not only that, but WhatsApp Automation is a fantastic tool for ensuring the marketing and promotional portions of any business are incredibly successful. So, why not take advantage of the perfection and benefit of this feature in the field of events? 

We have compiled a list of the top curated and smartest WhatsApp event promotion ideas that may take your event to the next level and maximize ROI. Come, let’s explore new possibilities.

WhatsApp Event Promotion Ideas – Simply your Event Execution 

Use WhatsApp for event registration to make the entire process more efficient and effective! Using a digital communication platform will not only ease the registration procedure via QR-Codes and M-Badge availability, but will also allow you to become totally paperless. Furthermore, you may give immediate client assistance via WhatsApp throughout the procedure. 

Management of RSVPs 

Remove the element of uncertainty by moving and simplifying the RSVP management system to WhatsApp. Now you can easily invite participants using a QR-based digital invite and receive confirmation over the same. The functionality’s excellence does not stop there; you can also add invites and manage the guest list over the phone with ease. 

Ticketing for Events 

Create and distribute non-transferable, fully personalized QR-based digital event tickets to registrants using WhatsApp. Users can enter an in-person event by just showing their QR-based tickets. Event organizers may additionally complete live statistics of this event component using WhatsApp-based event ticketing. 

Push Notification & Alert 

Push alerts and broadcasts are one of the best WhatsApp event promotion ideas which can help to keep your event audience interested by informing them of event-related information. As a result, employ push notification features to greet and attend to your visitors. The complete attendee journey may also be tracked through numerous touch points during the WhatsApp discussion with the use of an automated WhatsApp chat. 

Using this capability can help you save time and effort because everything is done automatically. You may also handle many chats simultaneously to enhance your audience event notification. (Include event notification article link once published)

Database Promotion 

Prior to the event, use the great WhatsApp-driven database marketing to boost your sales. Create campaigns that are rich in multi-format media features and effectively increase interaction. Not only that, campaigns and messages should be interactive, with rapid response buttons and CTAs. And, as you may be aware, nothing engages the audience more than interactive elements. Like other WhatsApp solutions for events, the campaign is traceable, as the entire campaign can be watched through the backend. 

Live Audience Participation 

Increase event attendee engagement by transferring the interactive portions of the event to smart WhatsApp-driven communication. Share the event agenda with your participants via WhatsApp and allow them to respond to chat-based polls during live sessions. This capability may also be used to collect feedback from your participants for each session. Using this technology, you may significantly improve participation and interaction at your event. 

Automation of User-Journey 

Improve your audience’s experience by staying in contact with them throughout their user journey via automated communication. By converting chats as needed, you can efficiently build a better user relationship and improve their experience using WhatsApp Automation. Try this WhatsApp event promotion idea now with HexaFair. 

Allow for Continuous Feedback Collection 

Gathering useful feedback from event participants is a critical component of every event –WhatsApp event promotion can do this. It not only allows you to assess the effectiveness of your event, but it also makes your audience feel important. However, requiring your audience to provide input can be a time-consuming process since people prefer a quick answer to a time-consuming one. Bring the element to WhatsApp to get immediate input from the masses in a super-easy method. 

Integrate those WhatsApp event promotion ideas and take your event’s success to a whole new level! Along with this automation, take your events online in a visually captivating environment with best-in-class online event platform – HexaFair. Take a tour of our platform now and contact us for automation.