Top 5 Trade Show QR Code Marketing Strategy – Outwit Your Competitor Now

Top 5 Trade Show QR Code Marketing Strategy – Outwit Your Competitor Now

By scanning a QR Code at exhibitions, you may instantly link industry professionals with your service, product, or content. As soon as they scan the code, you can keep track of them, establish a connection, and get immediate, helpful feedback. 

Add QR Codes to your approach if you want to keep up with the competition in marketing. It is inexpensive, simple to set up, and quite participatory. You simply need a supply of QR Code products, a successful trade show QR code marketing plan, and a visually stunning display booth to get people’s attention. 

Are you ready to introduce your goods or services to industry leaders? With the aid of HexaFair platform you can astonish your target market, strengthen relationships with business leaders and potential clients, and generate leads like never before. To stay current with our QR barcodes, browse through our trade show QR code marketing plan. 

Benefits of using QR Code Marketing – From Pre –Events to Post – Events

Attract booth Traffic – Simply include an event QR Code in your email or social media post. This will help your attendees remember to stop by your booth by immediately adding the date to their calendars. Use trade show QR code marketing plan for attendees check-in and to retrieve their email address. This is an excellent strategy for generating leads. 

Brand Recognition – With completely customizable features like adding your business’s colors, logo, and an engaging call-to-action, you can make your brand instantly recognized (CTA). There isn’t much of a possibility that visitors won’t remember your brand as they pass by your booth. 

Give Online Experiences – After choosing your printing medium(s) for your stand, using QR Codes to make your booth mobile-friendly is easy. Attendees may start interacting with you digitally as soon as they see square grids on any of your papers. Making use of their digital gadgets to interact with your product or service increases brand recognition. 

Tweak & Measure Results – You may monitor each scan from your QR Code and calculate the ROI (return on investment) with the help of our trade show QR code marketing generator. 

Top 5 Marketing Strategies To Implement Trade Show QR Code Marketing Plan  

Take Sneak Peak of your Product: 

At events & exhibitions, demonstrations are important engagement boosters. You wouldn’t purchase a car without giving it a test drive, right? The novelty factor is what makes these sorts of business gatherings exciting. Now is the moment to outwit your rivals by showcasing your product’s top qualities. 

For example, if your product is related to gaming, amp up the fun using the trade show QR code marketing plan. By scanning the QR code, audience can test-drive your product as well as they can order the game online. Or else, you can even generate QR code scanner in your manuals or brochures. So that, audience can read the demonstration process easily. 

Setup Contest & QR Code Giveaway 

A successful trade show technique is to employ gamification to draw attendees to your booth. Host a giveaway of QR codes or a contest at a trade fair to create excitement. A free monthly membership to your product is one option for the giveaway or prize, along with corporate swag. To give away stylish branded shirts, you could even put a QR Code on apparel. 

Expand your Network Connection 

By immediately sharing contact information, you can advance your networking abilities – the most considerable way to implement trade show QR code marketing strategy. We advise using a vCard QR Code. It enables you to preserve contact information with a single scan and is also known as a virtual contact card. 

Distribute these solutions to all of your business contacts by printing them on QR Code business cards. In order for onlookers to recognize you and scan your vCard QR Code, you may also wear badges with QR Codes. 

Strengthens your Social Media Presence 

Use a QR Code banner at your stand to display your social media QR Code. Having trouble deciding on a social media platform? No issue. You may link all of your accounts with this specific QR Code by scanning only one code. 

The link between your physical event and your social media platforms is provided by this specific solution. The best thing is that attendees from your industry will increase your fan base. After the show, don’t be shocked to see a surge in followers. 

Collect Feedback 

Taking a survey during a busy business event is the last thing attendees want to do. That could consume too much time. You require a straightforward, effective solution. We fortunately have a fix for it in the form of a Feedback QR Code. 

Put a QR Code on the package so that your attendees may scan it there or at home. You’ll also produce a fresh lead for your company, which is a huge benefit. Don’t forget to send a thank-you message as a follow-up – the perfect mainstream for trade show QR code marketing strategy. 

A ground-breaking technique to improve your marketing plan is to use trade show QR Codes marketing at trade exhibits. 

Create connections using scans, or produce leads using HexaFair. To avoid being lost in the crowd, we provide you with the virtual/hybrid event platform to outperform competing providers. 

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