How to Improve your Employee Onboarding Online – Top 7 ways to consider

How to Improve your Employee Onboarding Online – Top 7 ways to consider

Employee onboarding online plays a crucial role in the success of a hiring process. To find and welcome the best talent for their company, recruiters typically attend campus events, job fairs, and in-person interviews. As a result of the pandemic, no old onboarding rule book will apply. In what way? The work trend has shifted to hybrid and remote work, forming a digital workplace.  

What matters is how to ensure successful online employee onboarding?In light of this, HR managers should rethink their onboarding strategies in light of current trends, one of which is embracing virtual job fairs platforms

However, this article will highlight the top ways to strengthen the entire online onboarding process.   

A virtual onboarding process demands even more attention than a physical one. With proper planning, teamwork, and HR tools, companies can execute the entire process correctly.  

The onboarding process must be run virtually with a full-proof strategy. The question is, how? Here are a few tips for conducting employee onboarding online that illustrate a perfect setup. 

The onboarding process must be run virtually with a full-proof strategy. The question is, how? Here are a few tips for conducting employee onboarding online that illustrate a perfect setup. 

Engaging Ways to Improve Employee Onboarding Online 

Bring Effective Communication

Every event begins with effective communication. Employee onboarding online is the same, since the employee is completely new to the organization. Make them feel a part of your organization by getting in touch with them before their first day. 

First, choose who will be in charge of communicating all relevant information to the new employee. After that, create a first-day employee checklist that includes the following items: 

  1. Details about the start and end times of the onboarding session 
  1. What device should they connect to throughout the session? 
  1. Share preparatory information such as a solid internet connection, a distraction-free environment, a working camera, and so on. 
  1. Provide the URL to the virtual meet. 
  1. Craft out the first-week plan clearly with the new employee. 

This might be the employee’s first job and their first time working from their workplace. As a result, being an unambiguous and instructive identity for the new hire will be quite beneficial. 

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Be clear with documentation work 

Onboarding a new employee necessitates a significant amount of documentation. It contains their personal information, experience credentials, and so forth. You must guarantee that the distance between HR and the employee does not cause a lapse in the documentation process when doing online onboarding. 

Furthermore, you must guarantee that the newly recruited employee is not inundated with paperwork on the first day. The employee onboarding online solution enables the newly hired employee with its remarkable features to best fit any such organizational demands. You can ask new recruits to independently input and upload details of their documents and certifications by giving an invitation link. This will make the first day more interesting and devoid of paperwork for new employees. 

Give friendly team introduction using virtual tool 

Forming strong bonds with the team is critical for establishing a good work environment. It is now possible on an online platform as well. It is necessary to organize a video conference between the newly hired employee and the present staff. 

You may utilize HexaFair video conferencing service to organize a virtual face-to-face conference among the team. Inquire about the amount of time the team can devote to this onboarding process and create a timetable for it using the virtual platform. Encourage everyone to participate in the employee onboarding online and make sure the new employee works well with the team. 

Host Employee Training session 

Training is an essential component of every organization’s employee onboarding online process. The new employee will become acquainted with the company’s culture, software usage, job duties, operational procedures, and so on. You may construct the presentation here, share educational films, and arrange online tutorials. 

With such a knowledge-gaining and live learning session, new employees will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of their job in terms of the company’s culture. This would provide a continual learning atmosphere for the individual without making them feel overburdened with job tasks. 

Create Immersive Experience for Engaging 

Employees always want to work for a company that motivates them to do their tasks well. The employee onboarding online process serves as the foundation for instilling such sentiments in employees. According to the Harvard Business Review, the onboarding experience has a long-term influence on engagement, performance, and retention. This clearly demonstrates the need to create an inspirational and engaging culture for newcomers from the start. 

There are several applications, tools, and technologies available to aid with this process. You may use these to create an effective and engaging culture for the new employee. This will protect the new workers from being negatively impacted by a bad and remote work environment. 

Introducing Mentor to New Employee 

New workers struggle to become acquainted with the company and the complete team. In cases like this, assigning a mentor will assist the newbie in learning about anything and everything. 

How long will it be normal to refer to an employee as a welcome buddy for this role? Great! As they are always the ideal mentor and pleasant face for newbies to help them in beginning their new path. The welcoming mentor will assist new recruits on each stage as well as the organizational culture. It is now possible on online platforms as well. 

Have Fun Element in Onboarding Process 

This is one of the most significant problems that HR professionals confront while performing virtual onboarding. Organizing and managing the process with a focus on two-way communication can assist in keeping the newcomer engaged. 

You can suggest fresh ideas and future growth opportunities for the employee. Filling the employees’ initial weeks with excitement will make the onboarding sessions more meaningful. 

Furthermore, you may make the process more entertaining by incorporating flexible schedules, break periods, quizzes, and learning games. Thanks to technical improvements that make virtual gatherings more organized, interesting, and fun. 

You may leave a pleasant and lasting impression on the new employee’s mind by executing the onboarding process on an automated and online platform. This will demonstrate the process’s timely and professional completion while maintaining an employee-centric perspective. With HexaFair, we do employee onboarding process online and enhance the efficiency of the employee which also aids in employee retention for a longer period of time. Book demo now