Evergreen Webinar Funnel – Guide, Tips & Benefits under One Roof

Evergreen Webinar Funnel – Guide, Tips & Benefits under One Roof

Before getting into the evergreen webinar funnel, let us ask you one question. What webinar is? 

A webinar is a powerful tool that many course creators used to sell their courses. They are particularly effective in course sales because people get to see your expertise in action and experience firsthand what it would be like to learn from you.  

A well-crafted webinar can turn a stranger into a paying customer in under an hour. The problem is a long-term live webinar strategy as part of a traditional sales funnel is unsustainable. 

In such an instance, the evergreen webinar comes in. 

So, what is an evergreen webinar funnel? 

As the name suggests, an evergreen funnel is designed to be long lasting. Unlike live webinars, an evergreen webinar is pre-recorded and can be watched on-demand. These automated webinars can be set on a recurring schedule and made available round the clock without needing you to be there to host them.  

This automated tool helps you plan, promote and market in advance so your audience can know about your webinar even before it’s released. Also, this pre-recorded webinar can be watched anytime and from anywhere. 

Benefits of Evergreen Webinar Funnel 

  • Without waiting for the industry news or updates, you could fill the gaps with well-designed continually relevant webinars.  
  • This timeless webinar boosts your website rankings and helps you to trigger more traffic. 
  • By including a social sharing feature or webinar link in your social media and improve your social sharing. 
  • A webinar evergreen strengthens your authority and establishes your role as an expert within the industry. 
  • This evergreen funnel equates to more sales and customers thus you can earn passive income easily. 

Types of Evergreen Webinar Funnel 

After knowing the benefits and its brief concept, now you might be interested in creating a webinar. Before that, let’s have a small glimpse of the types of webinar formats that you can choose from. 


Nowadays, people seek the internet for aid in doing various stuff. To capture all those chunks of the audience, you should create video training related to your business or industry. 

For instance, if you are motivated to sell a course then you should create a webinar on Python full course tutorial for beginners. This makes for good evergreen content since the rule for choosing the best course does not change – no matter what year or season might be. 

Educational Tutorials 

This type of webinar establishes your expertise in the field. So, start sharing your knowledge like, why python is the best choice to recline in this IT industry. This type of evergreen content taps on your viewer’s interests and makes your webinar funnels a grand success. 

Tips & Tricks 

Share your industry tips and tricks to solidify your reputation as an expert in your category. For example, publish a webinar on “Top 5 ways to be a master from zero to hero with python.” 

Steps to Create Evergreen Webinars Funnel 

To establish an evergreen funnel system, follow the given steps. 

Choose your webinar format 

The evergreen webinar is generally from three formats – Interviews, panel discussions or single speaker. A single speaker is just like conversing with friends and it is to be done for a small set of audiences. For the interview format, you must invite an expert in the subject matter. 

If you have multiple presenters, then you might have a panel discussion wherein one can be a moderator and others can talk about their expertise on the topic. 

Apart from these formats, the evergreen webinar funnel features case studies and product demonstrations. 

Write Manual Script 

Even though it is an automated one, you need to create a script to make it as flawless as it can be. In the script, include a short introduction of the speaker, and the general motto of the session and allocate some time for a Q&A session in the end to answer your audience’s queries. 

Prepare visual material 

Images and videos speak a lot more than content. So, prepare the visual materials of your subject for your target audience. Also, webinars could be quite boring because they hate seeing your face of yours for long hours. So, visuals make your presentation more interesting especially when you’re doing tutorial videos.  

Pick a Webinar Platform 

Pick a webinar software which is easy to use and suits your needs and budget as well. Along with this, look for new tools and features that you want to include in your presentation such as pools and live-chat boxes. 

Some of the top-most evergreen webinar funnel platforms are, 

  • Demio 
  • WebinarJam 
  • Zoom 
  • WebinarNinja 
  • GoToWebinar 

Among those platforms, HexaFair helps you to give the best immersive & engaging experiences for audiences in the virtual summit

Record and edit your webinar 

Once you have your script, visual materials, and webinar software ready, you can go ahead and start recording your webinar session! Add the visual material, video, or audio that will complete your video. You can even give it a live event feel by adding a live chat box or product offers and checking how the webinar works. 

Schedule the webinar showing. 

One of the best features of the evergreen webinar funnel is that it allows you to set your webinar’s showing. You don’t necessarily have to tinker with the platform on the day itself when you stream your video. 

Market your Content with Evergreen Webinar Funnel 

To create a webinar there are three steps you need to undertake. First, you need to gain leads for your through webinar registrations and other downloadable content. Next, you need to offer a wonderful experience to your viewers to keep them coming. Finally, you need to send follow-emails to boost your webinar funnel. 

Here’s how you can take advantage of this webinar marketing funnel. 

Webinar Registration Page 

Your registration page is the landing page of your evergreen webinar funnel where people sign up to attend your evergreen webinar. 

To entice your clients, your landing pages should include an overview of the course, plus the testimonials of the people who have previously attended the webinar. 

Email Campaign 

More than just sending a confirmation for the webinar, an evergreen webinar funnel allows you to promote and highlight your business, as well as guide your viewers to the next steps. 

Thank You Page 

This is the landing page that appears after a successful registration. It should include all the information to promote your webinar, including the date, time, and social media links, to name a few things. 

Event Page 

This is the official area where the webinar takes place. Since it allows you to capture the details of the registrant, it lets you send follow-up emails that are tailored according to your client’s status.  

For example, you could send a reminder to those who left early or a purchase reminder for those who did for your webinar. 

To get a clear idea of the evergreen webinar funnel, do contact HexaFair or request a demo