Twitter Support Added to Social Media Wall for Events

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    Twitter Support Added to Social Media Wall for Events

    HexaFair’s social media wall for events now supports the Twitter network. Make any event more interactive and exciting with a tweet wall. Collect live tweets through the hashtag or handle and display live Twitter feeds to your audiences using an HexaFair Twitter wall. 

    This Twitter wall helps you maximise the value of your event by extending the reach of your event. Live tweet walls make an event trend and viral. Additionally, you can collect the latest posts and updates from your global followers. 

    During the event, displaying live Twitter feeds will encourage attendees to join, share, and promote your event hashtag. Twitter walls generate conversations about your brand and help you create a buzz. 

    A brand can use twitter walls for events such as conferences, weddings, concerts, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. Organisers and planners can use live tweet walls to display Twitter feeds at events and increase audience engagement. 

    Here is the HexaFair’s social media wall for events,