Which is Better for Live Streaming – Facebook Live or YouTube Live?

Which is Better for Live Streaming – Facebook Live or YouTube Live?

Many brands & organizations have turned to live streaming over the past few years. The world witnessed the power of real-time interactivity with target audiences after online events, webinars, and live streaming conferences and events became popular. Global brands began choosing live video hosting over all other activities to connect with their global audiences as the concept of live video hosting grew. There are several platforms where live streaming is possible, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The functionalities, characteristics, services, and pros and cons of every platform differ. The purpose of this blog is to provide both a detailed and brief overview of the two most popular live streaming platforms: Facebook Live and YouTube Live. 

Are you unsure which one to choose? Here is a brief comparison between the two to help you make an informed decision. Let’s explore some basic comparison points first. 

Picking the right livestream platform: Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live 

When choosing a platform Facebook live vs YouTube live, you must consider the following points. 

1) Capabilities for Live Streaming 

When choosing a platform for Livestreaming, video hosting is one of the most important factors to consider. Without a functioning Livestream, the rest of the platform features would be useless. Transcoding, adaptive bitrates, and stream rewinding should all be sorted for smooth execution. 

The role of professional live streaming services is crucial here. A team of experts will provide complete support and assistance throughout the livestream, whether it’s on Facebook live or YouTube live. 

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2) Possibility of Monetization 

The ultimate purpose of every action, whether direct or indirect, is to earn revenue. While some users seek to immediately make revenue through live video streaming, others seek to gain a larger audience and convert more viewers into consumers. As a result, the next feature to look for in a Facebook live or YouTube live is the ability to monetize. 

3) Marketing 

Marketing features or possibilities are quite important in order to enhance the reach of your brand or content. If the platforms assist you in marketing and promoting your live content, you have a greater chance of having a successful Livestream event. 

4) Data Analysis and Reporting 

Any form of online event hosting comes with the benefit of data tracking. Access to this data allows you to better analyze the efficacy of your Livestream, including factors such as interaction, impressions, engagement, and so on. As a result, ensure that the platform you select provides you with comprehensive access to Livestream data reports and analytics. Track every step of your event & get detailed insights via reporting tools & analytics dashboard in HexaFair

Characteristics of Facebook Live and YouTube Live 

Let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of Facebook live and YouTube live for livestreaming your event. 

Facebook Live Characteristics 

1) Easy Engagement with a Large Audience 

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media network. As of the end of the first quarter of 2022, the platform had 2.93 billion monthly active users. Needless to say, Facebook Live provides users with an easy way to contact a huge number of their target audience. Facebook may help you achieve a variety of goals, such as improving brand exposure or increasing event attendance. 

2) Discoverable using the Live Video Tab 

All live videos are easily accessible to platform users via the LIVE option on Facebook’s home page. As a result of the platform’s algorithm, your followers or even those who do not follow you may simply access the live stream. 

3) There are no restrictions on streaming 

Facebook does not place any restrictions on users going LIVE in any category. Any registered Facebook user with a profile can hold a Livestream. However, you may seek the assistance of a professional live streaming service provider to beautify and make your regular Livestream more interesting and attractive to the audience. 

4) Save the Live Video Content on the Feed Option 

You may post the Facebook live video straight on your feed, page, or group on Facebook. Your Facebook Livestream video, like any other post, becomes extremely shareable when users engage, interact, comment, and share the content. 

5) Content Moderation Using AI 

While the idea of AI intelligently regulating features seems amazing, it may occasionally be detrimental to people. Because Facebook is brimming with content moderation, the simplest method to curate content is to use AI. However, when done by an AI, applying the correct logic or context to the content moderation process might go awry. 

Characteristics of YouTube Live 

1) A Component of the Search Results 

The most obvious benefit of broadcasting live and posting content on YouTube is that it is easily discoverable via Google search. Youtube live is fundamentally designed in such a manner that the content appears naturally on Google. 

2) Possibility of Live Stream Sales 

To improve the Live video experience, YouTube offers users a variety of revenue choices. As a result, these choices let customers increase their sales via Livestream. Products, for example, may now be readily presented throughout the broadcast as the presenter interacts with the audience. LIVE Commerce and Livestream Shopping have become popular concepts in the market, thanks to top live streaming services and platforms content. 

3) Improved Monetization Capabilities 

YouTube live offers viewers a variety of monetization options, ranging from adverts and promos to subscriptions and memberships. This implies that users may not only optimize their reach, but also meet their income or sales targets. 

4) Platforms for Professional Live Streaming 

Professional live streaming services provide substantially more capability and flexibility than free platforms such as Facebook live and YouTube live — and because you’re paying for the service, the top virtual event platforms also guarantee a certain level of dependability and personalization. 

Brands that broadcast live concerts, events, and synagogue services must be exceptionally reliable. 

With professional live streaming solutions such as HexaFair, you can provide faultless, on-brand video to every device without having to worry about encoders or unwanted access. 

You may also configure the ideal monetization approach for your company.