Fascinating Ideas to Sell Virtual Exhibitor Booths for Your Online Event

Fascinating Ideas to Sell Virtual Exhibitor Booths for Your Online Event

You are not alone if COVID-19 has caused you to relocate your physical event to an online setting. This transition may appear to be overly complex at first, but the fact is that virtual events bring several benefits that a regular event does not. This is not to say that there aren’t any practical issues to consider when it comes to virtual events. You understand how to set up exhibitor booths at a conference or trade fair, but how can you sell virtual exhibitor booths? To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you sell virtual exhibitor booths for your online event. 

Ideas to Sell Virtual Exhibitor Booth 

Exhibitors Should be Well Researched 

You must first choose who to approach in order to sell virtual exhibitor booths. Understanding the industry and the distinctiveness of each firm you contact can assist you in attracting their attention, speaking directly to their interests, and selling them at your virtual conference or virtual trade fair. Create a booklet or packet for anybody you contact so that they understand your event and its goals completely. In a customized cover letter, emphasize the overall advantages to all suppliers and exhibitors while also addressing the unique benefits to each firm. The extra attention and care may truly alter attitudes and help people understand the advantages of having an expo at your event. 

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Know About your Audience 

Exhibitors do not want to come to your event only to hang about and people watch. The same will apply to your virtual event. You may provide this information as an incentive to potential exhibitors if you know and understand your guests. Explain your target audience’s demographics, usual online activities, and any sales data you currently have. For example, if your conference or trade show participants are a suitable audience for your vendors AND your event registration is 75% full, securing a booth space becomes a considerably more tempting option. The more information you can provide about your target audience, the more opportunities a firm will see. A virtual event may boost the value of these audience traits in a variety of ways. 

List out its Benefits 

There are several advantages to becoming a virtual exhibitor. Obviously, you should start with the most obvious advantages: 

  1. Possibilities for booth branding 
  2. Options for live chat 
  3. Personalized digital handouts 
  4. Audience that is qualified 

However, other advantages are less visible but no less significant to sell virtual exhibitor booths. Consider the following what virtual events would hold for: 

  • Draw bigger audience – Because the event is not limited to a certain exhibit hall or convention center, it has the potential to attract a worldwide audience. For many, this will entail bringing their product or service in front of individuals they would not have been able to contact otherwise. 
  • Provide more information – During a physical event, exhibitors frequently receive an attendance report. However, with a virtual event, you may obtain data on each visitor’s actions. Exhibitors may obtain real data on how many attendees interacted with a certain item, allowing them to adapt future offerings to a more qualified audience. It gives them a more in-depth understanding of what their target audience is looking for.
  • Provide a higher ROI – virtual events provide exhibitors with a considerably higher return on investment. They are not required to pay for travel or to produce pamphlets and other promotional materials. The only fee they will incur is the cost of renting a booth.

Knowing why someone should want to participate in your exhibition can help them realize the prospects for themselves. 

Provide Freebies 

Nobody says your virtual event has to be nothing more than an exhibit space with virtual booths. Make your event enjoyable and interactive. The more you can do to encourage attendee interaction, the more guests will interact with your exhibitors and with one another. 

Attendees may not be there in person, but you may want to consider providing a registration packet or gift bag, as you would in a traditional setting. Request from exhibitor’s unique discount coupons or small products that may be readily mailed to attendees. These simple touches can assist exhibitors and attendees create stronger ties while also increasing brand exposure and keeping exhibitors top of mind with visitors. 

Be Clear and Concise 

Make it clear to suppliers what is included in exhibitor registration while planning to sell virtual exhibitor booth. Include information on the virtual booth, the branding materials necessary, the event platform you will be using, and any extra sponsorship possibilities that may be available. Consider creating registration levels that will allow exhibitors to participate in extra sessions or have greater access to the audience of prospective consumers for a higher charge. Inform potential exhibitors about the documents they need to provide, and if they are concerned about the online format, assure them that they will have access to tech help if something goes wrong. 

If you think about it and follow the recommendations tips while you sell virtual exhibitor booths, you should have no trouble selling out your booth space! For virtual booth setup, planning, promotion or marketing do contact HexaFair for further assistance.