Fantastic Tips to Monetize your Hybrid Events

Fantastic Tips to Monetize your Hybrid Events

Hybrid events today are perceived as platforms that bridge the gap between in-person and virtual worlds. The medium is gaining momentum as it is helping businesses bring in more growth and add value to their brand presence. Easy to host with accessible technology, and the benefits that the hybrid events platform bestows on businesses is massive. A virtual hybrid expo is a space that meets perfectly with the continuously evolving audience demands. The reason is, all elements of the in-person events and virtual events can work together to create a wonderful experience for the audience. In this article, let us discuss the fantastic tips to monetize your hybrid events. 

We have worked extensively in the realm of hybrid events, and in the journey, we ensured a clear note on every aspect of virtual or hybrid event. Our research has helped us build the best event strategies that add immense value to our prestigious clientele.

Definition of Hybrid events in Three Pillars – Tips to Monetize 

Utilizing Virtual Hybrid Services in a New Way

Designing new strategies, innovative features and offering extensive services are conventional in the digital world. The new normal is we have to adapt to the trends to extend the best services to markets. But the concept is unique and convoluted when it comes to a hybrid expo.

  • Even if a customer fails to attend the in-person event, it doesn’t matter as he/she can still choose to go virtual for the same event [hybrid expo].
  • The benefits of hybrid services are there even when the customer does not attend the on-site event.

For clients & customers: Attending hybrid events bestows many benefits. And so, we always suggest our prestigious patrons attend events to gain the full benefits that our virtual or hybrid events is offering.

Understanding the Hybrid Events

Live events were different in hosting, as people used to travel & drop by to visit and explore the event. But a hybrid expo is unique.

Hybrid events are open 24*7*365 for hosting and business continuity. There is enormous scope to bring your event to life on a hybrid events platform. You can host popular keynote sessions, fireside chats, virtual tours, demos, panel discussions and more. Events can be organised faster, better and most innovatively on a hybrid events platform than regular ones. 

Learning the Difference Between In-person and Virtual Hybrid Concepts

Not missing the offline aspect while maintaining the right balance of both online and offline is what we do. We can plan to divide the onsite and online roles based on client interests. Basically, as per our strategies, we prefer going with 75% in-person and 25% online activity. But it can be altered if the crisis remains or any critical situation arises. The ultimate goal of hosting hybrid events is to strengthen the live presence while rendering equal benefits through virtual or hybrid events.

Studying the benefits of hybrid events, we have structured a strategy that enables sponsors, planners, exhibitors and attendees to understand and gain knowledge about the hybrid events platform.

Content takes the first place when it comes to any event. And then comes platforms, resources, networking and interaction. The hybrid events platform provides exhibitors with enormous value and awareness. Equipped with all the essential tools and features, they are sure to have some good motivational strategies in their plan to make the virtual or hybrid events perform best. Predictable data analytics & insights measure the success of the event outcome. And this data can be captured from audience word of mouth or online activities. You can also learn about

  1. How effective was your plan for brand building?
  2. What is the percentage of lead generation for online and in-person?
  3. Was the event interactive, motivational and problem-solving?
  4. How was the hybrid expo helpful for your client’s idea or business?
  5. What rate would you give for a customer service offered? Etc.

So far, we have hosted numerous hybrid events with fantastic strategies, and so the success rate we have noted is outstanding. We have also focussed on our audience’s past online activities and ideated with exhibitors regarding their motivational concepts. It helped us build the most effective and customized strategies for our diverse clientele.

In the end, all research and application come down to one question – how to monetize your hybrid events?

Well, the answer is simple.

Rather than building or marketing your hybrid events from scratch, it is most helpful to approach the best-in-class hybrid events platform or talk to virtual/hybrid planners or experts to get the job done. 

HexaFair is one of the world’s best hybrid events platforms that can help you plan & host your hybrid event or exhibitions in a swish. To talk about the details, book your demo today! Hybrid events are here to stay, and so our journey continues along with research and strategy building. So, if you want to learn more exciting concepts about hybrid events, check out our blog page.