The Complete Handbook: Virtual Trade Shows Benefits, Tips & Trends

The Complete Handbook: Virtual Trade Shows Benefits, Tips & Trends

Virtual trade shows have become a treasurable asset for b2b and b2c buyers and sellers lately. The transition from in-person events to virtual trade shows has been pretty unexpected as an impasse. The shift is rapid, and people are still new in adapting to virtual trade show ideas. It is time for people to understand the dire situation global markets are going through. Learning the importance of virtual trade fairs is essential to keep the business running on a smoother note. Virtual trade shows have gained popularity due to their ability to create better engagement, reach new markets and create experiences that are unique, creative and interesting. 

In this article today, Virtual Trade Shows: A Complete Handbook on Benefits, Tips and Trends, let’s learn about the importance of virtual trade fairs. 

What are Virtual Trade Shows? 

A virtual trade show booth is an exhibitor’s private space where they can host product launches, display their products and services and share crucial data to clients globally. Partners can collaborate to discuss new virtual trade show ideas and also ideate with customers and clients regarding the importance of virtual trade fairs. 

A virtual trade show platform is a holistic space that enables event planners, organisers, sponsors and customers to connect and share ideas online. Innovation & advanced technologies have created 3D virtual booth spaces for immersive, attractive and engaging experiences. 

Know the Difference: Physical Events v/s Virtual Trade Shows 

It is clear to observe that physical events demand onsite attendance, whereas virtual trade shows allow you to participate in the event online from anywhere across the globe. The experience for sure slightly varies but, the returns are massive with a virtual trade show platform. The reason is broader reach, better communication, engagement, and well-formulated strategies for later events. Instead of face-to-face conversations and physical handshakes, you can go for virtual hellos and live stream videos. The idea not only improves communication & visibility but also enhances brand value. Further, the low cost makes them a win-win for event planners, organisers, sponsors and audiences. 

Types of Virtual Trade Shows

Learning about virtual trade show planning is essential now. There are infinite use cases when it comes to virtual trade show ideas. So, let’s cover some popular virtual trade show ideas for your knowledge. 

  1. Auto Expos 
  2. Game Launches 
  3. Real estate/Property shows 
  4. Innovative Ideas 
  5. Product Demos 
  6. Resource Supplies 
  7. Food Expos 

Benefits of Virtual Trade Shows

Research states that there is immense benefit involved for b2b buyers and sellers. The reason is zero travel, affordable costs, high engagement, discounts and more. Another advantage of hosting virtual trade shows is you can directly share your voice with the audience, understand their demand and deliver the same. Sharing direct links, contact information, videos, and valuable content creates a long-lasting impression and acts as a great sales pitch for your business. Further, the analytics can give you some real data insights on customer interests, location, views, visits, link clicks, downloads and more. Gain actionable insights into buyer’s visits, contact information, order history, and other crucial information. 

Importance of Virtual Trade Shows

Leveraging the innovative aspect of modern technology has led to a new approach to booth designs, and that is 3d virtual booths. The latest designs and concepts are highly engaging, attractive, immersive, feature-rich and full of valuable content. You can also set up customized avatars for floor managers, support and hosting. A 24*7 virtual chatbot is considered the best chat option to answer basic questions. For deep questions, they can still talk to your on-floor manager or host. The latest technology ensures there are no barriers & if any are observed, our experts are here to list out and cut off all the restrictions ahead of time. And that makes the virtual trade shows and our virtual trade show platform[Hexafair] most unique and magnificent. 

Some Tips: How to Sell Your Product Online 

 Identify your goals, sell the difference as what makes you a standout from your competitors, study the market demands, frame strategies and design a virtual booth to showcase your product/service. You can either personally create your virtual booth or take help from a reputed virtual trade show platform as a service. Host surveys, Q&As, and games to keep your audience engaged and motivated. Sharing necessary information like pricing, warranties, discounts, free shipping, and other perks can help them take the desired action towards your product/service. 

  1. Prepare a list of innovative products to sell during the event. You can also launch some customized goods to capture audience interest. 
  2. Remain alert while formulating content, strategies, video production, speaker introduction, live streams and pre-event rehearsals.
  3. Gear up your team for some exciting experience. Tell them to receive requests and answer promptly to audience inquiries. 
  4. Ask for client/customer testimonials. Take them written or in video form and put them up on your virtual booth to build trust, ease and better communication. 
  5. Use social media platforms to enhance your brand value and reach a broader group of audiences. 

Importance of Virtual Trade Shows: The Pros and Cons 

Every new concept comes with its pros and cons, and we must accept it. The deal is to understand the cons better and build effective strategies that support the growth and eliminate risk. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of virtual trade shows. 

Advantages of Virtual Trade Shows

  • Highly affordable, effective and scalable. 
  • Can stay open 24*7*365 
  • Time-saving
  •  Easy setup
  •  Zero travel and so highly safe. 

Disadvantages of Virtual Trade Shows

  • No in-person communication/interaction. 
  • Demands technically, sound engineers & back-end teams. 
  • Planning strategies require niche planning & understanding. 
  • A bad internet connection may spoil the experience. 


HexaFair virtual trade show ideas have imparted a magnanimous success rate to both b2b and b2c worlds lately. Success has not been so easy. And we have experts that dive into every corner of the situation &come up with more personalized strategies that stand out as an example for our competitors. We believe that learning the importance of virtual trade fairs is not enough but executing the best virtual trade show ideas is the secret to success. Our virtual trade show platform is jam-packed with exclusive features and customizations to see that your virtual event is complete in every aspect. 

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