Floor Planner for your Virtual Fairs and Exhibitions

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Floor Planner for your Virtual Fairs and Exhibitions

A well planned event starts with a well planned Floor Plan. We at HexaFair happy to announce the release of a feature “an interactive Floor planner for Virtual Fairs & trade shows”

A proper floor plan can have a massive impact on the overall success of the event. Virtual floor planner works just as well as in a physical fairfloor planner.


Navigate your audience with an interactive 3-D floor plan layout and mark important venue spaces, stalls, &virtual booths.

In every Virtualfairs,

The organiser does not know where the virtual booths position should be. So they draw it in a paper and the technical team helps in organising the position in the virtual platform according to the design.

  • If the organiser wants to change the position in the last minute – it is not possible
  • When the event is live- the position cannot be changed.

Now, with the Introduction of HexaFair’s new feature of virtual Floor Planner, your virtual booths are loaded dynamically in the exhibition hall.

Floor Planner 1

  • In this, the Floor Plan could be changed as per the requirements easily
  • The Tradeshow Organiser need not depend on HexaFair team for changing the floor plan, they can do it by themselves

Floor Planner 2

Loading Booth Dynamically and Event Based

  • All the changes made in the Floor plan can now be visible as dynamic booths in exhibition hall
  • In real Time the Exhibition hall looks like this,

Loading booths dynamically and Event based 2