How to Create a Next-level Immersive Virtual Event

How to Create a Next-level Immersive Virtual Event

Immersive virtual event are here to make experiences more unique and realistic. The most happening virtual events 3Dtechnology & trends are now showcasing an enormous positive impact on every business across the globe. People are enjoying the experience and so are industry leaders exploring & incorporating mobile event planning apps into their businesses to enhance brand engagement& value. 

Hybrid events are new and they can perfectly blend real and virtual worlds to create immersive engagement. The new-age immersive virtual event software is compelling engineers to design a spectacular event planning app that can bring augmented concepts to the fore and elevate their importance.

So, let’s take a sharp look into what exactly is virtual events 3D and why the latest trends & designs are revolving around them. 

3D Virtual Events

The latest virtual events software enables designing real alike experiences using advanced tools &technologies. You can enjoy the immersive experience either through a mobile app like an event planning app, AR graphics, headset or smart glasses. The combination of digital content & immersive visual elements perfectly delivers an experience that can take your event to next level.

With HexaFair, you can replicate any street, any holiday destination, visit an event or expo, enjoy live concerts, host parties, attend educational seminars & conferences & do much more.

Augmented Reality V/S 3D Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality uses GPS and smartphone camera technology to extend content and visuals onto the physical world. Where the 3D immersive virtual event completely transfers the user into a virtual realm. 

The Rise of AR

Initially, AR was created to help enhance navigation during the test flights& also for military & industrial purposes. Many instances have made AR popular over years.

For e.g., the first commercial AR application was a printed magazine ad for a BMW Mini. The users could connect & control the car on-screen & move it at different angles to capture its interior model design and exterior view. This was performed on just a piece of paper. The act was super successful and since then popular brands like National Geographic, Coca-Cola, Disney, Skoda, Apple etc. have been using AR in their branding, marketing and promotional activities.

In Reshaping the Meetings & Events Industry

HexaFair’s3D virtual events software & event planning app allows virtual events planners to create unique, realistic experiences through virtual objects. Innovation has transformed lives for the better and today, it has become a major part of every business & life.

At HexaFair, every audience in the room enjoys the most exquisite experience that makes our virtual events software perfect for boosting engagement. When it comes to designing virtual events for companies, we are embracing advanced technologies to make better our regular interactions, attendance and event marketing.

Four Best Ways Event Planners Can Use Virtual Events Service

1. Enables Audience to Interact and Connect

Virtual events planners know the importance and underlying benefits of effective networking. 3D based Virtual events is here to make the experience better by offering an immersive engagement till the end of the event. With a 3D virtual events platform, creativity is endless and so are the opportunities to create new experiences. It can become pretty exciting for virtual events software while designing virtual events for companies.

2. Gamification

The demand for virtual events services has made gamification a key engagement strategy in virtual events. While designing virtual events for companies, we ensure adding high fun elements within leader boards, facilitated games, and networking opportunities. Exhibitors or sponsors can take their audience out on digital scavenger hunts, or let them just explore, enjoy & participate in the newly launched gaming experience.

3. Organize Virtual Tours for Your Audience

There is a way to insert demos and add virtual tours to virtual events software. The new trend calls for exhibitors to have virtual tours set up at their booths. With technology, the integration has now become easy with a much more sophisticated approach & affordability. Guided virtual tours and advanced mapping solutions are replacing outdated directional signages.

4. Showcase your Products Online

In-person events demand a huge space & arrangements for hosting products. But with a 3D virtual events platform, it can happen easily at a low cost. High venue costs are replaced with moderate expenses for the software. Let us say, for example, exhibitors are hosting a car expo, where they are launching a brand-new designer model. For the demo, it needs a good amount of space physically. But with virtual reality, you can explore and view the model in a 3D view. Attendees can engage with the products & services like never before.

HexaFair 3D virtual events software brings to reality the latest trends and technologies. We ensure all our hosts & participants derive good value, gain the best leads & ROI, and have complete access to all the features & tools to promote their events socially. 

The Future of Virtual events is Undoubtedly Magnanimous! 

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