11 Fascinating Virtual Events Networking Tips

11 Fascinating Virtual Events Networking Tips

Virtual events networking tips still remain a challenge. Wanting to become a part of the experience and making the best out of online networking are two different things. Virtual event software has enabled equal access of data, and knowledge to speakers, sponsors & attendees. Now, people can learn, engage and participate from the comfort of their homes. Despite all the advanced features and immersive technology, virtual events networking still remains a challenge.

To help you better understand, here we present the 11 Fascinating Virtual Networking Tips to Online Networking. Read On! 

Top 11 Fascinating Virtual Events Networking Tips 

1. Pre-and Post-event Advertisement

After registration, attendees will come online to meet and engage with their potential peers and prospects. Sharing the event information and scheduling through websites, blogs, social channels, and professional networks can create the best pre-and post-event audience engagement practices. 

2. Mobile Event App Registration

Virtual events software often is equipped with a mobile app that enlists event materials, speakers, sponsors and participant details. Participants must ensure they share their bio, contact details and respective IDs for availability. Registrations through a mobile event app enable faster collaboration between attendees and other participants.

3. Make Early Goals

For a better future ahead, it is essential to have a plan today. Virtual events networking demands niche design and planning. List out your goals, get some virtual networking tips, put in your best efforts, and learn how to wisely invest your precious time in personal & professional growth.

4. Prepare the Attendee List

Event planners provide open access to their apps before the main event begins. Identifying potential targets, planning effective strategies for pre-and post-event outreach via social media channels, emails, etc. is also a part of the preparation. At HexaFair, our virtual conference software is equipped with a complete attendee list & feature-rich profiles. Performing a pre-check on your target profiles, sending them a virtual hello, exchanging contacts and leaving a personalized note for later reference are considered as some of the best virtual networking tips.

5. Using Social Media

Hashtags often are linked to event websites & social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Adding them can generate unexpected profits for your business or virtual events networking. Get live feedback on presentations during and after the event. Event hashtags will also help you to search and identify your fellow attendees easily. For more guidance on b2b event marketing plan, read our blog. 

6. Share comments

Engage with speakers through targeted conferences of event apps. Discuss and post your comments on subjects and also participate in real-time Q&A sessions. One question or comment per session would be ideal to ask as there will be many other people waiting to share their questions or opinion.

7. Real-time Messaging

Besides sharing comments through social media, using special online networking tools designed by your event app platform helps gather essential data from your audiences like their opinion on a particular topic or idea. Apart from creating the best engagement, you will be successful in building trustworthy new connections.

8. Gamification

The concept has become most popular lately in virtual events. Exhibitors and sponsors often host online bingo parties or treasure hunts. Participating in such games not only attracts new prospects but also betters your vision for future virtual events networking & boosts your virtual event experience.

9. Data Sharing

Posting informative weblinks helps you to make the best out of your virtual events. Information can be anything. From organizational content to opinion polls to public news, anything and everything relevant to the concept.

10. Participate in a Virtual Hangout

Virtual hangouts can be a kick-off hangout before the event or a virtual coffee hour during breaks or a virtual drink & dine party after the event. Organizing your own hangout sessions can help you to socialize openly and discuss new virtual networking tips over some coffee or drinks. And also, you can know your attendees well, make some new friends and in turn help them learn about you.

11. Design Shareable Videos & Marketing Collaterals

Identify the concepts, services and products your target audience are interested in. Publish promotional videos, content, infographics, visuals and downloadable pdfs to enhance your brand marketing value.


Real networking can be an issue today, but virtual events networking is still possible. Get connected with new business partners and exchange some real good tips over events and conferences. HexaFair presents you with the most effective virtual networking tips on online networking and how to leverage the unique benefits of virtual events networking to build better relationships? 

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