Top 5 Current Hybrid Event Models in 2022

Top 5 Current Hybrid Event Models in 2022

Event technology for conferences & trade shows is creating unique, innovative spaces for better collaboration and connectivity. It is the one best open means today that is helping businesses continue and sustain in the current pandemic situation. Hybrid events platform or hybrid fairs platforms being a fusion of real and virtual events are delivering a much-unified experience in terms of experience, management and technology. Diverse hybrid event models can be created to accommodate audience limitations, meet strategic planning, & generate long-term engagement. 

The distinct cover is complete virtual targeted virtual, Blended, Real and Content365. The models can be explored and inculcated into various scenarios based on the event demand. Let’s have a quick glimpse into the new hybrid events models.


New Hybrid Event Models 

1. Complete Virtual

The complete virtual hybrid events model is best for audiences who are interested in connecting virtually or who express their disinterest to travel. The models are innovative, creative, scalable and cost-effective. Further, they render the best scope to reach a broader audience and enhance brand value, awareness & hybrid events management. The engagement in this hybrid events model is carried out through live streaming, on-demand videos, breakout sessions, gamification, virtual parties & swag bags and personalized session tracks. It also offers the sponsors and planners robust security along with an amazing digital presence. Sponsored sessions, on-demand demos, banner ads and other marketing strategies are adopted for faster, better audience engagement and reach. 

2. Targeted Virtual

Quite similar to the complete virtual hybrid events model when it comes to engagement and generating leads. But the targeted virtual model is called for only when a specific group of audiences are unable to travel and take part in your physical event. Participants who have last-minute cancellations can opt for a targeted virtual hybrid fairs platform model, provided such an option is offered by event planners or sponsors. Also, the hybrid events platform model is best for people who love to explore and engage in trade fairs & conferences, but cannot afford the travel budget. The medium is used to target small numbers and generate more engagement in events & conferences through interactive mediums such as webinars, live chats, surveys, polls, Q& As, one-one meetings etc. 

3. Blended 

When your conference or trade show spaces are limited and you have more audiences on your list and having all of them on board is your priority, then blended hybrid event models come in there. When you have a humongous audience waiting for your conference and trade show and the same content that must be shared across real and virtual realms, for them, the blended model breaks all the barriers and sets a new pace for something creative, and useful and perfect for the scenario. It leverages dynamic registration pathways to create the best personalized hybrid event platform practices for attendees. 

4. Physical

 When the conference or trade show target is local markets and must be hosted in-person, attendees seek for proper execution [hybrid events management] and practice of health and sanitary guidelines to keep the event space and people safe pre-, during & till the end of their visit. With the onset of the pandemic, getting out of the home has become a risk. In such a scenario, effective planning of risk-free and healthy models [hybrid events management] is mandatory. With virtual elements added to the physical space, the conference/trade fair can be best projected as a hybrid as well. Access to online check-in, maintaining social distancing protocols, using banners and videos for content and promising a true “no-touch” experience can create enthusiasm in the attendees and make them come & attend your event. 

5. Content 365

 Last but not least, as the virtual realm is continuously evolving, so many more models might be in the pipeline. Unveiling the current last hybrid fairs platform model, Content365. The hybrid fairs platform model allows audiences to take part in virtual content from an event on-demand for longer periods beyond the assigned dates. It enables participants to engage and share thought leadership with an unlimited audience capacity for as long as they like. 


The hybrid events platform is at a pace that can accommodate both real and virtual spaces at a time. Every business is unique and so is their choice for hybrid events planning, hybrid events management & hybrid fairs platform. Some trade fairs & conferences may require just real events while some others might go virtual and a few others might demand a blend of both which is a hybrid event model. And, every model must be designed to align with the business marketing and event goals. 

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