7 Best Tips to Host Virtual Reality Corporate Events

7 Best Tips to Host Virtual Reality Corporate Events

Virtual reality corporate events are designed to create enormous engagement for attendees and heighten the value of the organizations through webinars and virtual summits. Virtual Networking is the main agenda behind hosting any physical or virtual corporate events. However, it is crucial to ensure safer networking without ruining the audience’s experience. 

So, here are the 7 Best Tips to Host Virtual Reality Corporate Events.

Tips To Host Virtual Reality Corporate Events 

1. Set Goals

Virtual reality corporate events are both promising as well as challenging. Bad networks, lost strategies and failure to split into smaller chat groups can ruin the big experience. In times like these, where virtual networking is the only feasible option, virtual corporate events ideas are opening a decent pathway for people to stay connected and engaged.

The first step to hosting virtual reality corporate events is to set the goals.

What are you expecting from the virtual corporate events?

  1. Want to connect with possible prospects?
  2. Meet new customers?
  3. Bring experts together?
  4. Help your employees stay connected in these tough times? etc.

Defining the goals and framing a perfect strategy is crucial for virtual corporate events ideas. You can gain new leads, make people sign-up for the newsletter, and connect with an audience anywhere anytime across the globe. The scope and benefits of virtual reality corporate events are huge. So, it is essential to make your team understand clearly your pre-defined virtual events hosting ideas, goals & strategies. This helps you to drive your virtual corporate events to success and also design & execute the best virtual reality corporate events for your business. 

2. Virtual Corporate Events Design

Once your goals are set; it is time to design the framework for virtual corporate events. Decide whether you will need a Q&A session or an open forum added to your event. The few challenges that every virtual-reality corporate events platform is facing today are managing the general chaos, backend uncertainties, connectivity issues, and not having expert guidance to drive the virtual corporate events ideas to success.

Here are a few tips for hosting virtual reality corporate events successfully.

  1. Ask everyone to turn on their video and introduce themselves as the first step.
  2. Channel your speaker to ask relevant questions, & then open the discussion to the group.
  3. Host a peaceful session by asking the audience to virtually raise their hand rather than initiate a group discussion on the floor.
  4. At the end of the session, provide a call to action that matches your set goals and audiences.

3. Attendee List

Your virtual invite list may be huge. Just reassess if you need to have it all in one session. If you have plans to host multiple virtual summits, then it will not make sense to host them all together. Consider segmenting your audience as per their category and arrange separate sessions for each group. The next step is to evaluate the size of the session. Is it going to be a limited premium VIP session or a large one? Webinars can host in numerous audience capacities. But for networking events, the best suggestion is to keep the limit small, around 10 people or lesser. As your audience count is limited and is mostly strangers, analysing the differences that could crop up and removing them is the key to making your session a success.

4. Choosing the Best Virtual Corporate Events Platform

Not all virtual events platforms are similar. Based on the capacity, technology, and most importantly that best fits the concept, the ideal platform must be chosen. In a rapidly evolving circumstance like this, it has become challenging for organizations to choose the best virtual reality corporate events platform for their business. 

Here are some points to consider before hosting a virtual summit.

  • Costs: The organizer’s prime focus is to choose virtual summit platforms that are cost-effective. Well, some virtual event platforms are free, and some others come in subscription models. Research to learn if your chosen platform can create a registration page, & has a support system to solve issues while live.
  • Security and Approachability: Maintaining attendee privacy and data security is important while hosting a virtual summit. It is also essential to check for the virtual summit platform’s easy accessibility.
  • Control: Take control of the entire platform before the event begins. Check if your attendees can raise their hands virtually and engage holistically in your event.
  • Attendee Numbers: Check for how many attendees the platform can provide access to?

Virtual reality corporate events platforms often come with a range of options. Doing your research first helps you to select the best virtual corporate events platform for your business.

5. A Great Strategy

Now that you have chosen your platform. It’s time to frame the strategies [virtual corporate events ideas] that best fit your concept. Prepare the invite list, layout a marketing plan, and send out personalized emails including 

  • What value your event passes to your attendees?
  • What are the important takeaways from your session?
  • Who is attending your event and why?

Also, what new you can introduce to add value to your event and make it exciting. Like sending goodies, organising virtual swag bags or happy hours etc. You can also create & share a special LinkedIn group link to your audiences to help them converse post-event. Be clear and best in choosing every marketing ad & personalized email you send out. Create enthusiasm in your event such that it makes your audiences attend the event.

6. Hosting a Virtual Summit

The next important thing in hosting a virtual summit is to set expectations and keep up the engagement. The events can go wrong if your audiences stay silent for long, or if all of them raise their voices at a time. 

Here are a few tips to follow to ensure the best virtual summits.

  • Plan for a great start. Icebreakers are great engagers in the virtual realm!
  • Frame a questionnaire to ask your attendees about engagement. Here are audience engagement practices. 
  • Keep control of speakers, who speaks and when? Mute others while in conversation. Tell people to raise their hands virtually if they have any questions.

Ensure the whole team abides by the guidelines throughout the event, your speakers are dressed well and are the best presenters at your event.

7. CTA & Follow Up

After all the event is set up and done. The last thing is to generate leads through an effective call to action. Your events conclusion must make them register to your page or download your app or buy some stuff from your website. You can also ask them to sign up for a newsletter or receive emails. Send them emails related to the event or upcoming sessions. This will brighten up the prospects of your networking session. Also, sharing customized thank you emails, asking for feedback and requesting them to sign up for your next event strengthens the relationship with your audience.


With working from home becoming the new normal, attending events online has become easy and safe. Identifying your target audience and providing them with a perfect space to connect, ideate and engage in a thoughtful, productive way to keep up the engagement. Virtual reality corporate events can be productive platforms for people networking. Setting goals, clear outcomes, organising surveys, and Q&As ensure your event runs as planned. 

HexaFair virtual corporate events platform is a holistic space where all your virtual corporate events ideas, goals and strategies are analysed and your targets met. Our experts ensure smooth engagement and the best networking online. 

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