Virtual Event Marketing Ideas: 10 Powerful & Innovative to Know

Virtual Event Marketing Ideas: 10 Powerful & Innovative to Know

Virtual Event Marketing Ideas are covering glaciers & it is becoming extremely important for exhibitors to collaborate & ideate on the niche details. At HexaFair, so far, we have discussed the best practices, benefits, how to gain greater ROI, security, expert guide, strategies, statistics and many more. In this article today, we will drive you through the new realm of online events marketing strategies & experience. Virtual events are happening everywhere right now. With the rise in demand, there are some significant threats noted than usual. 

Event marketing must always be proportional to the online events marketing strategies. As it is the most powerful tool, adopting the best virtual event marketing ideas can make your event a grand success. Strategies applied to real events can be outdated or insufficient for virtual events. You need something unique and more when it comes to online events ideas. So, we are here to discuss the 11 virtual event marketing powerful & innovative ideas for your business. 

10 Powerful & Innovative Virtual Event Marketing Ideas

● The High Touch

Social media marketing tools have been widely used & adopted for years now. But, with the growing markets, online events ideas & business strategies, there is more to adopt than just sharing videos and pictures. In any case, personalization is the best strategy to carry throughout your virtual events. It is now essential to let know the attendees, event organizers, crew, exhibitors etc. why attending the event is so important for them and what’s new in the event and why is it worth attending? Further, as a part of the online events marketing strategies, virtual event planners must share it across their channels to create a sense of unity, promote loyalty, and foster connections.

● Facebook Events & Promotional Campaigns

Create a page for your event & add your event there. On that page, you can share online events tips, the latest news, testimonials, updates, sneak peeks and numerous other information with your attendees. It also helps greatly to keep in touch with your customers, build good networks, share updates & create better engagement. Enabling push notifications will continuously remind your attendees about the event. Launching a targeted Facebook ad campaign will help you reach more audiences. These are considered the best virtual event marketing ideas to share with everyone that your event is coming up. 

● The Power of Content & Virtual Reality

Being a virtual event, there comes a scope & hope for huge gatherings online. This means that online event planners can achieve better sponsorship, increased value and great networking across the globe. And marketing on the other hand is all about keeping your target audience in mind. Making them come to you as you have put your brand out there for better reach. Having 1,000 relevant attendees is far better than having over 20,000 irrelevant audiences in your event. Just dive into the fusion of content & virtuality to attract more audiences& business, gather insights on people that are attending so that you can strategically allocate your resources for your next virtual networking event. 

● Make It Palpable

The biggest challenge hovering around virtual events technology today is, recreating the human aspect of events. So, to achieve that, virtual event planners are putting in every effort to create certain aspects as tangible as possible. Offering small gifts to co-exhibitors, sharing coupons with the attendees etc. are some great online events tips for networking. Ensure your audience feels that they are your priority rather than any other. 

● Virtual Event Marketing: Stay Ahead in Your Plan

This is not a real event and so people may not be interested to sit on & participate for long hours. Time management plays a key role in virtual events. Exhibitors must be well transparent towards their audiences regarding the event agenda. Rather than prolonged events & lengthy content, keeping your events small with good engagement while sharing your events outline will be the best strategy to take off your online events ideas. This way, people will understand what they are getting into, what they are going to take back from the event, how long will it last etc. Providing them with the right information will tell them that you value their time, energy & presence. 

● Influencers Marketing

People are your influencers. The more people you bring in, engage and make them share about your online events ideas, the greater the chances to reach & gather a broader network for your event. The strategy is to leverage the power of influencers & most specifically the speakers at your event.

Getting your audience involved on social media, sharing their reviews, experiences, what they like about the event, what piques their interest etc. will take your event marketing to the next level.

● Leverage Your Sponsors

In any virtual event, just like speakers, the sponsors are also considered important stakeholders. The more qualified audiences you have at your event, the better the benefits will be to sponsor your event. Ask sponsors to share your online events ideas, virtual event news and updates with their audience. This will attract a lot of attention to the event –Read audience engagement ideas here. 

● Press Releases

Digital marketing has created a wave in public relations. Already established techniques coming together with the latest digital marketing strategies have made the release go high & swift in public. The press release is one of the best virtual events ideas to adopt. Exhibitors can showcase the event outline, adding value and its highlights. After this is set, all you have to do is target your audiences through physical & digital means. 

● Making Your Virtual Events Ideas a Stand Out

Every business has its unique way of the market its products or brands. But, in the case of virtual events ideas, staying unique & outstanding is a must. You always have to serve something different that ensures the best engagement & activity for your participants. At HexaFair, we carry our real presence in pride but we do add a touch of innovation which makes our virtual event marketing ideas the most unique & well-adopted. The change will reflect on your value proposition, speakers, sponsors, entertainment etc. For example, you can add exclusive videos, discounts, coupons, unique offers etc. also you can do a lot more than these. 

● Marketing Efforts

Planning your virtual event marketing ideas for promotional activities even before the event starts is another best marketing strategy that can make your virtual event stand out. Once your event is all set for a launch, you will have access to a ton of evergreen content for your audience! To measure the success of the event, exhibitors can share polls, conduct surveys, request feedback etc. Creating a unique streaming service with loads of content will put your marketing on the next level.


Technology is everywhere & it is expanding exponentially. From the digital age, slowly we are entering into the sustainable era. In any age, virtual and hybrid events are bound to gain huge attention. There is a high need for event planners to shift their roles as game-changers.

At HexaFair, we always have new challenges around us. With industry-best experts, innovation and creativity we are today offering stellar customer services, creating unique experiences and writing unforgettable stories on every page of our events.

To learn more about virtual event marketing ideas, strategies & what HexaFair can offer, book your demo today!