Virtual Events Pricing Model for Attendees: Usage, Features & Experiences

Virtual Events Pricing Model for Attendees: Usage, Features & Experiences

Virtual events planning & production companies have been worrying a lot about attendee pricing lately. Like, such figuring out the right virtual events pricing to charge for the attendees. With physical events, the process and numbers were far clear and easy. But, with the new virtual events pricing model, the costs depend on various factors. 

Businesses today are well aware of virtual events costing strategies. And that’s why HexaFair brings to you something different and new and that is, Virtual Events Pricing Model for your Attendees as per their choice of usage, features & experiences. The virtual realm is a fantasy world where you can keep adding numerous experiences as you go. It is all for your exhibitors & attendees to cherish. So, why not give your attendees a chance to choose their experiences and pay accordingly. This is the latest game-changing strategy. HexaFair brings to you all the latest information about the Virtual Events Pricing Model for Attendees: Usage, Features & Experiences through this article.

Unveiling the Virtual Events Pricing Model

Today, as we look back into the physical event spaces, the times when there were no social media, online advertising & digital marketing etc. We only had people, products to sell and places to gather. But now, with the advent of deep technology, we have come quite far from that time, and today we have digital spaces where anything and everything can be shared online. People, if they like something, they openly share their opinion & reason, like, “Hey, I could have paid more for that feature. It’s really amazing.”And, that’s what makes the real world differ from the virtual when it comes to virtual events pricing.

Defining the Virtual Events Pricing Model

HexaFair virtual events pricing model is not like tipping. Let’s consider your participants are job seekers and your event is a virtual hiring event. So, not all your attendees would be interested to learn everything about the event. And hence the pricing must be given accordingly. Suppose your exhibitors have employed 5 hiring managers for the event. You can frame a package saying that, for attending the event+talking to the hiring manager+submitting an application, the cost shall be 100 USD. You can also offer a free one-one session with their chosen manager or share some goodie bags or gift cards as they participate.

With the best virtual events planning platform like HexaFair, you can get all the planning done well in advance along with numerous suitable pricing models for your virtual event strategies. You can either choose combos or go for individual features that best fits your demand and audience. 

Monetizing Virtual Events

Exhibitors must understand that not all features can be priced. Some can be given free, some at low cost and the latest features or upgrades can see a level up in pricing. Organizers & sponsors can be the financiers for any event but participants are the real players of the game. Unless they participate, sponsors & exhibitors cannot expect to generate good revenue out of their events. So, attendee participation is crucial for any virtual event.

Research states that live streaming is one way where attendees are finding a high source of engagement and hence are willing to pay 30% more than what they usually pay. And with the HexaFair virtual events planning platform, you can ensure an experience beyond what others offer. You might be using YouTube Live, Vimeo or Zoom, HexaFair enables you to encase a commerce and attendee conversation around the live streaming. Instead of streaming for free, you can reach out to us for some potential tips on how to earn smart with your virtual events.

Virtual Events Pricing Model Functionality

Accept reservations for your live stream. Send your attendees a virtual thank you mail saying, “Hey Sam! Thanks for making a reservation for our live conferences. Here is the link to your session. You will get your password closer to the event schedule.” With this, Sam’s reservation is fixed. They click on the given link and make the payment for your event. Don’t forget to send a thank-you note followed by requesting feedback for your event. It is very important to learn how much your attendees enjoyed the experience and if the money they invested was worthy for them or not. If the experience is positive and incredible, then you are on the right path.

Tuning in to the Attitude

Communication is the key for sponsors/organizers dealing with their audiences. If there is any time perfect to strike that conversation, the time is now. The second strategy is to not give anything for free. It allows them to devalue your effort or approach. Once they get used to the term free, getting them back from that mindset is going to be a hard strategy. Take your stand when it comes to defining your virtual events pricing model. Innovate more and learn who your audiences are? This will allow you to plan and deliver what your attendees love and will make them feel dejected just in case they missed the slot. 

The Transition

Eventually, just like everything, events too will go back to live. But this time it is going to be a little different. And with HexaFair, the transition is that we stand with the whole, diverse and fair access to all events including live sessions. Using the HexaFair virtual events platform can help you identify unique ways to create audience engagement. So, the transition is very much easy as it goes beyond the live streaming model we are talking about today.

Innovation &You! HexaFair Virtual Events Planning & Pricing

We aim to be comprehensive, unique and fair. And that means you are the owners of your attendee data. And, we believe in flexibility, so we made our process agile. With HexaFair, you can decide when to release that mail to your attendee, and also edit the emails. We have organized and executed everything in tandem with the latest technology, user experiences& feedback. We believe in inconsistency!

Building Your Own Model

Audiences are heroes and they are the deciders of how they value experiences. Now by attending multiple events online, they have all the essential information at their fingertips. HexaFair virtual events planning can help you design futuristic concepts and marketing strategies to connect sponsors, exhibitors and attendees online and thereby add great value to the events as well as finances. We are building personalized models that make your people belong to the spaces they are engaging in.


HexaFair aims to educate, share and help sponsors, exhibitors and attendees gain the most of their investment. And don’t forget to reach out as you are just one click away to figure out the best virtual events pricing model for your business. 

For more information, here are our virtual events planning checklist that can guide you through every step of your virtual event journey & help you create beautiful experiences for your attendees. And if you’re looking for the best virtual events planning service providers, chat with us! Our experts are here to guide you. 

In case you’re interested to learn more about virtual events planning, tune into our blog for the right content and the latest information.