Top 10 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

Top 10 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

Making virtual events fun and memorable requires a deep dive into the strategies, goals and analysis. Adopting gamification elements, interactive features, and social media integrations are some of the powerful virtual event audience engagement that makes an event successful. 

HexaFair success stories bring you the top 10 ideas on – how to use social activities to achieve tremendous success at virtual events? Read on. 

10 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

1. Icebreaker games

If you want your attendees to interact with each other, the best idea is to encourage icebreaker games.

Start with a simple “describe how you feel in one word” game and then move on with a quiz.

We recommend using an attractive social media wall where attendees can post comments and ask questions.

The written format will encourage contributions from the audience who don’t feel comfortable speaking up in a larger setting.

2. Real-time social media feed

 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

The audience will love standing in the spotlight at your event. Any element that makes them happy & involved must be encouraged.

Allow them to take selfies & post them instantly on the feed. Real-time social media feed boosts engagement and success rate of the event.

3. Riddles with prizes

Choose a few riddles relevant to the event’s concept. Post them on a social wall and offer a prize for the fastest answer. Share the puzzle during the break time and have attendees submit their finds on your social media wall using the event’s hashtag. It is considered the best virtual events ideas. Further, real-time analytics helps declare the winner instantly. 

4. Workout breaks

Hire a fitness or wellness instructor and schedule short workout sessions during breaks. The best workout plan would be something simple &accessible to all audiences like light dance yoga or easy exercises targeting one part of the body.

Your attendees will be thankful for the active break, and this will get you a lot of user-generated content since people love sharing their workouts on social media.

5. Virtual scribing

 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

Have you ever seen live illustrations during a talk or presentation? The visual engagement tool is considered remarkably effective. It allows viewers to understand the theme of the session better. And also; allows your audience to explore the creative side of virtual events.

6. Music bingo

Want to organise fun activities in the midst of the event?

Then, music bingo is the answer. Hitmix bingo is a program that lets you create fantastic music bingo games. Here is what you can do with Hitmix bingo.

  • Add music,
  • Receive cards,
  • Play the game and
  • Check for winners.

You can see your attendees dancing and singing in a matter of seconds with these fantastic virtual events ideas.

7.  Giveaways

 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

Who doesn’t like free stuff? 

The idea is – to get a bunch of branded swags and give them away to your audiences during breaks. Consider people who ask questions or post on your social media wall. 

You can also create a hashtag contest for the best photo of the event. Along with this, be prepared to ask some questions post-event. Read virtual event survey questionnaires here. 

8. Goodie bags

 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas

Giving away surprise goodies like power banks, vouchers, reusable water bottles & bucket hats will make your event a memorable experience for your attendees. This way, people will become your brand ambassadors and start promoting your brand wherever they go. You can also share a digital goodie bag through email that includes – coupons, electronic products, ebooks, checklists, etc.

9. Custom filters

Create a custom Instagram or Facebook filter that encourages attendees to share their selfies on social media. Make sure they tag your hashtag. Ensure the filter includes your logo and brand colours. Gather all these photos & put them on the social wall for display during talks or breaks.

10. Creative backgrounds

If you’re hosting an event via HexaFair, you can design a branded background. So that attendees can join directly without any worry & mess up other rooms. The concept encourages attendees to turn on their cameras during the event & also improves brand awareness.

We hope the above ten virtual events ideas help you plan a successful event. Have any questions? Reach us at HexaFair! We will be happy to guide you.