Email Marketing for Virtual Fairs: Explore the 7 Best Practices

Email Marketing for Virtual Fairs: Explore the 7 Best Practices

Virtual fairs software is a highly beneficial source today; that clears up the hardcore stress in venue bookings, transport arrangements, food, equipment etc.  So, sponsors and exhibitors are planning to invest their valuable time and money creatively.  And their first focus is digital marketing strategies, another popular concept that is niche & enduring is email marketing for virtual fairs. 

Research states that; over 40% of sponsors, exhibitors & marketers are considering email marketing as the best virtual fair idea. It is a widely adopted strategy, affordable, & highly scalable. 

Here is a head start advantage for exhibitors & sponsors who are planning to adopt email marketing as a part of their virtual fairs promotions

Email Marketing for Virtual Fairs: 7 Best Practices to Follow

Before heading to the email marketing practices, let’s plan your virtual fairs. Here is your virtual fair planning guide. 

1. Event announcement emails

 First emails are crucial for any campaign. Having a thriller element inside boosts the audience’s excitement and creates needed engagement. 

When to share emails with your attendees? 

A keynote session or a conference mail can be released weeks before the fair. Whereas; a holiday season sale or a festival campaign must be promoted months ahead! 

 Tip of the Day: If you want to release just one email, then you can share the details right away. 

Virtual Fair Software: Crafting a Perfect Email Structure: 

Here is an example of how to structure an email for your audience. 

    • Striking headline. 
    • Fair description. 
    • Value sharing points 
    • Link, date and time. 
    • CTA. 

2. Virtual Fair Ideas: Lead generation emails

The second email must carry the value proposition assured in the first mail. Attractive content integrated with value must be shared to promote knowledge about the fair. With email automation – share the second email after a few days from the first and only to people who have opened the initial mail.

Further, adding a compelling call-to-action boosts sign-ups. 

3. Go for it emails

The third email must build curiosity in your audience’s minds.

Include something like,

  • Limited period offer!
  • Hurry! The big sale is ending soon.
  • Grab your seat now!

Announcing the urgency helps your readers understand the limited time they have to enrol for the event.  

4. Voila emails

Voila, mails are thank you emails released when a sale happens online. Email automation ensures an auto-generated email is shared for every sale done. This mail contains crucial information like the order number, price, tax etc. 

HexaFair virtual fair platform enables powerful app integrations, & creates professional-looking emails with email marketing automation tools. 

5. Virtual Fair Ideas: Event insights email

Sharing insights in your emails is a great idea! The audience will stay updated on what is happening in the planning phase and at the launch. It is usually shared before the final event.

Here are a few add-on suggestions to capture your audience’s attention.

  • New members or investor lists.
  • Speaker info, meeting points, reviews, etc
  • A special note from the organizer or sponsor
  • Awards, prizes, giveaways, etc

6. Reminder emails:

Well, if your event is popular gaming, dental conferences & or auto expos, your audience would have already marked it in their calendar. But if it is a regular expo or fair, we suggest you send a reminder email.

So, here is what your reminder email must have?

  • A short alert about the fair
  • Speaker/sponsor/exhibitor news
  • Added value
  • Event link, date & time

7. Post-event emails

Finished hosting your virtual fairs successfully?

Wait! There is still one last opportunity to share an email! A small one but a powerful strategy not to miss. That is a post-event email. So, here is what you can have in a post-event email?

  • Testimonial requests & feedback responses from your audience.
  • Surveys & polls to measure the engagement.
  • Selected pictures & videos of the fair
  • Customized thank you note
  • Winners & prize giveaways.
  • Winners & prize Headlines are the key attractive elements in an email campaign. If it offers value to your audience, they will for sure open the mail and read the content inside. 
  • To measure the success of your campaign, you can use the A/B test! 

Fantastic Virtual Fair Ideas to Consider 

  1. Promote your virtual fairs with – creative ads, social media marketing campaigns, virtual billboards, email marketing etc.
  2. Release early bird offers and run pre-event promotions.
  3. Plan successful competitions & virtual swag bags.
  4. Share reminder emails to improve sales & reach.
  5. Adopt QR codes & other online payment systems for on-the-spot transactions, billings etc.
  6. Convey the trending ideas & latest innovations through vibrant newsletters.
  7. Release audience thoughts and testimonials in post-event email marketing & follow-up campaigns.

Want to learn more? Here are some fantastic tips on virtual fair email marketing.

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  1. How to create compelling sign-up forms?
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Gathering Attendees for your Email Newsletters:

The significance of email marketing is widespread today. But what many are not aware of – is the value of building audience lists. After building potential attendee lists, releasing timely newsletters is considered the best virtual fair idea.

A simple sign-up form added to your virtual fairs software website or landing page can earn you plenty of subscribers for your event.

Once the list is ready. Get Set Go!

How to Create Compelling Sign-up Forms?

Data helps a great deal in creating effective sign-up forms. Even one small detail can help users understand the benefits of newsletter subscriptions.

You can also discuss innovations, latest trends, news & upcoming events, etc. in your virtual fairs newsletter.

Here are a few more tips on how to gather attendee lists.

Through the virtual fair’s platform – When customers register for a fair or create their account on the virtual fairs software, data is automatically collected & that can help you build potential subscriber lists.

On-floor registrations encourage visitants to sign-up instantly and join your event. To boost audience participation, you can also plan gamification like contests, freebies etc.

 Planning your Email Marketing Campaigns the Right Way

email marketing campign for virtual fairs

With the virtual exhibition & fairs, you can host exhibitions, career fairs, benefit fairs, university fairs & many more ranging from 1 hr webinars to 365 days expos and conferences.

  1. Release announcement emails to create awareness & engagement in your audience.
  2. Add powerful CTAs as Offer Ends Soon! Hurry Up! Limited Period Offer! etc.
  3. Send out reminder emails days before the final event.

Tip of the Day: Prepare a diverse set of emails for unique occasions & release them to your audiences.

Email Marketing Automation

email marketing for virtual fairs

Design creative templates and prepare a set of emails to release to your audience. Automate emails with marketing automation software, and schedule the release at specific times.

 Email Marketing Strategies 

email marketing for virtual fairs

  • Create personalized & exclusive email campaigns.
  • Create engagement and conversations through quizzes, videos and animated GIFs.
  • Share clickable RSVPs that help the audience choose whether to attend the event or not.
  • Back up your email newsletters with audience reviews.

Want to learn more about virtual fairs promotions? Reach out to us! Our experts are open to guiding you!