Virtual Event Survey : Top 11 Questions to Ask Post-Event

Virtual Event Survey : Top 11 Questions to Ask Post-Event

Exhibitors & sponsors show enormous curiosity to learn about how their virtual events are performed. Virtual events platforms & event planning apps are all ears about post-event surveys, reviews & client testimonials. Post-event surveys hold great value as they carry crucial information about the exact status of the event. With the post virtual event survey, exhibitors and sponsors can measure the success rate of their event, learn what needs improvement, and also gain valuable suggestions for future virtual events. 


There are many ways to gain audience feedback in virtual events. Surveys & feedback can be tricky as getting your audience to take part & share their views is a tedious task. 


So, to ease your effort, here we bring the Virtual Events Survey Questionnaire: Top 11 Questions to Ask Post-Event 


Top 11 Virtual Event Survey Questions to Ask Post-Event


1. Ask your Audience: What is your experience with virtual events online?

This is a common yet most important question every virtual events platform would like to ask its audiences. Breaking down your virtual events into fragments and asking for reviews on every experience helps you gain a better understanding of your virtual events platform. Give your audience space to rate their experience and also add special notes about your virtual events usefulness.

2. Focus on Key Aspects: What needs to be improved for upcoming virtual events online?

Collecting feedback also gives niche insights into what aspects of your virtual events platform need improvement. So, for the next virtual events, you can recreate a thrilling & satisfying experience for your audiences. Sharing virtual event survey questions helps them pen down their real feelings about your event.

3. Ask for Recommendations: Would you recommend this event to your friends?

If your audiences are positive about recommending the event to their friends & colleagues, then understand your event is best in every aspect.

4. Networking Aspects: How satisfied are you with virtual networking?

Online Networking is one of the key reasons why do people attend virtual events online? Choosing the right virtual events software can help you perfectly replicate real events to the virtual. Smiles are a good way to collect feedback. Collect responses on a worst to best scale measuring up to 5. Your audience will not only share the feedback but also will give you the most accurate feedback in return. 

5. How well did our support and Q&A session prompt you?   

When you’re supposed to run an event, the audience will definitely have a lot of questions like how about my registration, in which booth webinars support and more. So, definitely, your support should be there for 24/7 session.  

6. What made you attend this event and how did you hear about this event?  

This will tell you where to focus your pre-event marketing for your next event and let you know places where you need to pay more attention to and improve. 

7. How satisfied were you with the virtual experience?  

You can leave this as a rating and/or an optional open-ended virtual event survey question to let people explain why they were or were not satisfied with the virtual experience.   

8. What was your best moment while on the virtual event floor? 

Every audience’s interest is unique. So, taking feedback from every individual gives the virtual events planners a deep insight into what was their most memorable & enjoyable moment on the floor. What activities impressed them and what are their suggestions to make the experience better can be taken. 

9. How easy was the platform for the event?  

Similarly, this virtual event survey question is meant to measure the effectiveness of your online platform for your virtual events. If the platform isn’t intuitive or easy for participants to use, they probably won’t consider returning for your other events. This will help you gauge if improvements need to be made to the online experience.  

10. What topics would you want to see more in a future event?  

In your virtual event survey question, you can ask what type of topics they’re interested in learning about in the future. This will also give you new perspectives and content ideas for your next event.   

11. How did this event impact your perception of our company? 

This is a great question for learning how effective your brand story and messaging are at your event. This question will let you track how effective your event was in terms of branding. 

Conducting virtual event survey questions is an important part of measuring the success of your event team and marketing team. To do this, you can use numerous types of survey tools available online. Regardless of the tool you use, remember that the goal of sending a survey is to receive both positive and constructive feedback so that you can improve your event marketing and events. 

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