How to Host an Online Networking Event?

How to Host an Online Networking Event?

With all the restrictions around, the scope for broader networking has now become remote. Physical handshakes and meetings are replaced with virtual hellos and expos. Unlike real events, online networking event demands niche planning & understanding of technology and surrounding experts. If you are new to the virtual networking event or are in search of a comprehensive virtual networking event platform that offers a myriad of services with seamless connectivity & integrations, then organizing your virtual networking event with HexaFair can be the best solution. With over decades of experience in hosting an online networking event, We have observed and learnt about our audience interests and have put in every effort to transform & elevate our technology to match that level. 

Today, We want to share some good knowledge bites about online networking events and how to host them. Read On! 

Virtual Networking Event Platform

● Pre-Event Preparation

  Identifying the right people and inviting the right numbers

In an online networking event, the number of entries must depend on the capacity for audience expression & interaction. The mix of diverse audience groups builds curiosity and better communication. One best benefit of hosting a virtual networking event is people across the globe can come together and participate. That, which is highly impossible with physical events, has now become easy with virtual networking event platforms.

Coming to the timing of an online networking event, 90-minute sessions are enough to foster better engagement between the clients and their audiences. The timing is perfect to express themselves and talking with each other. Attendees can share their childhood dreams, personal stories about growing up and facing new challenges in the business world. The main reason for hosting an online networking event is engagement, and that is sustained. The timing set for the virtual networking event is 6-7:30 pm ET, but the events are also recorded to play later comfortably. As we target a global audience in diverse time zones, our strategies performed well. And, we could serve all our clientele with equal respect and commitment. One of the best benefits of a virtual networking event platform is the virtual parties where you can share your breakfast & drinks with someone sitting far away.

  Make plans organized and well-set for your attendees

As your attendees register for the event, send them a calendar invite with added virtual session links. Several virtual networking event platforms offer the best-quality virtual connectivity like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams. The platforms are easy to use and come in handy for people who have no prior experience. Send them alerts for download in advance for faster connectivity.

Send out guest introductory e-mails!

Share across the names of the participants who are attending the event. A short description with links to their social sites will be good. People are usually excited to know beforehand about who they are connecting with? Also, share the guidelines to follow while at the event. This is important. Begin with a nice hello, add the details, timings, introductions and end the conversation in respect.

● During the Online Networking Event

Comfort is important!

Arrange a manager at the entrance to greet your guests and guide them through the event. Initiate the session 2 minutes before the main event to ensure smoother participation and attendance. Get started with introductions after 5 minutes of the event start. Check for any early goodbyes and prioritise them on the list to introduce and share about their visit.

Give every personnel a minimum of 2 minutes to introduce themselves with a mix of personal and professional information. The follow-up attendees will get an opportunity to learn about the length of their part &the tone they have to adopt. As a host, you can pass on the introductions to the next & get the ball rolling. It offers great confidence and comfort to your attendees who seem worried about their participation & event outcome.

Ask participants to answer a special question.

It is the responsibility of the host to initiate a conversation and carry out the engagement of attendees. The structure of the conversation must be enticing, simple and fun to listen to. Here is a small list of the questionnaire you can ask.

  • What are the new ways that you are adopting to engage yourself in lockdown?
  • Throughout the event, share a time when you have been flexible.
  • How comfortable were you to shift to the new normal?
  • What unexpected changes have you noticed last month?

Avoid distractions by bringing back people onto the track of the first question. Make sure everyone gets a fair chance to respond to the questions asked. Make the event as exciting as possible. If there is extra time, make sure to keep a backup of a few more questions to ask. Small gatherings ensure everyone gets a chance to participate in the online networking event.

How much ever good the virtual networking event is going; we suggest you end the session sharply after 90 minutes. Video meetings can create a boring atmosphere after some time. Even if the event is going on a high, ending the event within the set time is necessary.

After the virtual networking event, send personalized thank you emails to audiences for their participation and encourage them to interact with other audiences, if interested. Virtual events have enabled good networking & relationship-building between audiences even in these pandemic times.

By hosting an online networking event, you’ll be able to build your network, as well as enhance your reputation as a connector. HexaFair virtual spaces fulfil all the requisites of the best virtual networking event platform and are here to give you a never before virtual experience.

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