Virtual Fair Questions Only the Pros Know to Ask Organisers

Virtual Fair Questions Only the Pros Know to Ask Organisers

The rise of virtual fair questions is so immense that organizations are allotting specific budgets for virtual trade show exhibition software. But exhibitors must understand that designing virtual trade fairs for networking & lead generation is different from hosting webinars & informative sessions. Identifying the virtual reality trade show GOALS is key to making your virtual trade fairs a grand SUCCESS. And, once you are clear with the goals, the next step is choosing the best virtual trade show exhibition software for your event. 

Most companies today are unclear about the future of the events industry. But the virtual trade fair statistics of 2021 say that safety is still a priority. Apart from going either completely real or virtual, you can choose to go hybrid which is a mix of both real & virtual together. Once you decide on the type of event, then you can plan for the best virtual trade fairs engagement strategy. There are numerous virtual trade show exhibition software & event planners. So, to choose the best one, organizations would want to set virtual fair questions to ask them. 

Top 9 Virtual Fair Questions: Ask Event Planners?

1. Embracing Digital Transformation: How to do it? 

Huge event cancellations have been happening since the pandemic. Businesses all over the globe have experienced a sudden halt. They have earned a mark and now they can’t step back. Virtual event planners are explaining the benefits of virtual trade shows & are encouraging organizations globally to adopt virtual reality into their businesses. Now virtual reality has become a part of our daily lives. So, all you have to do is choose the best virtual trade show exhibition software that can perfectly deliver your event goals. 

2. Identifying the difference between Webinars & Virtual Reality Trade Shows

Webinars can be short sessions or virtual meetings with an audience ranging from a handful to about 500. Mostly they are web events, online seminars, webcasts, web lectures etc. Virtual reality trade shows, on the other hand, can cost thousands of attendees and for over longer periods, say years. Some key benefits of virtual trade shows are networking, lead generation, discovering new people, and gaining better ROI. As they can be hosted 24*7*365, the virtual trade fairs are said to have a long-lasting positive effect on all your attendees. So, plan your virtual fairs accordingly. 

3. Virtual Booths: Their Appearance, Experience & Benefits 

Virtual booths are 2D or 3D networking spaces where visitors can 

    • Visit the booth, 
    • Explore the features, 
    • Chat with personnel, and 
    • Watch videos, webinars etc. 
    • Download documents & other marketing collaterals, etc. 

Large companies often prefer having multiple virtual booth spaces for diverse services. For example, you can have a virtual booth custom-designed for your new product launch. And promote your services on the other. Showcase your innovative side & new plans on another, etc. 

4. Communication is Key! Interacting with Personnel On-floor

In real events, you visit stalls. Inquiring about their products or services is the main virtual fair question to consider. In virtual trade fairs and virtual booths, exhibitors, event planners and event sponsors come up to you to interact and learn about your interests. This is common in small & medium-sized virtual booths. For larger fairs, it is hard to chat with each & every attendee. So, they are pre-recorded videos, downloadable & shareable content, an option to schedule a call or talk with the virtual booth personnel, etc. 

5. Book your Meetings with Exhibitors

Many times, organizations have experienced a flood of visitors waiting online to inquire about a particular service or product. They wanted to talk to the person directly & instantly rather than sending an email or post-event interaction. A virtual booth on-floor capacity is a max of 6 to 7 personnel. But when there are hundreds of visitors, management becomes fizzy. In that case, sending personalized messages to your visitors, asking for their time, booking appointments for meetings, scheduling slots and sending calendar invitations can ease the process& audience experience. The email marketing strategy will help you in this case. 

6. Virtual Booth Attendance: Making Your Audience Visit your Booth 

As an exhibitor, you will have your audiences or followers come & visit your virtual booth. But, the main reason behind having a customized 3D virtual booth is to gain new leads and create better engagement. The benefits of virtual trade shows are, you can 

    • Gain leads instantly 
    • Talk to people from across the globe. 
    • Showcase your services 24*7*365 
    • Plan better strategies & renew your booth for the latest news and upgrades. 

Customized designs & features encourage the attendees to take the time to visit your booth and talk to your event personnel. Further, social media advertising & marketing enables a better target approach and lead generation. 

7. How to handle multiple attendees simultaneously? 

As we discussed, there will be multiple instances when a flood of people would like to talk to your exhibitor or personnel at once. That can happen out of interest or to inquire about a service or to buy a product. Schedule a call or meeting feature ensures none of your audiences misses the opportunity. On-floor staff get notifications about the audience call request. They can see audience profiles and prioritize whom they want to talk to. Not only that, as an exhibitor, you can have access to all the data. So, you can choose whether to talk with a visitor, schedule a call, attend to them later or cancel their request. 

8. Can multiple people visit the booth & view collaterals? 

 Yes, at virtual booths, multiple visitors can visit the venue at the same time and download materials   as per their needs. 

Exhibit Anything, Anywhere, Anytime with HexaFair, 3D Virtual Fairs Platform! 

9. How much time is needed to build a virtual space? 

 A minimum of 2 to 4 weeks’ time is needed to build a completely or partially customized virtual booth space for your virtual fairs& virtual exhibitions. The first step begins with analyzing the goals of the virtual event, then we design the strategies, bring together our backend and design experts to form a team, share guidelines, build a prototype, run tests, perfect the design and go for a final launch. Above all, one crucial element is content planning and presentation. 

So, here we finish virtual fair questions here. We hope the content was informative and useful. We have a lot more information to share. For more latest articles and infographics on virtual trade fairs, stay tuned to our HexaFair Blog page. 

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