7 Best Virtual Events Hosting Ideas for your Next Event

7 Best Virtual Events Hosting Ideas for your Next Event

One of the popular virtual event hosting ideas is to engage and bring people together from across borders into one space. Companies hosting virtual events are in great demand now. You can share virtual events ideas, host virtual meetings, parties, seminars and even run expensive tradeshows online. All you need to have is smart technology & experts in your hand else you must know whom to approach. Companies hosting virtual events can equip you with all the technology and the right information you will ever need to make your virtual events hosting ideas a grand success. 

7 Best Virtual Event Hosting Ideas

Companies hosting virtual events must embrace the best practices to ensure your virtual event goes well as planned & delivers an extraordinary experience and audience engagement. 

● Getting the Numbers Right

One of the best virtual events ideas is, getting the list of attendees. Engagement in physical events is spontaneous. But with companies hosting virtual events, it is a bit tricky and needs the right planning. Limiting your virtual audiences gives them enough time and space to interact with each other. Inviting your present clients, dropped ones, industry leaders and other hot prospects will make your event engaging and interesting. Maintaining the balance of people keeps up the interest in your attendees and encourages them to make new friends.

● In Right Time frames

Ensuring virtual events scheduled between 60 to 90 minutes will create a comfortable space for people to engage and converse in peace. If you want your virtual events marketing ideas to be a big success, you must allow people time to share their personal stories, ask questions as they would do in physical events. Scheduling the right timeframes is extremely important for virtual events. 

● Plan Your Logistics

Logistics is a frame that must be planned before any virtual event. With the growing demand for companies hosting virtual events, there is a strong need to educate the audiences on diverse technology types and the ins and outs of virtual events ideas.

Virtual events platforms today are equipped with all the tools and features for easy access and service. Sending personalized invitations with attached video links simplifies the process and also your audience experience.

● Member Introduction

Your audiences may be new participants who are unaware of each other. Sending an introductory mail will help them get acquainted or reacquainted.

Send personalized emails with,

  • Names and one-line descriptions of every person.
  • Links to attendee social profiles.
  • A reminder of the event agenda & start time.

Send them a structured conversation stating that the virtual event begins at 5 pm and will run for about 1 hr 30min with a virtual break out session. Here is the detailed list of all participants. And don’t forget to bring your beverage. 

A note like this is considered the best virtual event hosting idea, creates interest in your audiences and makes them fix their slot before the big event. 

● Greeting at the Access

Just like you would receive a guest you have invited to a physical event. Similarly, companies hosting virtual events will be greeting their guests at the virtual entryway. Early sessions help you to welcome your attendees with respect and also guide them about the event. Take the first few minutes to present yourself in both professional and personal aspects, and share ideas for hosting a virtual event. Invite your attendees for the next introductions to keep the ball rolling.

● Building virtual communication

Frame a specific question to ask your attendees after the introduction. Attendees become comfortable with this session and prevent the event from becoming a noisy or gripe session.

You can ask questions like:

  • How differently and fruitfully are you using your time now?
  • How have you adapted to working remotely?
  • What changes do you love about your job now, and why?
  • What positive have you noticed in the last few months?

If anyone tends to move away from the conversation, steer them back to the main question before they go too far. And, make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to share their opinion [virtual events ideas].


Often people tend to get fatigued after 90 minutes of virtual networking. So, it is essential to run and wrap up the events in specific time frames. Companies hosting 3D virtual events can add immense value and benefits if you know how to utilize them. And if you are new to virtual events ideas or hosting virtual events, then hiring the best companies hosting virtual events will do the job. Virtual events platforms today are helping people connect, engage and share ideas for hosting a virtual event in numerous ways. 

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